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1971 sprue
CLICK-> 1971 Pearson kit 1971 Pearson kit 1971 Pearson kit 1971 Pearson kit 1971 GTO model kit resembled the Pearson NASCAR. Randy Mitchell (RMitch1171@aol.com) of Bristol, Tennessee fills us in on the history of this car. He writes: "Bear with me because my mind slips sometimes, but as I recall, a guy named Chris(?) Vallo offered to put up a million dollars to see a Pontiac GTO win a NASCAR race. Ray Nichols Engineering, a very reputable car owner/builder built the 1971 GTO's that Pearson drove. They were not very successful to start with and Vallo turned out to have some shady dealings and dissapeared for a few years before he got caught doing bad things involving Cuba, I think. Nichols never saw a penny of the money and gave up on the Pontiacs. Anyway, I recently saw a rerun of the 1971 Southern 500 on Speedvision and caught only a glimpse of the GOAT. I would desperately love to see pictures of the car. David Pearson was the best NASCAR driver ever. One year he ran only 17 races for the Woods Brothers but won 11 of them!!!! Richard Petty said Pearson was the best. Pearson is second on alltime win list with over 100 wins." Can anyone provide me with additional information on the Pearson GTO? See my email link at the bottom of this page.
CLICK-> 1971 Pearson kit Has viewer comments 1971 Pearson NASCAR Has viewer comments2.6 star rating2.6 star rating2.6 star rating2.6 star rating2.6 star rating 1971 Pearson NASCAR Has viewer comments2.6 star rating2.6 star rating2.6 star rating2.6 star rating2.6 star rating 1971 Pearson NASCAR 1971 Pearson NASCAR Has viewer comments2.5 star rating2.5 star rating2.5 star rating2.5 star rating2.5 star rating 1971 Pearson NASCAR 2.8 star rating2.8 star rating2.8 star rating2.8 star rating2.8 star rating 71/72 GTO Pacecar Has viewer comments2.8 star rating2.8 star rating2.8 star rating2.8 star rating2.8 star rating Matt Gavigan sent in these photos of the David Pearson #33 GTO. You can see a shot from the model kit box art and some old photos of the real thing. Just for fun, there is also a shot of a 71/72 convertible pacing a NASCAR event.
CLICK-> Pearson 1971 GTO Model Artwork Has viewer comments Here is a scan of the original artwork for the #33 Pearson NASCAR 1971 GTO model kit.
CLICK-> 1971 Pearson car in Red Has viewer comments3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating Matt Gavigan (m.gavigan@shaw.ca) sent in another photo of David Pearson's 1971 GTO race car in a different color. He tells us this: "As you may know, Chris Vallo reneged on his contract with Pearson and Nichels, so Nichels repainted the purple GTO in the same colors as the 71 Plymouth that Fred Lorenzen was racing for him also in 1971. Hence, the STP logo and red and white color scheme. To the best of my knowledge, Pearson only raced the car five times; three times as the purple #33 car, and twice painted in the red STP colors."
CLICK-> 1971 Pearson kit Here is one of the Pearson kits in primer with a clear hood. Note you can see the details of the roll cage in this shot.
CLICK-> Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Has viewer comments Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Has viewer comments Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Stan Kaminiski sends in some pictures of a built up David Pearson's NASCAR #33 1971 GTO model kit. Stan adds, "It was assembled a long time ago. It is almost complete, missing a few pipes from the top of the roll bar cage and a tie rod end and a chrome rear axle bracket. At least that all I can see thatís gone. This may be one of the most detailed GTO model kit ever made."
CLICK-> Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Pearson 1971 GTO Kit Stan continues, "The gas cap, grille surrounds and covers for the headlights and taillights are chrome plated while the grilles are clear. A large front air dam is under the bumper. The heads and valve covers appear to be clear but time and old glue has clouded them. The air cleaner is unique; its opening is at the back and the distributor is in front of the intake manifold. The alternator is on the right side. Two chrome plated tanks stand behind the driver's seat and to their right is a small drum like object. The orange battery is in the trunks right hand corner. A chrome plated brace sits between the rear wheel wells. The only painted parts on this car are the orange battery, red oil pan, brown headers, fuel cell and white wheel rims and water pump. Instead of the usual platform style frame, it has separate frame rails. A tube cage surrounds the engine and separate tie rods and steering linkage along with dual shocks."

