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1966 sprue
CLICK-> 66 GTO AMT kit (big 91K) Andre sent in this picture of a rare 1966 AMT brand 1:43 scale GTO. He bought it at a flea market. Click to see the cool multi-image. He shows us the boxtop, the side of the box, plus a view of the car in a display case with the instruction sheet.

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CLICK-> 66 GTO slot car kit 66 slot kit 66 slot kit MPC made this 1966 Dyn-o Sidewinder GTO slot car kit. The third picture is of the slot car posed beside the kit box. Thanks to Kenny Gregrich for emailing the image in.
CLICK-> 66 MPC slot car kit 66 MPC - box side 66 MPC - box end 66 MPC - box other side 66 MPC - parts 66 MPC slot car kit Here's another version of the MPC slot car set. This one has the Budd Anderson customizing it which contains the funny car flip top, radically relocated blown and fuel injected nitro snorting 389, super long hood scoop, big plastic slicks, funny car windows and interior, driver figure, Hurst mag wheels. There is also a "slot car pack" to make this model a mover, and an extra instruction sheet on how to setup the car as a B/Stocker.
CLICK-> 66 MPC slot car Here is an assembled version MPC sold. It is made of WHITE high-impact injection-molded plastic and comes complete with interior, roll-bar, driver, glass, chrome bumpers, & tailight bezels. The running chassis is a the two-piece adjustable aluminum sidewinder type with plastic drop arm. Its got the "DYNO-CAN" Mabuchi motor and MPC wheels & tires. And it only costs $1.49!

CLICK-> 66 GTO MPC Monkeemobile Larry Rawlings sent in this Monkeemobile GTO model kit by MPC. The scale is 1/25. The side of the box says "DESIGNED FROM THE "IN" CAR... THE GREAT GTO". Richard Cushing sent me a photocopy of the 1967 issue boxlid. Here's a message I got from Richard: "The Monkeemobile was created by a guy named Dean Jefferies and later acquired by George "Batmobile" Barris. The model was produced by MPC back in '67. There was a limited edition reissue by AMT/Ertl (who now owns the molds) in 1989. The 1989 "Blueprinter" series reissue was available through mail-order only and came in a plain white cardboard box (I have one)."
CLICK-> 1966 Monkeemobile Zerox 1966 Monkeemobile Zerox This is a paragraph about the AMT/Ertl Monkeemobile along with a black and white drawing which appears on the instruction sheet for the 1989 AMT release. This second picture is the top view of the model appears in the 1989 instruction sheet.
CLICK-> 1966 Monkeemobile Blueprinter Here's what the Blueprinter Monkeemobile model kit looks like. It was sent in by Jim Gulley from Milwaukie, Oregon.
CLICK-> Warren's Monkee This image was sent in by Warren Hanbury. He says: "Here is a picture of my 66 Monkeemobile I bought from K-Mart in 66 or 67 when I was a kid . The only thing I ever bought was model cars. I still have dozens put away in my attic. I repainted it and rebuilt it. The directions with the car are also original, unfortunately I could not find the box."
CLICK-> Barris 1 Has viewer comments Barris 2 Has viewer comments The AMT/Ertl box was re-done and is currently available. The second shot is a front/side view of the colorful box.

CLICK-> 1966 Has viewer comments The Monkeemobile model was re-issued in 1976 by MPC as Fonzie's Dream Rod as a tie-in to the "Happy Days" TV series. This was our Picture Of The Week for 3/29/98. This kit makes no sense to me at all. The show was set in the 1950's. The car was a 1967 model. Did someone overlook the difference between years? Ron Yoli (Cop980@aol.com), VP of the Pontiac Oakland Club Of Long Island says "Hey Sean, I was looking for a MONKEEMOBILE, and ordered one from a model guy in New Jersey. He sent me the car as an original FONZIES DREAM ROD!! I was flabbergasted! I said, HEY! I wanted the Monkeemobile! However, IT IS the same car!" Thanks to Ron for emailing the image to me!
CLICK-> Fonzie Has viewer comments Here is the side view of the Fonzie box.
CLICK-> Fonzie You can see the plastic Fonzie among the parts inside the box. Aaayyyy!
CLICK-> Fonzie The instruction sheet and some of the model parts.

