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1970 sprue

CLICK-> 1970 GTO snap together side Has viewer comments 1970 Snap Kit #2 1970 Snap Kit #3 This is one you've probably never seen before. Fast Pack. Fast building, fast racing! The model is a snap together with few parts and no engine or opening hood. The tires are red plastic just like the model and have no treads on them. It was sent in by Todd Lancaster who has a real 1970 GTO. And it is a red hardtop as well. Todd bought this kit back in the late 80's by mail order for $32.00.
CLICK-> 1970 Snap Kit #4 1970 Snap Kit #5 1970 Snap Kit #6 The box shows black tires, while the model has red ones. Makes me want to paint my GTO's tires the same color as the body.

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CLICK-> 1970 GTO model kit Has viewer comments 1970 GTO model kit.
CLICK-> 1970 GTO model kit Here are the components of this kit laid out. I got this image from ebay.com, a web site where models are frequently auctioned off.
CLICK-> 1970 GTO model kit box side You can see the side of the box.
CLICK-> Superdetailed Model Buildup Has viewer comments Here is a spectacularly detailed model of a 1970 GTO. This is our Picture Of The Week for 8/10/03. The basic kit was modified to add the details that make it look more like a real car. Matt Gavigan tells us how he did it, "It started out as the MPC kit that came out in the 1980's. I added the vinyl roof as the kit roof was damaged. I also scratch built the Rallys using the center's from the Monogram '69 GTO kit a some mag wheel outer halves because the one's in the MPC kit didn't look right. I also used the engine and front suspension from the same Monogram kit, plus some other stuff like the rad shroud and inner fenders, etc., as the Monogram 1969 GTO kit is well detailed and easy to find at the hobby shop. I made the front wheels poseable as well. The rear spoiler is scratch built out of sheet styrene. I made a mold of it if anyone out there would like a copy in resin for there Judge project. (E-mail me for details at m.gavigan@shaw.ca). The decals came from Fred Cady Design and I would recommend them as they are excellent quality. I thought I would paint it gold as all you seem to see are Orbit Orange car's all the time, and it turned out pretty good after polishing and clear coating. I had fun building this project so much that I am currently working on a 1972 GTO pro-mod car using the MPC kit from the 1980's as well as the chassis from the Soft-Seal 1957 Chevy that was put out by REVELL a few years back. I'll send photo's of that one when it's done."
CLICK-> Superdetailed Model Buildup Has viewer comments Superdetailed Model Buildup Here's a couple of other views of Matt Gavigan's super detailed 1970 GTO Judge model. You can get a closer look at that spoiler that he created. Seems as you could actually walk up to it, get in, and start it up! The lug nuts even look real.

CLICK-> 1970 GTO model kit 1970 GTO model kit.

CLICK-> 1970 GTO Super Stocker 1970 GTO model kit. It was part of MPC's Super Stocker Series. The scale is 1/25th. The top of the box shows an oval track stock car. The model features a push bar, detailed racing engine, stress frame, detailed suspension, 180 degree headers, safety fuel cell, extra wide dirt tires, authentic racing chassis, roll cage, etc.
CLICK-> Stocker Uncut Model Box This is a flat, uncut sheet of printed cardboard that was never made into a model box. It was up for bids at an online auction.
CLICK-> 1970 GTO Super Stocker box side One side of the 1970 GTO model box. Click to see all the wording on the side of the box.
CLICK-> 1970 GTO Super Stocker box side Last view of the 1970 GTO model box. This looked like it would be a very accurately detailed kit. Does anyone have experience building this one?

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CLICK-> 1970 GTO Funny Car Kit 1970 GTO Funny Car Kit 1970 GTO Funny Car Kit 1970 GTO Funny Car Kit These are photos of MPC's "GTO Goat Funny Car" which was MPC part number 727. The side of the box says it has a hot funny car body with racing steering wheel, roll cage, funny car interior, wheelie wheels, mag wheels, hollow slicks, plated front suspension, blown engine, and authentic Logghe chassis. It also says "Every detail perfect...every part authentic...every minute loaded with building fun".

CLICK-> 1970 GTO race car model Here is a great built up combo. This is the 1973 Chevrolet Caprice with tow trailer, from MPC kit #7304, in the original deep gold plastic. Also pictured is a race car for the trailer. It is the hard to find Pontiac GTO mod stocker from the MPC Lowell Sidwell modified kit #2750, also painted a similar gold. It was released by MPC in 1974, the same time as the Bob Larivee and Dick Trickle kits. The photo is from Bill McDonald.

I'm still looking for a scan of the boxlid of the above 1974 issue MPC model kit. It's a Lowell Sidwell 1970 GTO. It was a stock race car with a #7 on the side. It was MPC kit #2750.

CLICK-> 1970 Mitsubishi Galant GTO-MR Model Kit Okay, it's not a Pontiac, but it is a 1970 GTO model kit. This is a Japanese kit of a 1970 Mitsubishi Galant GTO-MR. Super Cool, right?

CLICK-> 70 GTO promo Has viewer comments Bermuda Blue 1970 GTO hardtop promo model. Mark Nagel comments, "This is probably the hardest color to find on the 1970 GTO promo, of the 5 that were available (Cardinal Red, Palomino Copper, Verdoro Green, Palladium Silver, and Bermuda Blue)."

CLICK-> 70 GTO promo Mark Nagel has this Palomino Copper 1970 GTO hardtop promo model with its original box.

CLICK-> 1970 GTO promo 1970 GTO dealer promotional car. The color is Verdoro Green. All 1970 GTO promo models came with whitewall tires. This one was sent in by a collector of GTO and Firebird promo models, John Witzke from Iowa. He purchased this model for $180 with the original box. It is in near mint condition.

CLICK-> 1970 GTO promo John shows us his Palladium Silver version. John points out the hood tach, Rally II wheels, and whitewall tires. This model is in near mint condition with its original box. According to John, the current value is $180.

CLICK-> 1970 GTO promo Has viewer comments Another 1970 GTO dealer promotional car from John. This model is the Pontiac dealer contest model with a rear Michigan license plate. In addition to a different rear license plate, this model also differed from the regular 1970 GTO promos in the following way. The front seat headrest was molded into the seat instead of being a separate piece, and the deletion of the hood tachometer. He purchased this model for $100 with the original box in near mint condition.
CLICK-> 1970 GTO promo This was a 1970 GTO dealer contest prize model. It came in a plain-looking box. The rules for the "GTO 500 Contest" were on the side of this box. If a letter on the model was the same as that on your contest folder, you could win various rebate checks when you bought a new 1970 Pontiac. Thanks to Larry Rawlings for mailing these photos in.
CLICK-> 1970 GTO promo Has viewer comments The 1970 GTO prize model was red/red. Here is the end view of the box.

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