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New5 11/28/09 headline: Orion plant rolls out last Pontiac for U.S. The last one was a white G6.

5/2/09 Former Pontiac marketing man Jim Wangers commented on the demise of the Pontiac brand in link to some other dude's website Automobilemag article called "Jim Wangers on the death of Pontiac excitement"

4/27/09 It's official. Pontiac brand to be gone by 2011: GMs full press release

4/24/09 Yikes! Next Monday GM will announce a tough reorganization plan to kill off the Pontiac brand link to some other dude's website Edmunds article: Pontiac is Dead
1/16/08 GM's Bob Lutz kills plans for a new Monaro, kills a new GTO, and confirms Camaro.  See the GoAuto article
5/19/07 A fresh followup video report on the Pontiac GTO struts rubbing on tires issue.  newsnet5 video
A 2004 GTO went out of control and flipped in California last night. Police are looking for clues.  News story on cbs5.com
5/13/07 Revenge Designs is offering a 2006 GTO with Lingenfelter Performance Engineering power mods.  See the Times Auto article
5/9/07 An outgoing GM exec has some comments on the future of the GTO.  See Chicago Tribune article
3/30/07    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still investigating a strut rub problem and here is their ongoing defect investigation basis. Have you looked at the tires on your 2004 - 2006 GTO? Perhaps you need to file this complaint form with NHTSA? There have been tire failures. Govt documentation and Complaint form
2/20/07    Tire failures on '04 - '06 GTOs. See the article on autosafety.org. A News5 TV news report with video is here. See photos of a 2006 GTO strut that the tire has been rubbing against here and a photo of a damaged front tire.
7/27/06   Next GTO will use GM's Zeta architecture Article from drive.com.au
4/14/06   HSV "GTO LE" details This model closes out Monaro production for 2006.
 3/2/06   GTO not dead Despite an earlier release, Lutz says it will come back in late 2008.
8/3/05   2006 GTO press release More facts about the 2006 car from Pontiac.
5/13/05   2006 GTO specifications and options Everything you want to know.
1/12/05  GTO vs Charger (curious paralells from bringing back old brands) from Edmunds.com
1/1/05   2005 GTO Pricing, Fuel Economy Announced $32,995 automatic or $33,690 manual.
11/2/04   GTO to Compete in Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series in 2005
10/31/04   GM to show 2005 GTO at 2004 SEMA show in Las Vegas   Scoops and more.
8/11/04   GTO concept car at Woodward Dream Cruise   "Employee Enthusiasm" vehicles seen.
8/1/04   Pontiac's Performance Renaissance   Many specifics on the upcoming 2005 GTO.
7/27/04   GM's 2005 Lineup   A press release revealing the '05 GTO will have hood scoops.
3/8/04   GTO's to star in TV movie on USA Network   Rob Cohen to direct.  Movie pics added 7/27/04.
12/6/03   GTO's spotted in California   A railyard-area worker spills guts.
11/9/03   GTO Autocross model   Seen at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.
7/29/03   Kraut defends the GTO   He brought an '04 to the convention, answered every objection.
6/15/03   True Dual Exhaust System press release   With several good photos.
6/12/03   All the specs   See what the '04 car will be made of.
4/6/03   Wardsauto.com covers the styling controversy   Read two of their articles here.
1/18/03   Bob Lutz responds to critics   He saw your comments about the car here and responded!
1/04/03   Bob Lutz reveals the 2004 Pontiac GTO at the Los Angeles Auto Show   Read GM press release
12/25/02   Preview of the new GTO is on a DVD   Read the GM press release.  Order the DVD too.
11/17/02   Monaro wins Bathurst race in Australia   The car that the Pontiac GTO is based upon is tough.
7/01/02   Who is going to buy a 2004 GTO?   I make guesses, emails point the way.
6/23/02   Reaction to the 6/20/02 GTO design sketch - Oh, No!   GTO fans speak out.
5/28/02   A Holden what?   Monaro fans speak to Pontiac fans.
5/09/02   Return of the GreaT  One   Speculation about the new GTO.  Will clubs accept it?   Test driver chimes in.
4/21/02   A collection of 2004 concept drawings   submitted by website visitors.
4/18/02   Spy Photos and commentary   Plain jane GEO or GTO adrenaline pumper?
3/27/02   AP story about the re-release of GTO   Announced at New York Auto Fair.
3/25/02   Bring back the GTO!   An appeal to Pontiac to bring it back, and do it right.
            This is actually Text Topics article #33.

