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1966 GTO Parking Lot
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1966 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 69 of 75.
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CLICK-> 1966 Has viewer comments4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating Martinique Bronze 1966 GTO hardtop owned by Jerry and Helen Swenson from Olympia, Washington. This was our Picture Of The Week for 11/21/04. Jerry tells us abut his car, "We bought the car two years ago as a project. My son and I did almost everything including the bodywork. We were lucky to find a great painter. This is our first GTO, but it will probably not be our last! The car has the original 389 four-barrel. Gee, these things go, don't they?"
CLICK-> 1966 Here's a picture of Jerry and Helen's 1966 GTO during restoration.

CLICK-> 1966 3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating Marina Turquoise 1966 GTO convertible owned by Joe Arcadi from Chardon, Ohio. This was our Picture Of The Week for 12/26/04. Joe tells us more, "It is finally to a point where I do not have to keep it covered in my garage in order not to embarass my wife. The paint work is done and the car is together. My body shop spent two weeks blocking and priming this car so the lines, gaps and sheet metal is perfect. Next is the interior and rounding up the factory AC system that came with the car as well as the elctric windows." Click here to see pictures of Joe's restoration using the Advanced Picture Searcher loaded with model=GTO, year=1966, and owner=Joe Arcadi.
CLICK-> 1966 Has viewer comments4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating Right side view of Joe's finished Marina Turquoise 1966 GTO convertible.
CLICK-> 1966 Joe painted his Rally II wheels Marina Turquoise. He also substituted the stock centers with spinners.
CLICK-> 1966 Here's a set of pictures of Joe Arcadi's 1966 GTO convertible undergoing a frame off restoration. Joe said that at this point he was about 90% done.
CLICK-> 1966 1966 GTO convertible restoration, view of the trunk area underside.
CLICK-> 1966 1966 GTO convertible restoration, right front view. Engine and inner fenders can be seen in the foreground.
CLICK-> 1966 1966 GTO convertible restoration, view of the rear end and suspension.
CLICK-> 1966 1966 GTO convertible restoration, view of the rear wheel opening.
CLICK-> 1966 Has viewer comments Joe Arcadi updates us on the restoration of his Marina Turquoise 1966 GTO convertible. This is a triple turquoise color scheme (paint, interior, and top). This photo is of the engine (before). There is plenty of cleanup work to be done here. Maybe some sandblasting, some Gunk, some WD-40, some paint remover, some POR-15, some wires, some hoses, and some elbow grease.
CLICK-> 1966 Here's a shot of the engine (after). The engine has been repainted.
CLICK-> 1966 The interior of Joe's 1967 GTO convertible was also Turquoise.
CLICK-> 1966 The engine meets the car. Nice and clean. The firewall has been smoothed out and painted body color instead of the usual black.

