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2008 Ames Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals - Norwalk coverage
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2008 Ames Tri-Power Nationals - Norwalk.    Lot 1 of 7.
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CLICK-> Abby Has viewer comments The Ames Performance Tri Power Pontiac Nationals is held every year at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. The event is 3 days of Drag racing, a 2 day Car show and a 2 day Swap meet. The 2008 event was a blast. Check out our photo coverage here.

This is Abby showing off her tiger tail. She's the daughter of UltimateGTO.com staffer Wade Stokes. Wade is bringing up this miniature car show enthusiast the correct way. As a baby, Abby's first word was "Pontiac"? While riding in the car, she can identify most Pontiacs coming down the road.

CLICK-> Arnie's 64 GTO Drag'in The 17th annual event in 2008 had 446 race cars, 469 show cars and 145 swap vendors using 251 spaces. One of the main attractions at Summit Motorsports Park is always Arnie Beswick. Before a run down the track, Arnie's fans have a chance to gather around Arnie's race trailers and pit crew to watch the preparations and get autographs. Here, Arnie in the orange car is racing the white Grocery Getter wagon.

CLICK-> Blue 64 LeMans Has viewer comments The Ames event has a Manufacturer's Midway, Cars for sale area, and the Ames Performance Buffet on Saturday night for the Race, Show, and Swap participants. Plus Ames Performance also provides a free Shuttle Service to get people around the large facility.

In the car show area, this 1964 LeMans is owned by Robert Cobb of North Carolina. It has Tri-Power.
CLICK-> Tri-Power Here is a view of Robert's Tri-Power engine compartment.
CLICK-> Blue 64 LeMans 3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating Left rear view of this nice North Carolina LeMans.

CLICK-> 63 Pontiac This event is the largest participant appreciation event for Pontiac fans. Ames Performance Engineering provides the following: A Continental breakfast for participants on Saturday & Sunday, Warm-up carts and Cool-down carts, Saturday night Ames Performance Hospitality buffet for participants, Giveaways including passes into the NRP hospitality suites, over $4,000 in cash to race, show, and swap participants.

Here is a 1963 LeMans or Tempest racing. This is the only photo I got of the car. It was staging for a race in front of the grandstands. As you can see, the burnout made a lot of smoke.

CLICK-> Blue 64 Tempest Convertible 4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating A 1964 Tempest convertible on the showfield.
CLICK-> 64 Tempest Interior The 1964 Tempest convertible has the top down.

CLICK-> Gold 66 GTO 4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating Looks like a gold 1966 GTO chillin' in the shade. It is owned by Rick Hicks from Ohio.
CLICK-> 66 Tri-Power Has viewer comments Rick's '66 has a Tri-Power setup.

CLICK-> 66 Tempest Race Car Has viewer comments4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating This 1966 Tempest race car caught my eye. The engine setup was so unusual, I got several photos of it from all angles. The car was broght down from Minnesota by Jeff Dypwick.
CLICK-> Racing Engine When a hood is suspended above the car on posts, chances are good there's something special to see underneath.
CLICK-> Racing Engine Has viewer comments I'm not sure, but I think this is what you'd call an altered "fuelie" car. It appears to be fuel injected. The position of the engine has been altered to sit more rearward. It sits so far back that they fabricated some more intake room in the top of the dashboard. The workmanship on the modifications is excellent.
CLICK-> Racing Engine A side view of the engine shows a radiator setup with dual hoses on top.
CLICK-> 66 Tempest Racer Has viewer comments Who needs a conventional radiator? To save weight, the whole stock radiator support area has been eliminated in favor of a simple coolant tank.

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2008 Ames Tri-Power Nationals - Norwalk.    Lot 1 of 7.

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