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2007 Ames Tri-Power Nationals - Norwalk coverage
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2007 Ames Tri-Power Nationals - Norwalk.    Lot 1 of 6.
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CLICK-> Beige 64 Tempest 3.4 star rating3.4 star rating3.4 star rating3.4 star rating3.4 star rating NEW POST The yearly Ames Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals happened in Norwalk, Ohio August 10, 11, & 12, 2007. On these six pages, you will find enhanced coverage. There are some new videos and detailed photos of the cars parked on the showfield and in the pit area. Also new for 2007 was the appearance of the UltimateGTO.com mobile office and photography studio. Be sure and see the photos of that RV sitting on the track on the last page! Webmaster Sean Mattingly and staffer Wade Stokes provided all the photos this year. Let's start by strolling around the huge field in the car show area. This is a 1964 Tempest with a painted gold top. It was seen near the swap meet area with a "For Sale" sign in the window. In the background of the photo, you can see the trackside finishline sign at the newly-renamed Summit Motorsports Park.
CLICK-> Beige 64 Tempest Has viewer comments3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating NEW POST Side view of the Tempest which wears a set of Cragars. This style of wheel was popular then - and still popular now.
CLICK-> For Sale Sign NEW POST You were waiting for a closeup of the "For Sale" sign in the Tempest? Here it is! Maybe the car is still for sale. It was photographed in the summer of 2007.
CLICK-> V8 Engine NEW POST Engine view. It has a V8!
CLICK-> Trunk View NEW POST Tempest trunk. See the wheel cover on the spare tire? That's what the original wheels probably looked like.
CLICK-> Tempest Interior NEW POST The interior reveals a bench seat and the basic gauges.

CLICK-> 64 Candy O NEW POST This is a walk-around video of a sweeet 1964 GTO called "Candy-O". That was also the name of an album by The Cars. This video was first seen on my new blog. It is called the "Ultimate GTO Insider's Blog" at http://ultimategto.blogspot.com. The voice you hear in the background is the track announcer.

CLICK-> Gold 1964 GTO 3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating NEW POST While watching the races from the top of the bleachers, I spotted this 1964 GTO in the pits. The Red Indian Racing crew was writing the white numbers on the windshield. You want to see a video and hear this thing run a race? In this first video, you can hear the awesome engine start and then see the car backing into the pit lane.
CLICK-> 64 GTO Video NEW POST Here is another video. The 1964 Red Indian Racing GTO is heading through the pits on the way to the track. Dig the sound of the sound!
CLICK-> 64 GTO Video NEW POST Thanks to photographers stationed throughout the Norwalk facility, we have this video of the 1964 GTO. The Red Indian Racing car is now dragging, hauling ass!

CLICK-> 64 GTO Race Video NEW POST More action video. All through the weekend you can watch our favorite car model do what they were built to do - go fast in a straight line. A gray 1964 GTO wins a race.

CLICK-> GTO Wheelie Video NEW POST See it in action. A 1964 GTO pops a wheelie at the start of a quick run down the track at Summit Motorsports Park. It loses the race.

CLICK-> Black 65 GTO 3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating NEW POST 1965 GTO seen in the pits. The car has been lightened up with some fiberglass body parts.
CLICK-> 65 GTO No-Lites NEW POST A close-up of the 1965 GTO headlights. Not headlights at all, they are "No-Lites" made by Pro-Tronics. They are flat decals that resemble real headlights. A set of 2 costs about $30.
CLICK-> 65 GTO Race Interior NEW POST The interior is pretty wild. This car might have inspired the "xXx" Vin Diesel action movie car's creators. Or was it the other way around?

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2007 Ames Tri-Power Nationals - Norwalk.    Lot 1 of 6.

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