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2006 GTO Listed in GM's Fleet/Commercial Car & Truck Guide
posted 5/13/05 by Sean Mattingly.

Below is a page from GM's "2006 Car and Truck Guide" published for their Fleet and Commercial business. It gives us a sneak peek at what's in store for the GTO in 2006. The big news is the new paint color offerings. They have added a dark orange called Brazen (sometimes called Fusion) Orange Metallic and a dark red called Spice Red Metallic. They dropped the Yellow Jacket and Midnight Blue colors from the 2005 GTO. The guide talks of three new items which the 2006 will feature. The on-line dealer ordering guide lists the fourth new item.

1. Additional power outlet (cigarette lighter) located below the stereo
2. Illuminated radio control switches on the steering wheel
3. Darkened rear tail lamps (compare with the rear of a 2006 GTO with that of the 2005 and 2004 GTO)
4. Increased power seat speed for rear entry based on customer feedback

The drivetrain remains unchanged from the 2005 GTO. The GTO will still use the 400hp LS2 engine and 4-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission choices. It continues to be built in Australia by General Motors Holden.

Take a closer look at that Phantom Black 2006 GTO on the page below. Does it look familiar? This is a GM photo that has been already released. We have it here as a 2005 model. The tail lights are not darkened, so I think this is still a 2005 GTO. Later, Pontiac came out with this version of the shot. Notice the blackened taillights.

2006 GTO Specs

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