New5Talk about the 2004-2006 GTO in our Discussion Area every night from 5pm -12mid EST.

Our 2004 GTO Lots start here  http://UltimateGTO.com/2004cars1.htm
Our 2005 GTO Lots start here  http://UltimateGTO.com/2005cars1.htm
Our 2006 GTO Lots start here  http://UltimateGTO.com/2006cars1.htm

Waiting on GM to sell the defunct Pontiac brand to someone whom will build more Pontiacs.

1964 - 1974   Pontiac built the classic GTOs that we know and love.
1975 - 2003  We begged for Pontiac to make more GTOs.
January 3, 2003   The press got the first look at a 2004 GTO at the L.A. Auto Show.
January 4 - 12, 2003   The 2004 GTO is shown to the public at the L.A. Auto Show.  At the L.A. Convention Center.   The crowd seemed to be more excited about Ford's new concept Mustang than the GTO.   The Mustang was designed on a modern platform with some retro styling cues, while the GTO is based on the Holden Monaro, an Australian car.
January 11 - 20, 2003   The 2004 GTO was at the North American International Auto Show at Detroit's Cobo Center.
June 2003   Advanced Order Program began, Mini Brochures arrived at dealerships across the USA.
September 2003   Production of the US-bound GTOs to began at the Elizabeth, Australia plant
October 21, 2003   The first large shipment of 2004 GTO's left Australia on a boat for the USA.
December 2003   Customer Catalogs arrive at dealerships, Product Training arrives for dealers, Initial vehicles arrive at dealerships.  Many dealerships are selling the rights to buy the first GTO's on ebay.
January 2004   Advertising for the new GTO began.
July 2004   2004 GTOs were shown and judged at the summer GTOAA International Meet in Detroit, Michigan
November 2 - 5, 2004  2005 GTOs were seen at the Las Vegas SEMA show.
November 9 - 11, 2004  2005 GTOs were driven by Sean at Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Phoenix.
January, 2005  2005 GTOs to be seen at winter auto shows.
May 13, 2005  2006 GTOs specifications and options were seen on UltimateGTO.com.
June, 2005  2004 and 2005 GTOs were at GTOAA Nationals autocrossing in Saint Louis.
February, 2007  Complaints surfacing about struts rubbing front tires, causing tire damage to 2004 - 2006 GTOs.

March 2009 Interview about UltimateGTO.com in PHS Collector Car World phscollectorcarworld.blogspot.com

November/December, 2006  Featured interview in the "Performance Years Journal" subscription e-newsletter.
Fall 2006  See the writeup on webmasters of Pontiac enthusiast sites in the Fall 2006 issue of GM's "Pontiac Performance" magazine.  The magazine has several editions.  It was not seen in the "Grand Prix buyer's" edition, but was in the "GTO buyer's" edition.
June, 2005  Magazine award for best "car fan site".
May 2004  This website was mentioned to be "the best" on a Speed Channel TV show.
October 2003  This website was mentioned in the coffee table book called "Monaro - Rebirth of a Legend" by Joshua Dowling.  When you buy a Holden Monaro in Australia, Holden sends out the book.  See page 163 in the Limited Edition print of the book.  It mentions how UltimateGTO.com once ran a photo of a Ford in place of the usual GTO "Picture of the Week". There were similar protests by car enthusiasts down under when Holden had a rebirth of their Monaro nameplate.
3/31/03   This website was mentioned on a Mustang enthusiast site called Mustang35th.com here.
3/21/03   This website was mentioned in "AutoWeek" magazine and on "AutoWeek.com" online.
5/18/02   This website was mentioned in "The Sydney Morning Herald" newspaper.   Please send me a scan.
5/8/02 or so  The Australian national paper, "The Australian" ran an article referencing this web site.   Send a scan?
4/7/02   This site is mentioned in the 4/8/02 "AutoWeek Magazine".  We're a recommended AutoWeek bookmark for GTOs!   Anyone have a scan of the magazine mention?   Cool, eh?

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