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WOODWARD GTO TIGERS SHOW August 12, 2001 It was a fun day

These pages contain a bunch of pictures snapped by Stephen Petro (stephenpetro@home.com).

CLICK->Blinded by the light! 1964 convertible with the hood up.   This is a very shiny car.
CLICK->1964 conv beauty 1964 was the first year for the GTO.   Here is a lineup of show cars.
CLICK->1964 hardtop 1964 car with poverty caps.  Is black your color?
CLICK->1964 hardtop 1964 car.  Hoods up for inspection on this fine day.
CLICK->1964 hardtop A 1964 hardtop.
CLICK->1965 hardtop 1965 hardtop on the showfield.
CLICK->1965 convertible 1965 convertible with Ram Air
CLICK->1965 convertible A fine lineup of 1965's.
CLICK->1965 convertible 1965 convertible.
CLICK->1965 lovely 1965 convertible in red.
CLICK->1965 mammajamma 1965 GTO convertible with a white top.
CLICK->1965 obaby Same 1965 GTO convertible with a white top as seen from the left side.
CLICK->1965 booga booga 1965 convertible wears the most popular color.
CLICK->1965 carrrrrr 1965 car in Tiger Gold.
CLICK->1965 herdtop Another view of the 1965 racer.
CLICK->1965 is no junker Looks like this 1965 hardtop is black.
CLICK->1965 hardtopper Redlines on this classic.   1965 was a good year.
CLICK->nineteen sixty-five That car has the hood up to show off the tri-power.
CLICK->1965 at the show This is what you call a 1965 post coupe.
CLICK->1965 hardtop car Check out the wheelcovers on this 1965 hardtop, baby.
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