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xXx Movie Collection.    Lot 2 of 5.
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CLICK-> xXx GTO This is why the "ebay #1 car" has no door handles. It doesn't need them. Here are two buttons that will electrically pop the doors open a couple inches so they can be pulled open. In the xXx movie, we get to see a closeup of Vin Diesel pressing these buttons so he and the bad guy can get in this car.
CLICK-> xXx GTO Ahaa! Some of those "gauges" turned out to be soda cans! This car was not used for any interior closeup shots, so only "dummy" gauges were installed in this car. The "real" car used for interior shots had quite a spectacular array of gauges. It also had many gadgets and electronic "radios" all over the place.
CLICK-> xXx GTO Has viewer comments Yes, this one was built for a little stunt work. Look at the passenger side door panel. They flipped the door release lever up out of the way. There is also a black pad under the window crank. Could that arrangement have been used to protect the passenger's leg from hard turns? Again, this is the "ebay #1 car".
CLICK-> xXx GTO The aluminum cans posing as gauges. Don't laugh too hard. This is an authentic movie car that appeared in a summer of 2002 blockbuster! Vin Diesel might have sat in this car and stared at these same soda cans.
CLICK-> xXx GTO Has viewer comments That's a B&M shifter among all the duct tape in the "ebay #1 car".

CLICK-> xXx GTO Has viewer comments3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating Thom Sherwood sent us updated pictures of one of the xXx GTO stunt cars. Thom explains, "This is the same car (the first of two) sold on eBay by Revolution Studios after the film's release. It is affectionately known as "Stunt Car #1" For liability reasons, the folks at B-J insist on using the term "clone" in their description of this car because it carries a LeMans VIN#." The rocket launching headlights and some other items were added after the car was first sold on eBay.
CLICK-> xXx Car for Auction Here is the xXx GTO stunt car at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona in January of 2005. This is the description that Thom Sherwood provided, "Here is a rare opportunity to own a true legend from the silver screen. This highly-documented 1967 Pontiac was specially crafted for spy and action use in the hit 2002 movie "xXx" starring Vin Diesel. Built by Hollywood movie-car builder Eddie Paul, whose credits include "Grease," "Gone in 60 Seconds," and "The Fast and the Furious." For "xXx," his task was to create a stealthy musclecar outfitted with a vast arsonal of weapons that would assist the film's title character, Generation - X secret agent recruit Xander Cage (Diesel). Paul and his crew made mechanical modifications to prepare it for the gruelling on-screen action. This included a Goodwrench ZZ4 350-HO crate engine, special underhood mountings for long-travel shock absorbers, heavy-duty four-wheel disc brakes, and frame reinforcements. A modern-day secret agent needs the latest technology at his disposal, the theme of the "xXx" GTO is that it be loaded with nearly every conceivable "extra". Rocket launchers emerge from retracting headlights; a heavy arms weapons case is revealed from a flip-down rear seat; an enormous cockpit control panel, complete with high-tech gauges and controls, and a Global Positioning Satellite system, a laptop computer. The subject of diecast models, Matchbox toys and books. Documentation includes a Certificate of Authenticity from Revolution Studios."
CLICK-> xXx Car at Auction Has viewer comments3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating It was listed as, 1967 Pontiac GTO "Clone" Authentic "xXx" Movie car. Lot #691 - No Reserve. Options: Color - Blasbery, Trans - Auto, Cylinders - V8, Engine Size - 350, VIN - 2371772112800.
CLICK-> xXx GTO Has viewer comments4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating It has a 350 Chevy crate motor, four wheel discs, etc, for stunt usage. It came with a "Certificate of Authenticity" from Revolution Studios.
CLICK-> xXx Car at Auction 3.3 star rating3.3 star rating3.3 star rating3.3 star rating3.3 star rating Thom Sherwood tells us about the modifications since it was last sold, "The interior of the car now carries a loose approximation of the interior gauges and controls as seen in the film. They were built by EP Industries and installed in this car AFTER the car returned from Europe for the current (pre-auction) owner. Additional work performed to this car for show purposes includes: headlights that retract into the fender wells, Aluminum rockets mounted on tracks that emerge from the headlight bezels, a rear seat that flips down to reveal a weapons cache, and a rear European license plate that slides to the side behind the rear bumper to reveal a secondary license plate. The rest of the car remains as it was originally sold on eBay. I have done some minor repair work on the car for the current owner and will be attending to the car during the auction on Friday, January 28th, 2005."
CLICK-> xXx GTO Engine The engine in the xXx stunt GTO has a bar welded over the engine. This provides a mounting point for the long-travel shock absorbers. Parts of the inner fenderwells have been cut away to make room for this bar assembly. The arrangement keeps the car from bottoming out and self-destructing during hard driving and jumps. Have you ever watched the old Dukes of Hazzard TV show and seen the General Lee car jump? Many times when that car landed, the front of the General would fold up. The foldup occurred when the shocks would bottom out, the front frame would bend, and the fenders would get wrinkled. This xXx car has been modified so it could survive a jump better.
CLICK-> xXx GTO Interior Has viewer comments The interior now has these gadgets similar to the ones in the movie. While this car features a bunch of interesting gadgetry, it does not come close to the detail of the xXx car that Pontiac Motor Division takes on tour all over the country. Compare it to this other car's outstanding interior I saw at a Fort Wayne, Indiana All-Pontiac car show.
CLICK-> xXx GTO Weapons The back seat now flips down to reveal a weapons cache.
CLICK-> xXx GTO on the Auction Block Here is the "xXx Stunt Car #1" on the auction block at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. It sold for $20,520. Tom Sherwood concludes, "New owner is from the east coast, and wishes to remain anonymous for the time-being. I am honestly surprised that the car didn't sell for more. Also disappointed that the SPEED Channel cut to a commercial just as I drove the car onto the auction block. Conspiracy theories abound (just kidding!)."

CLICK-> xXx GTOs These photos are from the EP Industries web page at http://www.epindustries.com/xxx.html . They are the ones that made all the GTO cars seen in the xXx movie. In the rightside photo, you can see at least four of the 1967 LeMans and GTO cars that were modified and painted to look like the main (GTO) car in the movie.

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xXx Movie Collection.    Lot 2 of 5.

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