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1969 sprue
CLICK-> 69 bubbletop 1969 GTO convertible model by MPC. It can be made into a bubble top open sportster.

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CLICK-> 69 Arnie kit #1 Has viewer comments 1969 GTO Super Judge model was an MPC kit.
CLICK-> 69 Arnie kit #2 Here you can see the contents of the Super Judge kit.
CLICK-> 69 Arnie kit instructions Here you can see the instruction sheet that goes with the 1969 Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick "Super Judge" kit.
CLICK-> Buil-tup Super Judge Kit Jim Wallace shows us an original old built up Beswick Super Judge on a vintage AMT cardboard display.

CLICK-> 1969 GTO Bobcat model There was one model released of a Bobcat GTO. This one was a Funny Car. The photo was sent to me in the mail by Larry Rawlings. The Funny Car has a one piece body and was made by MPC. It was a 1:25 scale kit.

CLICK-> 1969 GTO Funny Car This is very cool artwork from a 1969 GTO Funny Car box. This was our Picture Of The Week for 7/5/1998. It was an MPC 1:25 scale model that said BREAKAWAY on the side of the car. Check out the customized hood scoops! It was sent in by Jeff Hamlin from Virginia Beach, Virginia.
CLICK-> 1969 GTO Funny Car Jeff shows us the side panel of the model box.
CLICK-> 1969 GTO Funny Car This is the other side, showing more customizing options.
CLICK-> 1969 GTO Funny Car Here you can see the BREAKAWAY GTO model box contents.
CLICK-> 69 model pieces Here's another view of the contents of the kit.

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CLICK-> 69 Monogram kit Has viewer comments A 1969 GTO model kit by Monogram. Extra large image. I have a couple of these, attempting to build one in the 80's. The other one was purchased on ebay.com, in unopened condition.
CLICK-> 69 GTO Monogram A newer version of the 1969 GTO Judge model kit by Monogram.
CLICK-> 69 GTO deluxe kit! Here's another version. This one is the Deluxe Kit because it includes paints, brush, and cement.
CLICK-> Monogram Judge kit Has viewer comments Monogram Judge kit Here's another version of the Monogram 1969 Judge model kit. This one has a picture of a 1:1 scale metal one on the box top. There's also a view of what is inside the box. Lots of orange pieces! Ever built one of these? That orange is hard to cover with other color paints.
CLICK-> 1969 model This one was sent in by Luiz Augusto Tinoco. He is a member of the Rio de Janeiro Model Car Club in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It is his Monogram 1/24 scale '69 GTO Judge. It is shown on a contest table.
CLICK-> 69 Sickle model #1 69 Sickle model #2 Has viewer comments 69 Sickle model #3 69 Sickle model #4 Tim Sickle shows us his super-detailed version of the Revell-Monogram kit. He added Resin-cast redline tires, photoetched emblems, foil trim, specially made license plates, spark plug wires, fuel lines, brake lines, etc. This highly polished model won 2nd place at the 1999 GTOAA Nationals in New Jersey.
CLICK-> 69 model buildup 69 model buildup Doug Waymer built this is the early Monogram model 2294 version of the 1969 GTO. The black background in the first picture is the trunk of a car.
CLICK-> 69 Judge Model by Jeff Jeff Williams built up his Monogram 1969 GTO Judge model kit. He painted it with Model Car World Hugger Orange paint. Hugger Orange is what Chevy called Carousel Red.
CLICK-> Raiders Coach Model Has viewer comments Raiders Coach Model MPC 1/25 scale Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay and The Raiders Coach issued in 1969. The Coach (plastic Kit #622-300) was designed and built by George Barris. The kit has a 1969 GTO front end. An 1849 Stagecoach design was used with two 500-horsepower Pontiac engines. The coach is supplied with Vox musical instruments, including organ, guitars, drums, and loud speakers! When you bought this kit it came with these plastic Mark Lindsay and the Raiders figures for you to display with your finished model. The newer version does not come with these figures.
CLICK-> Raiders Coach Postcard Raiders Coach Sticker Raiders Coach Post Card 3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating Here's some pictures of the real car. The first image is a postcard. According to the back of "Way-Out Wheels" post card the fabrication of this hot rod was a joint MPC and George Barris project. The second image is of a sticker. This shot is a little clearer. I bet that is a real GTO nose. The third is a nice clear postcard.
CLICK-> Raiders Coach Model Here's the newer version which is in stores now. This one is under the AMT/Ertl name. It says, "The Authentic Model of the Super Wild Raiders Coach." Yes, this car was really built.
CLICK-> Raiders Coach BuiltUp Raiders Coach BuiltUp Has viewer comments Here the Raider Coach is built-up.

CLICK-> Kaminski model #1 Has viewer comments Kaminski model #2 Kaminski model #3 Stan Kaminski once had a Ram Air IV Judge which was in pretty bad shape. He decided to build a detailed model of the "before" car. It looks just like the real junker. He has duplicated the rust and primer spots on the original car. He started with an MPC 1:25 scale 1970 GTO. In the first two images, the model car is in front with a photo of the actual car in the background. You can compare the two. The third photo is of Stan's model car next to a jar of rust from his Judge. The rust is all Stan kept of his Judge when he sold it. More images of Stan's real fullsize Judge are in the '69 Judge section od this web site. Some are funny!
CLICK-> Kaminski model #4 Look at a closeup of the Judge model interior. Here Stan duplicated the details that are inside the door shell. You can see how he sanded off the armrests, cut correct holes in doors and made accurate window regulators painted silver. He also cut holes in the package shelf area resembling speaker holes.