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CLICK-> Japanese mod #1 This is a rare sight! Here is a Japanese Monkeemobile model box. The image is very unusual in that it appears to be a copy of the Monkeemobile design. The details in the image are not too realistic. They did not stick to the original design of the car. This kit is 1/24 scale, with no mention of The Monkees on this boxlid. The kit came out in 1983. Thanks to Paul Adams of Kingaroy Queensland Australia for mailing the images to us. He says he can remember seeing the real Monkeemobile that toured Australia in (he thinks) 1968, just before the Monkees toured Australia.
CLICK-> Japanese mod #2 Japanese mod #3 Here is what the instruction sheet looked like. Get a load of the typical Japanese-to-English translation errors. Instead of saying: "Take off the chrome plating on the places where glue goes", they've said "Take off the silver coating for place of glue".
CLICK-> Japanese mod #4 Japanese mod #5 Has viewer comments Instead of saying "Be very careful", they've said "Be careful way". Judging from the instruction sheet drawings, the model design did not accurately represent the style of the real Monkeemobile.

CLICK-> 66 Monkee This appears to be the same kit as above, but the box art was a little different. The instructions seem to be the same layout as the previous version. The image was supplied by Warren Hanbury.

CLICK-> 66 Mooneyes Has viewer comments This was our Picture Of The Week for 6/17/01. It is yet another version of the Monkeemobile kit by Imai. But this time there is a little controversy. Timothy Sickle sent in this image. He tells us about it;
It is molded in yellow, includes the Mooneyes graphics, as well as chrome five-spoke mags, with chrome moon discs to cover them up. The interesting thing here is that a GTO club member friend of mine tried to get one from Mooneyes after he saw mine, and was told that they were not licensed, and that they forced the company (Imai) to cease producing them! Kinda helps the collectibility, eh? Don't know if I'll ever build it - we'll see!

CLICK-> Monk toy #1 Monk toy #2 Has viewer comments Yes, it is the famous Pontiac GTO convertible from the 1960s with the equally famous Monkees in the car playing music. This toy car is tin, 12 inches long, and has a friction motor. Wheels are plastic with rubber tires. The figures are made of vinyl. This toy was made by ASC in Japan. The car looks like a real Pontiac with the souped up engine coming through the top of the hood. There is a mechanism inside run by one battery that plays a record of the Monkees singing. If it sticks, you have to push a little plastic lever to reset it. The quality of the recording is rough...but it is the Monkees alright.

CLICK-> Goofee toy This is a hilarious Japanese toy adaptation of the GTO. Its called a GT 4000. This toy could be motorized judging from the badly translated wording on the box; "Car Never Stopping". It does say "Battery Operated". The styling of the toy is similar to the Monkeemobile. This red car even has a parachute pod on the back of it. Typical of Japanese toys of the period, the box art differed from the actual product a little. In this case, the artwork on the boxlid looks more like a Cadillac front grille than anything.

CLICK-> Monkee game Not a model kit, but a Monkees game. You can see the signatures of Peter Tork and the rest of the Monkees here.

CLICK-> Mustang GTO Oh boy. There was a GTO that looked like a Mustang? It cost 98 cents. Some of the optional parts included spotlights and dorky fender-mounted mirrors.

CLICK-> 66 GTO MPC model #1 Here is a 2-in-1 image of this one. Thanks to Larry Rawlings for sending in this 1966 GTO model kit by MPC. The scale is 1/25. The side of the box says it is "A Budd Anderson Master Kit".
CLICK-> 66 GTO MPC model #2 Another view.
CLICK-> 66 GTO MPC model #3 This is what the side of the box looks like with the "transparent" view of how the engine can be placed far back into the passenger compartment.

CLICK-> 66 GTO diecast #1 66 GTO diecast #2 This is a diecast car. 1966 GTO. From Larry Rawlings who says it is 1/18 scale.

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CLICK-> 66 GTO diecast Has viewer comments Toward the bigger end of the scale, here is a diecast 1/18 scale car. This is the first one of its kind offered by Ertl which has opening hood and doors with steerable wheels. The color is Tiger Gold. This one was found at an online auction.
CLICK-> GeeTO Tiger A pair of these gold GTO diecast cars was recently customized by Ned Anello. They were put up for auction.
CLICK-> GeeTO Tiger Has viewer comments Here they are out of the boxes. Andre Rayman bought the pair at an online auction.
CLICK-> GeeTO Tiger This is a side view of one of the cars. The auction benefitted the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
CLICK-> GeeTO Tiger Closeup of the one-of-a-kind graphics.
CLICK-> GeeTO Tiger The customizer swapped the Rally I wheels for different ones that resemble Hurst wheels. These eventually became an Ertl mass-produced item.

