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xXx Movie Collection.    Lot 4 of 5.
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CLICK-> xXx Hong Kong Press Kit This is a Hong Kong item. A limited press kit from the movie "xXx". It is from the gala premiere in Hong Kong. It includes a t-shirt, tattoo, note book and condom. They all have the xXx logo on them.

CLICK-> xXx AMT Model GTO Has viewer comments AMT came out with this cool 1967 GTO model kit based on the car from the xXx Movie.
CLICK-> AMT xXx Model GTO Here's the side of the model box. Looks pretty cool. It's got the bar across the engine to keep it inside (like the stunt car). It's also got the interior gadgets.

CLICK-> xXx RC Toy Has viewer comments Racing Champions / Ertl put out this die cast xXx 67 GTO in 1:64 scale. It is the stock version before the customizing was done later in the movie.
CLICK-> RC Series 2 xXx Car Has viewer comments Racing Champions / Ertl also put out this die cast xXx 67 GTO in 1:18 scale. This is Series 2 - the customized version. This one has the shaker hood scoop, side pipes, and the custom dash. They also offer the stock version called Series 1.

CLICK-> xXx Wallet Has viewer comments This is a promo wallet from the xXx movie starring Vin Diesel. The wallet is Leather with a 15" long chain and belt hook.

CLICK-> xXx Lunch Box Has viewer comments Put the kids to work in movie promotion too!

CLICK-> xXx hat! Has viewer comments An xXx hat. Has the movie logo on it.

CLICK-> xXx belt Vin Diesel movie promo black belt. The belt has a with metal clip with the "xXx" logo painted inset in red. It is about 48" long.

CLICK-> xXx frisbee A promotional flying disc. This disc has no connection to the movie, other than the logo. August 9th was the release date.

CLICK-> xXx window sticker xXx movie large window sticker. It is a vinyl static cling sticker. It is 2-sided. You just remove the paper backing and place it on a smooth glass or mirror. The sticker is 38" wide and 8 1/2" high.

CLICK-> xXx Tattoos A sheet of temporary tattoos. There were many promotional items smartly associated with this movie. What better item to promote a movie than a walking talking human billboard?
CLICK-> xXx tattoo Has viewer comments A tattoo on the neck? Yep.

CLICK-> xXx comics Comics coming in 2003. That will be interesting to see if the GTO appears in the xXx comics! This ad is for the upcoming comic books published by Dark Horse.

CLICK-> xXx MGD promo Has viewer comments This is some of the promotional stuff for the xXx movie that came out in 2002. Miller Genuine Draft did a promotional tie-in. Here, you can see some of the MGD flag banners that were used. Pure xXx, pure action. They picked a daring movie title, "xXx". It's not a sex flick, but an action movie about a secret agent named Xander Cage. Xander is played by Vin Diesel. Asia Argento is the co-starring actress. But the big star of the show (as far as we're concerned) is a 1967 GTO that can shoot missiles from the headlights.

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xXx Movie Collection.    Lot 4 of 5.

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