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1967 sprue

CLICK-> 1967 GTO model kit Has viewer comments 1967 GTO model kit 1967 GTO model kit 1967 GTO model kit An early 1967 GTO model kit by MPC. It was called The Great One. MPC was later bought out by Ertl. This side of the box shows the custom parts you can put on your 1967 GTO model. There are different seats, wheel covers, a funny car engine, and even a driver figurine.

There have been a lot of mergers in the plastic kit industry, mostly in the 1980's.
Who bought whom...
1948 - AMT begins production of promo models for 
       auto manufacturer Ford Motor Company.  At that time, 
       the promo models were made from aluminum.  In fact, the 
       name of the company "AMT" stood for Aluminum Model 
       Toys!  By 1949, AMT started making their models out 
       of injection molded plastic.  
1981 - The Dyersville, Iowa company called "Ertl" 
       bought plastic kit manufacturer AMT and adopted the 
       new brand name AMT/Ertl, which they still use today 
       for some of their plastic kits.  The Ertl company 
       started out as a maker of diecast farm toys back in 
       See the Airfix GTO on this page.  This is the same year 
       that Palitoy, a division of the General Mills toy group, 
       bought Airfix of London.  They then moved the Airfix 
       production line to France.
1984 or so - Ertl bought MPC from General Mills, but 
       is still issuing kits under the MPC brand name.  Ertl 
       is a subsidiary of Kidde, Inc.  The Ertl name appears 
       in fine print on the side of the boxes and on the 
       instruction sheets.
1985 - This year Ertl stops using the MPC brand name.
1986 - Revell merged with Monogram.  They begin
       using the brand name Revell/Monogram for their 
       plastic kits.
1994 - Revell bought by parent companies Binney &
       Smith (the Crayola Crayon guys) and by Hallmark Cards.
       They continue using the brand name Revell/Monogram.
1999 - The popular diecast maker Racing Champions
       acquired the AMT/ERTL company.  The name for the 
       company is now Racing Champions Ertl.  Plastic kits 
       are still being released under the brand name AMT 
1999 - The Lindberg model company was purchased by
       Brynwood Partners III.
Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of those mergers. I researched the above from the various company's web sites.

CLICK-> 1967 GTO model kit 1967 GTO model kit from side 1967 GTO model kit made by MPC. This one was molded in blue plastic. 1/25 scale. This kit included many optional accessories such as a supercharger for the engine, two types of wheels, customized stripe decals, rollbar, deep racing seats, and two choices of hoods. This is one of the few GTO models I actually own. As a kid, my interests ran toward mostly Trans Am and Firebird models. In the second shot, you can see the side of the box. While shopping for models, I always studied the side of the box most carefully. The details and options are what interested me. Those custom wheels are pretty cool. The side of the box says to look for other exciting AMT/ERTL AND MPC/ERTL kits.
CLICK-> 1967 GTO AMT/Ertl Model Has viewer comments This is the newer version of the 1967 AMT/ERTL GTO model kit. This one is displayed stock on the box.
CLICK-> 1967 GTO AMT/Ertl Model 1967 GTO AMT/Ertl Model In 2006 AMT/Ertl came out with this "Muscle" version. #31764. The side of the box showing a detailed interior and 4 bbl carb on top the engine or top o' the engine, or topping off the engine, or sitting on top of the engine, or we wish there was Bill Bolin's girl sitting on top of the engine.
CLICK-> 1967 GTO AMT/Ertl Plus Packs AMT/Ertl also has this Plus Packs version which comes with paints and glue.
CLICK-> 1967 GTO AMT/Ertl Model And a gold version! This one is displayed with the funky wheels from the first version.

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CLICK-> 1967 GTO model kit 1967 GTO model kit 1967 GTO funnycar model kit manufactured by MPC.

