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Monaro wins Bathurst race in Australia    Posted 11/17/02
Good for Monaro, Good for the upcoming Pontiac GTO?
(compiled from various internet sources)

The Holden Monaro has won the Bathurst 24 hour endurance race in Australia. The 427 cubic inch Nations Cup Monaro has beaten the field by 23 laps and suffered only a few problems throughout the night.  The Monaro led from the start, but fell back to 14th place after 7 hours due to fuel problems. the Garry Rogers Motorsport crew got the car back out on the track and set a blistering pace to catch the leaders.  The fast pace was too much for Ferrari to handle as its 360 Modena GT blew two engines - 1 resulting in a fire that ended their race. The Monaro's pace was also too much for the well respected British Cirtek team when one of its drivers crashed thir Porsche GT3 RS-CS-R over the top of the mountain, handing the Monaro the lead.  Then the field just fell away and the Holden Monaro won the race convincingly in its debut race.  It was also a successful day for General Motors, as its engines finished one two in the hands of the Monaro and the second place Mosler MT900R of Martin Short.   Both cars used Generation III GM V8's in 7.0L (427cu) and 5.7L (350cu) capacity respectively.

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