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1967 GTO Parking Lot
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1967 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 62 of 89.
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CLICK-> Blue 1967 GTO Has viewer comments4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating 1967 GTO hardtop owned by Bob North from Chicago, Illinois. This shade of blue is called Warp Speed Blue.
CLICK-> Blue 1967 GTO Has viewer comments Warp Speed Blue 1967 GTO hardtop, right side view. The tires have blue stripes on them.
CLICK-> Blue 1967 GTO Close-up of the right fender on Bob's Warp Speed Blue 1967 GTO hardtop.
CLICK-> Blue 1967 GTO Bob North's license plate. Every state has rules about personalized plates. Illinois has some rules for selecting a plate. You can't intermix letters and numbers, you can't use a space between numbers, you can't use lower-case letters, you can't use characters, symbols, foreign words or symbols of punctuation, such as dashes or periods, you can't select obscene or offensive combinations. So many rules to follow! Who can help it if a random black dab of paint lands on the plate and makes it look like an apostrophe? Only BN'S GTO knows for sure.

CLICK-> Red 1967 GTO Has viewer comments4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating Torch Red 1967 GTO hardtop owned by Rusty van't Hoff from Maryland. Rusty tells us, "This is my dream car. I saved my daily change in my pocket for 12 years, everyday, I dropped it in a coffee can(s), When I finally had enough money saved, I bought her out of New Jersey for my 35th birthday. I have had the car about three summers now. The car has undergone a major restoration: 400 was stroked out and bored out by Kauffmans, aluminum heads, 8.5 rear, 3 inch exhaust with electric cut outs, new dash, new interior, new paint and top."
CLICK-> Wow! Has viewer comments4.1 star rating4.1 star rating4.1 star rating4.1 star rating4.1 star rating Rusty's Torch Red 1967 GTO hardtop with a really nice hood ornament.
CLICK-> Red 1967 GTO Has viewer comments4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating4.2 star rating It's hard to keep the girls away from Rusty's Torch Red 1967 GTO hardtop.
CLICK-> Red 1967 GTO Torch Red 1967 GTO back in bed after a long day at the car show. Nice garage. It even has a drop ceiling!
CLICK-> 1967 GTO Engine Shot of the Engine!
CLICK-> 1967 GTO Interior Torch Red 1967 GTO hardtop, interior view. This one has the Hurst Dual Gate shifter!

CLICK-> Mr. Unswitchable Has viewer comments3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating Take a look at this! It's the radical Dick Jesse's "Mr. Unswitchable" 1967 GTO vintage funny car. The driver sits in the middle with his head poking out the top.