CLICK-> 66 GTO model kit Has viewer comments 66 GTO model kit Has viewer comments Revell Monogram released this 1966 GTO in 1998. Another photo from Larry Rawlings. The first photo shows the box top. Revell used a photo of an actual car. The second one shows the side of the box. This time you are looking at a model. He bought this kit at Wal-Mart.
CLICK-> Royal #1 Royal #2 Royal #3 Royal #4 This is the new Revell Royal Pontiac 66 GTO. It's basically the same kit as the stock Revell 66 GTO with the addition of Hurst Mag wheels instead of Rally I wheels. It also has different decals. The scans of the box art were sent in by Paul Dorton who says: "I thought it was interesting that to replicate the original will require painting the different colors on the side. I really expected them to come as a decal, like most NASCAR kits do. There are different decals for the gold and the black cars. The kit also includes a resin, pre-painted, Tiger driver figure. It is nicely done."
CLICK-> 66 GTO model kit Has viewer comments 66 GTO model kit Revell later came out with a re-issue called "Real Muscle" which featured a red version of the 1966 GTO kit. Model number 85-2873. That's a neat background with the black-and-white fan belts hanging on the wall and stuff. The second shot is of the side of the box. It has a Tri-Power engine under the hood. Does the engine really run? See the wording on the box. They say that Pontiac owns the arrowhead, the word GTO and the body design. That's interesting. The box carries a blue "GM" logo stating that it is a GM official licensed product.

CLICK-> Carrera 1/32 66 slot car Carrera 1/32 66 slot cars Carrera 1/32 66 slot cars This is a slot car set featuring a 1966 Pontiac GTO and a Ford Mustang GT 350. Good old American muscle cars can duke it out in miniature. The track length in this set is almost 15 feet. This set features a 1:24 scale track with 1:32 scale cars. The brand name is Carrera Evolution. The set is called "Muscle Car Showdown". I found this set at the Strongsville Hobby Shop for $119.99 and the part number is 25902. It comes with the Green 1966 GTO. You can pick up the cool black one with the flames separately.

CLICK-> 66 Tin Has viewer comments Knafel 1/18 scale Tin Indian from Ned Anello (NED.ANELLO@prodigy.net). This ERTL '66 GTO has been modified to look like the Knafel Pontiac "TIN INDIAN". Later, Ertl has added one or both of these to their production line.

CLICK-> Scale Model Garage! Has viewer comments Take a close look at this cool garage diorama that Matt Dillon built for his Gold 1966 GTO hardtop. I believe the 66 is a 1:18 scale die-cast. Look at all this stuff in here. On the floor I see; a roll around tool box, engine stand with a half built engine on it, creeper, jack stand, floor jack, battery charger, a second tool box, and a gas welder. On the workbench I see; a vise, window cleaner, air tools, sockets, oil can, battery, wrenches, fan belts, and a TV. There's a black 65 GTO on the other side. We've got a close up of that too, in the 1965 Model Lot.
CLICK-> 66 Sabra GTO This is from From Mark Nagel who says: "The picture is a 1/43 scale 1966 GTO made by Sabra. It is from their series that was available in the 1960's. It is diecast with plastic chassis. Detailing is fair and the trunk opens. I have seen them in red and white. If other collectors have GTO's or other Pontiac promos for sale or trade, they can contact me at markbtoy@net56.net. I always have cars to trade. - Mark Nagel, Crystal Lake, Illinois"

CLICK-> 66 GTP promo Red 66 GTO promo Montero Red 1966 GTO convertible dealer promo model. The first picture is from Mark Nagel. The second is from John Witzke.
CLICK-> 66 GTO promo Has viewer comments 66 GTO promo John Witzke from Iowa photographed his 1966 GTO promotional model which was available at Pontiac dealers in 1966. This one is Platinum in color. John points out that all 1966 GTO promo models had silver painted exhaust. This model is in near mint condition. According to John, the current value is $525.
CLICK-> Blue 66 GTO promo Has viewer comments Blue Charcoal 1966 GTO promo model owned by John Witzke.
CLICK-> Burgundy 66 GTO promo Has viewer comments John Witzke sends in this picture of his Burgundy 1966 GTO promo model.

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