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CLICK-> Japanese 71 GTO Kit The box says it's a 1964 GTO, but the Japanese that made it screwed up. It's a 1971 1/24th scale Pontiac GTO model by Doyusha in Japan. Kenny Gregrich describes this kit as a '71 GTO with a rear wing. The kit includes no decals, so you can't make it look like a Judge model, even though the box shows the eyebrow stripes and a Judge decal on the fender.
CLICK-> Japanese 71 GTO Kit Another view of the '71 GTO box. The body is molded in white and has recesses in the trunk lid to mount the wing. They would have to be filled if you did not want to use the spoiler. The hood is also molded in place and does not open like most other models. Because of that there is no engine either. The model is designed to be motorized, but does not include the motor. Only the contacts and an axle with gear attached are included. Chrome parts include Rally II wheels that you can read PMD on the center caps.
CLICK-> Japanese 71 GTO Kit The interior of this '71 GTO is molded in dark grey and is very odd. The seats are very stubby with the backs only being about a quarter inch high. The gauges look OK but the glovebox is twice as wide as it should be. The steering wheel is only a 3/4 wheel with the bottom cut away to fit the stubby seats. The undercarriage is molded in black and is very incorrect. The reason for the "short" interior is because the car is designed to allow the addition of a small motor. The motor was an optional $5 item. Jeff Hamlin (email unknown) from Virginia says he has built one of these kits with the motor. It has locking steering. He turns it on and lets it run around the kitchen.
CLICK-> Japanese 71 GTO Kit Thanks to Kenny for sending these great box scans in! Does anyone else have more GTO models that do not appear on these pages?
CLICK-> Japanese 71 GTO Kit This is what the kit looks like when you first open the box lid.
CLICK-> Japanese 71 GTO Kit Japanese 71 GTO Kit Tim Sickle built this (Japanese) model. He made a Pro Street version of it. He airbrushed it with Lucerne Blue paint, with a coat of clear over it. He added blacked-out windows, vinyl roof, and chrome foil trim! He put in a Dana rear end out of a Pro Street kit, complete with wheelie bars. This model was displayed at the 1997 GTO nationals. It got a lot of attention there, as Tim answered many questions about the highly-detailed kit.
CLICK-> Japanese 71 GTO Kit Japanese 71 GTO Kit Japanese 71 GTO Kit Another version of this Japanese 1971 GTO Judge model kit. This one was distinctly Japanese. Click on this one and read the box. This Japanese model company created a whole bunch of different models like the 1971 Judge. They list them on the side of the box. They got a Stingray, Camaro, Mustang, and Skyhawk.

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Les (chrisa@MNSi.Net) says:
"I wanted to let you know that DOYUSHA has released a 1971 1/24th model kit."

Does anyone have a scan of the boxlid? If so, email it to Sean Mattingly (mattingly@iquest.net).

Les (chrisa@MNSi.Net) also tells us about the '70 through '72 MPC model kits:
"The '70/'72 MPC kits came with bogus spoilers. The spoiler in the kits looks similar to that of a '69 Judge but with 2 posts missing. The real '70-'72 spoilers were not like that at all, they were the surfboard style. The only model car ever made with the EXACT same spoiler was the 1969 Hurst Oldsmobile. Therefore I purchased 2 of those kits a month ago to place on my 1970 and 1971 GTO models. I am assembling both the 1970 and 1971 as JUDGE GTOS."

CLICK-> 71 MPC GTO model The box says this is "A whole new wild, wild concept in rods!!" It is an MPC Pontiac GTO Street Funny Car 1/25 scale Customizing "Street Funnies" model car kit. It features: 400 CID engine, spyder wheels, high rise assembly, american mags, instructions and decal sheet. #1-0453-225.

CLICK-> Woody 71 GTO Kit Woody 71 GTO Kit Woody 71 GTO Kit 1971 hardtop kit could be built three ways. The 1:25 scale model featured a hood tach and "Woody's Wood Chopper" stickers for the sides. It was put out by MPC. One side of the box shows you "all the parts for a wild high rise set-up" as well as a supercharger for the engine and a BONUS christmas tree assembly.

CLICK-> Motorized Model Kit Motorized Model Kit Motorized Model Kit This 1971 GTO kit was sent in by Roberto "Roby" Domenigoni from Switzerland. He is a big fan of Pontiac. He thinks this kit is very rare. A 1971 GTO with remote control: forward and backwards and steering system. The car is similar to another Japanese kit described by Kenny Gregrich on this web page. Roby bought this particular kit in England in 1995.

CLICK-> 1971 GTO promo 1971 GTO promo model in Carousel Red from John Witzke. This is the special Hobby Store edition promo.
CLICK-> 1971 GTO promo Has viewer comments 1971 GTO Promo in Quezal Gold from John Witzke. He must be waxing these! They look way better than my real car.
CLICK-> 1971 GTO promo 1971 GTO dealer promotional car. The color is Canyon Copper. This is another one sent in by collector John Witzke from Iowa. He purchased this model for $180. It came with the original box. It is in mint condition.
CLICK-> 1971 GTO promo Has viewer comments 1971 GTO promo in brown.

That's not all! Why not check out Shelf #9 ?

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