CLICK-> Vintage Drag Racing Has viewer comments3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating This is a vintage drag racing shot of Lennart Pettersson's 1967 GTO back in the 1970s. Is this cool or what? Here is a very interesting story about those days from Lennart, "I saw an article in Swedish 'Start & Speed Magazine' on a hot ´67 GTO hardtop in summer 1975 and decided to find one. In August 1975 I did find my GTO and drove it home just in time before my friends came by and we left for Mantorp Park and the big Drag Race of the summer, 'Sko Uno Drag Nats'. Just before, a friend and I was going to import a very special muscle car thru his father's business, Europa Car. Europa Car was very big in those years (1967-1980) importing American luxury and muscle cars from New York to Stockholm. Their agent in New York was told to search for a 1970 Hemi Cuda coupe, a 1969 427 Yenko Chevelle, or a hot 1967 Ram Air GTO. The search went on for a few months without any results. Home in Sweden some interesting muscle cars passed through - for example a 1970 GTX with 440 Six Pack, the heavy manual Hemi gear box and Dana 60 rear axle. We heard of a plain green 1969 Camaro convertible with very few miles on the odometer, that came from the factory was optioned with a 427 and steering column shifted TH-400! No, we did not want any column shifted convertible, I insisted. (could this be a COPO car? Were there any convertibles with the 427 COPO engine ever made?). The very first time I visited 'Europa Car' in summer 1973, I was driving my hot german Zundapp light weight 125cc motorcycle. Then, 16 years old with a new motorcycle drivers license and waiting eagerly for my 18th birthday to get the driving license for a car, there were two fantastic cars standing beside each other in the sales hall that I will never forget. They were exactly identical (as I could see then), red with black vinyl roof and identical big white 'Plymouth' decals on the rear fenders and fat Cragar SS wheels, two 1971 Hemi Road Runners! They made an overwhelming impression on me! What mounstrous engines with these big Hemi heads. Reading in Hot Rod and Car Craft about these muscle cars and racing engines and imagine, two of the top dogs standing right in front of me, WOW! One of them is in Stockholm, still with the owner that bought it from Europa Car in 1973! The 426 Hemi engine has got a KB billet crank and a Rat Rooster intake and the Road Runner body did get some custom 'Dick Landy inspired' paint and rear fender flares in the late seventies! Together with a Littlefield super charged 1969 426 Hemi Road Runner with N-50 rear meet, the 1971 Hemi Road Runner was the coolest ride I have ever seen on the street in the late seventies here in Stockholm! Lots of other hot US muscle came to Sweden in those years during the seventies. Some of the really valuable ones have been shipped back to the US over the years. One fine example of an exeptional Pontiac that was shipped back to the US is the only red 1971 Judge convertible with manual gearbox! Three were ever made, I have read or been told that the two others were gold. I have also seen one white Judge convertible in the late seventies or early eighties here in Stockholm and I also remember a summer day, July or August of 1971, when a gold 1971 GTO Judge ht with a hood tach that everyone was watching. It stood in the parking lot of a big food market, 'OBS Rotebro', which was my first real work in our summer vacation after 7 years in school, 15 years old. That GTO was a real luxury beast, was my impression here in Sweden at that time, comparing to the VW Beetles, German and English Fords, some 'big' Mercedes, Volvos and Saabs around. There were not any other of these late GTO´s around so you knew just nothing about them, how fast they were or anything. They looked fast to me anyway. I had not read anything about them in my older brothers Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines either, at that time. A friend of my nine year older brother had a 1966 GTO with Tri-Power and four speed in 1968-1970. That was the fastest car around, my brother told me every time we saw him from our car driving thru our neighbourhood in Sollentuna north of Stockholm. Sometimes during that time a blue Ferrari blasted by our house on the highway a few hundred meters away. Doing at least 120 mph, it swept by in less than a second it seemed. A big scream from the high winding 12 cylinder engine revealed the Ferrari, and at that speed when you turned around to look for it, it was already gone! You had to be lucky to actually see the Ferarri at that speed on the highway, from our house. In the sixties, our neighbour customized a ´58 Impala sports coupe. With it´s hot 327ci engine it almost tore up the asphalt with the diagonal tires on chrome reverse wheels. The black tire marks we studied after each burnout in front of our house were not exactly straight, as the rear axle 'lived it´s own life' with the leaf springs! The Impala was painted in Pearl White, awesome! After a few miles in my GTO 1975 I tore it down completely to the bare frame and body. Of course my GTO was painted Pearl White when it was assembled in 1979 and the 400ci engine got my first version of home ported (one 1969 #48 head and one 1970 #12 head with a good chamber cc´ing job!) Ram Air III heads, Torker intake, Holley R6910 800 spread bore carb, Hooker 4106 headers, Crane Fireball Cam, TRW L2279F.030' pistons, forged production ´58 - ´62 rods and a good balance job. The underside of the body got a dark red paint job (some enthusiasts thought it was the optionally red wheel wells), the frame was black and the whole engine bay, fuel tank and rear axel assembly was painted in Pearl White! Entering some car shows with good results in ´79 to ´81, winning 1st prize at our biggest summer car show for US built cars called Power Big Meet 1979 in the 1960´s Class, 1st prize in our winter 1981 Hot Rod Show in the Street Machine Class and Outstanding Car Award at Wheels Magazine Annual Meet 1981. In 1981 another big motor magazine here in Sweden, Bilsport (Car Sport, in english) that calls out to readers to send in votes for your favorite car, called me and said I was welcome to their final show at the 'Custom Show' in Jonkoping, Sweden. Just before this show was a Racing and Motor Show at another bigger indoor arena (Elmia) with all our Swedish racing drivers competing in various motorsports. One of our internationally famous drivers that was visiting was Stefan 'Lill-Lövis' Nilsson competing in Indy Racing and CART in the US for a couple of years (now driving in American Le Mans series) among other talented Swedish drivers that dreamed about being professional drivers in the US! However our newly started GTO Club, only for 1966 and 1967 models were invited to show of a nice Goats. I was then the head of this club and arranged our little part of this show. We had one yellow with black vinyl top 1966 Tri Powered ht, one dark red with glowble mirra paint job and custom interior 1967 conv. (just finished from a complete frame off work) and my 1967 ht with a nice fiberglass Ram Air tub from H-O Racing Specialties. Our 1966-67 GTO Club arrangement was very frequently visited and popular among the visitors. In 1984 my new 428ci engine with completely new and ported RA II heads was almost ready. With a Crane Roller Cam, Howard aluminum rods, TRW L2280F.060' high compression pistons, 8' TCI conv. prepped M-40 and Chevy 12-bolt with 4.88:1, it was a hot 'street machine' here in Sweden. Turning mid-eleven seconds at the track and low twelves on the street was very fun. The car has not been used since 1990 and I hope to get it out on the street in a 'tuned down' 428ci/RA2/mech.roller/Warrior-condition and little more toward the original regarding painting the engine bay, trunk and so on. Loves almost all years of the GTO these days."
CLICK-> Vintage Drag Racing Has viewer comments3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating Here Lennart's 1967 GTO is staged against a 1968? RS Camaro.
CLICK-> Vintage Drag Racing Has viewer comments3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating Three 1967 GTOs lined up waiting for their turn at the track. Lennart comments: "Ugh, all great GTO friends! Since we now got over 200 Pontiac (the two only existing TA '69's over here and 30+ GTO's) gathered together at the Swedish APD in 2009, we will probably try for another wonderful All Pontiac Day here in Sigtuna, Sweden in 2010. With hopefully a new record again, in Sept. 18. Many thanks for an absolutely fantastic GTO enthusiast website!"
CLICK-> Vintage Engine Picture Has viewer comments Here. is a shot of one of the engines that Lennart built for his 1967 GTO

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1967 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 62 of 89.

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