CLICK-> 1966 Has viewer comments3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating Is this a news photo or what? Troy Ball, the owner, submitted the photo. He's the guy that runs the website at deadgoats.com. Troy explains: "I bought this car a couple years ago. Then the idea for the picture came to me. I wanted it to look like a "successful" bank heist from 1970. Why? I'm a nut? How'd I do? Currently I am taking 8x10 prints, burning the edges, framing, and selling them at local car shows. I am also working on possibly printing this image on future T-shirts. It was taken only 5 miles from the Deadgoat Garage. And ALL of the guns are very real! They were my grandpappys. As you can tell from my site I like to take "weird" Pontiac photos." Troy is currently seeking sponsors for his racing activities and selling some original car items. So check out his website. Please note that this week's "Picture Of The Week" comes from a copyrighted image owned by Troy Ball. So don't copy it, steal it, sell it, modify it, or otherwise republish it in any way.
I had an opportunity to interview Troy Ball. Listen in on the conversation...
Sean: Tell us what we'll find at deadgoats.com.
Troy: "I don't know if I can really explain what deadgoats is. It's just something I wanted to do. I've never been around computers too much until the last couple years. So I've been very behind in the times. However, I do have a fascination with old barns, and old Pontiacs. And I like to take pictures. So I have over the years. Mostly of the ones I owned. I have a pic of me with a mullet and my car is in primer and I'm wearing a jean jacket! It's like Joe Dirt's Pontiac cousin. Also, I had my senior pictures taken with a 70 Tempest in a pimp hat looking "gay as the day". Please don't ask for them! I'd never live it down!"
Sean: How did you come up with the unusual name?
Troy: "The main reason for the name? It makes anyone curious. "What's deadgoats?" And thinking it's some sick and twisted thing - they visit it to find.... My stupid site. Plus deadgoat.com was taken [by a Saloon in Utah]. But to me, a deadgoat is any Tempest, LeMans, or GTO in need of loving care. Most goats were neglected over the years. People forget that these cars were once worth nothing. And where I live in the heartland of nothing. Every GTO I have gotten has been a dead one. Pontiac guys around here are far and few!"
Sean: How can we most easily buy an 8x10 print of that?
Troy: "To purchace a print, one would only need to send $5.00 to The Deadgoat Garage, 600 4th St., Batavia Iowa 52533. Add $1.65 S&H please."
Sean: Are the bullet holes real?
Troy: "The bullet holes are decals. Strategically placed. As you see - no hits to the block. I always wait for the guy who asks "Why are they only down the one side?". To which my reply would be... "You think I was gonna go back?!""
Sean: Which robber is you?
Troy: "I am not in that picture. I took the photo. I was intending to be the driver and I am in another shot. However, I didn't want the shot messed up. So I did it myself. I thought about writing a book and including pics and stories but where do you find the time. And money issues are always tight. It doesn't pay to race if you're not competitive. In the late 80s, I drove around a 70 Tempest I dubbed the "womanizer". In my grandma's dictionary... a womanizer was defined as one who chases women; a woman chaser. And that's what me and my friends would do all nite. Basiclly drive around and chase the women. Never caught too many, but still had a blast. I could tell you a thousand stories about that car! She was like Christine. Fixed herself all the time. That car almost put me in jail over $5. And my 71 did! Don't drink and drive. I almost got my ass kicked when I was 15 by two lesbian chicks in a 70 LeMans in an alley. Sounds made up, but true! Have witnesses to prove it."
Sean: Is it true that you've got a photo of the LeMans with a freshly peeled skull stuck in the grille?
Troy: "I just added a photo to my site called 66skull. Go to the bottom of my race results page."
Sean: The language on your website is hilarious to me. Have many so- called "tight asses" bought t-shirts there so far?
Troy: "No. I have not sold many shirts. Like I said, every one's a tight ass anymore. At least all my friends are!"
Sean: Would you accept a million dollar race sponsorship from Tampax?
Troy: "Would I accept a million from Tampax? Right now? Probably. I thought I would never want to run Viagra on a car, but someone does! I'd really hate to lame up my image."
Sean: You have some autos listed for sale. I want the truck you've advertised with its "demon soul" included. How much without the demon?
Troy: "As stated... demon is free. You're not going to pass up something for FREE are you? "
Sean: Why does your '73 stocker have the number "72" on it?
Troy: "The 73 says 72 becuz that is my favorite number. When placed there in 1994, I thought someone, someday, somewhere will say, "Hey, that's a 73, not a 72." But most people out there don't know the difference between a GTO and a LeMans! And if one more person says they like my Camaro I'm gonna scream! It's a FIREBIRD! Chevy for brains!"
Sean: "We've heard you've got a "Bark Bitch" button somewhere on your website. Where is that?
Troy: "If you choose to sign my guestbook; to enter your message - you click on - "bark bitch". I know my site is not set up properly and is difficult to get back to the home page, but I am still learning. I'm a racer, not a tech guy. "
Sean: Do you have any other big plans for your photography?
Troy: "As for future plans, a book maybe. I too am a partial owner of a very rare 70 1/2 GT-37. This is such an overlooked car in the muscle car realm. I mean it was THE fastest production Pontiac in 1970! Not a GTO, not a Judge, not a Trans Am. But a Tempest! The GT-37 is what the JUDGE was supposed to be. A stripped down, fast racecar. Plans for this car are a total restoration. Found it with all original paperwork. Sat since 1977. The Deadgoat Garage restoration fund is at an all-time low, so all is on hold. I heard of a skam where some guy said on his website to send one dollar to keep him from killing a rabbit. You think I could manage $5.00 to keep me from parting this car out?! The other owner wants inner fenders and misc. for his GTO. There is a picture of it on my site. It's only got 66k on it. Wouldn't it be awesome if it had the mighty 455? The world may never know. Send a dollar to know. There I go. I'm in business. I also have a never-released song - a GTO song. I am going to sell single copies of this song on my website. I wrote the song and it was professionally recorded in Nashville. It's not bad, but I'm my worst critic. It's about a guy drag racing to town in a GTO, and ends up dumping his girlfriend in the end for scratching his goat! A must have for the GTO nut! That page is coming, to order a copy. I have worked for many a fool. So I am hoping to make the Deadgoat Garage a success. I'm sure we will talk again."

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1966 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 69 of 75.

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