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GM will take 2005 GTO with Autocross option to 2004 SEMA show in Las Vegas
posted 10/31/04 by Sean Mattingly.  This info is copied word-for-word from GM press releases

CLICK->2005 Autocross GTO2005 Autocross GTO

Oct 31, 2004 - With the 400-horsepower LS2 high performance small-block V-8 at the ready, the Pontiac GTO show vehicle comes with decidedly more power and street presence. Many individual components come together to form a unique package that sets this GTO apart. From nose to tail, specific components give this GTO a lower, more aggressive look. Custom-designed performance equipment from airbox to exhaust adds power to back the GTOs visual punch.


In addition to the above car, GM will also display the 2004 GTO Ram Air 6 Ultimate Cruise Concept shown in the article just before this one.

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