CLICK-> 1967 GTO model kit 1967 GTO Jesse kit Has viewer comments This is another 1967 GTO funnycar made by MPC. Neither of the first two pictures are that great. I'm hoping someone will email me a better scan of the box lid.
CLICK-> 1967 Jesse This kit was called "Mr. Unswitchable" and featured Dick Jesse of Royal Pontiac fame. This is the first page of the instruction manual. The real car was a dragstrip terror and ran 8.400 sec at 165.70 MPH.
CLICK-> 1967 Jesse 1967 Jesse 1967 Jesse Here is a photo of Dick Jesse along with some chrome engine parts and the plastic version of Dick Jesse that came with the kit.

CLICK-> 67 GTO by Paramount How about a Canadian-issue GTO? This plastic kit is made by Paramount of Montreal, Canada. It is an unusual 1/30 scale. The unbuilt kit is motorized. It was for sale online at a place called eBay.

CLICK-> 67 GTO Airfix Model This is an old Airfix GTO kit #827. As near as I can tell, Airfix usually made motorized cars or slot cars. Airfix began in 1939 in London as a manufacturer of rubber toys that were filled with air. Airfix was manufacturing promotional toys, trains, and kits through the 1950's, 60's, and 70's. Then they went bankrupt in 1981 and were bought out by a division of General Mills. This scan was sent in by Luc Janssens in Belgium. This is a beautiful large scan of the top of the box. I wish all the boxes on this shelf were such good quality! Mark Nagel wrote in to say, "This kit has got to be one of the rarest GTO kits ever. If you look at the artwork, compare it to the 1966 GTO sales brochure. It is obviously a retouched photo of the burgundy Sports Coupe on page 3 of that brochure."
CLICK-> 67 GTO Airfix Model 67 GTO Airfix Model 67 GTO Airfix Model Here's some view of the ends and sides. One end says it is "Printed in England". With so many building options, this plastic model kit really captures the imagination. It can be fun to build your own race car, if only in 1/24th scale.
CLICK-> 67 GTO Airfix Model This is the (folded) instruction sheet, and the decal sheet showing all the artwork and racing logos. They include Hurst, Champion, Valvoline, STP, Royal Pontiac, Line/Loc, Headers by Doug, Thom McAn shoes, Drag News magazine, Bendix, NHRA, and Car Craft.
CLICK-> 67 GTO Airfix Model Kit Has viewer comments 67 GTO Airfix Model Kit 67 GTO Airfix Model Kit 67 GTO Airfix Model Kit Luc Janssens sent in these pictures of the contents of the box.

CLICK-> 67 GTO model ad Here is a magazine advertisement for a 1967 GTO snap together 1/43rd scale model from AMT. They called them Mini Trophies.

CLICK-> 67 GTO diecast car This one is a nicely detailed diecast version of a 1967 GTO. It is a Hot Wheels car. The scale is 1/64th.

CLICK-> 67 GTO promo Has viewer comments This 1967 promo model comes from Mark Nagel. It is Signet Gold in color. This promo is interesting in that it is equipped with 8-lug wheels, which were not available on the GTO promos (or real cars). Normally these wheels came only on the Bonneville promos, but MPC was known to goof up once in awhile. Contact Mark if you want to buy or trade promo cars.
CLICK-> 67 GTO promo 67 GTO promo Tyrol Blue 1967 GTO convertible promo models. The first one is from Mark Nagel. The second one is from John Witzke.
CLICK-> 67 GTO promo Here is another 1967 promo model. This one is in Regimental Red. John Witzke from Iowa points out that this model is in near mint condition and has its original box and tissue. According to John, the current value is $400.
CLICK-> 67 GTO promo Has viewer comments 1967 GTO promo model in ultra-rare Gulf Turquoise according to John Witzke.
CLICK-> Black 67 GTO promo Has viewer comments Black 67 GTO promo Black 67 GTO promo This 1967 promo model is black. These were originally made by MPC back in 1967. The license plate says "1967." The bottom chassis is attached with four screws.

That's not all! Why not check out Shelf #5 ?

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