CLICK-> 69 Judge Junker Diecast 69 Judge Junker Diecast Rusty diecast fender Has viewer comments Todd created this 1969 junkyard Judge convertible from a 1/18th scale diecast. He has many other junkyard GTOs as well. You can purchase them at his website at www.junkyardjewels.com The interior of the Judge looks dirty, rusty, and comes with a couple of spare engine parts. He did a good job reproducing the typical rusty rear fender of a 1969 Judge that's been neglected for some time.

CLICK-> 69 Testors Kit #1 Has viewer comments 69 Testors Kit #2 Testors made a 1969 Judge kit. It featured metal body parts which are already painted. The kit was produced by Testors in cooperation with the Lincoln Mint. The Testor's stock number for the kit is #7120 and was released late in 1999. The kit is predominantly styrene plastic but it has a pre-painted die cast metal body. It only comes in Carousel Red. The rear spoiler is plastic but it also is pre-painted. The paint job is quite good and a little polishing and waxing should result in a beautiful model. The stripes and Judge emblems are already on the body and look like Tampo printing. The Rally II wheels are pre-painted as are small details such as the silver trim in the steering wheel. The front and back window moldings, as well as the wheel opening moldings, are separate chrome plated pieces. The seats are made in a black, soft vinyl material. There are decals for the instruments. Even the gas tank comes pre-painted on the chassis! The doors, hood and trunk all open. This kit is highly recommended. A scan of the boxtop, box bottom, and kit description were sent in by Paul Dorton.
CLICK-> 69 Testors Kit #3 This is what the side of the boxlid looks like on the Testor's metal kit. It is unusual for them to show the parts and pieces of a kit on the side of the box. I like how they did that. Usually, the kit contents are left up to the buyer's imagination. Or sometimes a potential buyer will just open the box in the store and dig through it to examine the contents. I hate when they do that.

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CLICK-> 1969 GTO promo 1969 GTO dealer promotional car. The color is Verdoro Green. This model is highlighted with the hood tachometer and redline tires. This one was sent in by a collector of GTO and Firebird promo models, John Witzke from Iowa. He purchased this model for $330. It is in near mint condition.
CLICK-> 69 GTO promo Mark Nagel has the original box for his Verdoro Green 1969 GTO hardtop promo model.

CLICK-> 69 GTO promo Espresso Brown 1969 GTO convertible promo model with original box. This one is owned by Mark Nagel. The boxes for these cars all have the color name incorrectly spelled as EXPRESSO BROWN.

CLICK-> 1969/70 GTO promo Warren Hanbury sends this photo of his 1969 and 1970 promo models in their display cases.

CLICK-> Many GTO promos Has viewer comments This is a beautiful assortment of GTO dealer promotional cars. Nice condition. They would fetch a lot of money on ebay. The picture is from Mark Nagel.

CLICK-> 69 Diecast Ertl Has viewer comments 1969 Royal Bobcat GTO. This is not a kit, but a 1:18 scale diecast metal pre-assembled car made by Ertl. They also sell two other colors of this car, one is Crystal Blue Turquoise and white and it's reverse. Ertl uses this body over and over in many different colors.

CLICK-> 1969 GTO pink Has viewer comments Another metal Ertl 1969 GTO. This one is wearing pearl paint, billet wheels, and wild graphics. This diecast vehicle was spotted at one of the online auctions. They're growing in popularity as a place to find models and toys.

CLICK-> 69 GTO remote control Has viewer comments This is not a model kit, but a really fun 1969 Judge radio controlled car. I have one of these and play with it often. If you want to buy one of these, they are available in the "Ultimate GTO Store". The link to check one of these out is here... http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004WET8/theultimatpontia.

CLICK-> 1969 groovy toy This red toy resembles a 1969 car. It was emailed to me by Andre who says there is a guide pin on the bottom of this slot car. The picture shows the top and the underside. I have enlarged a view of the tire. The tires have a raised groove on them so they will stay on a track.

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CLICK-> GTO cars on a train Stanley posed his GTOs on his Lionel car carrier. You can see Johnny Lightning cars, Racing Champions cars, and others.

CLICK-> 69 slot car butterscotch 69 slot car brown w/ silver stripes 69 slot car yellow 69 slot car brown 69 slot car red Aurora made these slot cars in H.O. scale. They were called T-Jets. If you have any of these tiny cars, dig them out of the attic and sell them. The first one pictured was spotted at an online auction. The bidding was already up to the $203 mark. The 2nd one was in nice mint condition. It went for $145. Careful about purchasing them. They are being produced again.
CLICK-> 1969 T-Jet 3D This red T-Jet slot car has three views.

CLICK-> 1969 HT slot car Here's a 1969 GTO hardtop T-Jet slot car. I found this aqua car picture on Malcom's HO slot car home page at http://www.jps.net/mm/

That's not all! Why not check out Shelf #7 ?

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I got this message about custom models...

   From: William Weeden (wew@mail.widen.com)
      Hey folks,  I'm a Pontiac modeler too and I'd 
      build a custom model of anyone's GTO too (or 
      Bonneville or Firebird or GP) as long as a kit
      is available.  I even use GM-matched factory 
      colors for accuracy.
      Drop me a line if anybody's interested.
      '69 Judge
      '71 GT-37
      '87 GP
Here is another message about custom models...

    From: Paul (Backn65@aol.com)
       Would you like a 1/25th scale model replica of 
       your show, race or daily driver?  How about your 
       favorite NASCAR driver's car or NHRA drag racer? 
       Models can be box stock or highly scratchbuilt.
       Cost would depend on model availability and the 
       amount of detail. Check out
       for a few of the models I have made. Email or
       call me with any questions.  (920) 336-0464

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