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1965 sprue
CLICK-> 65 GTO AMT model kit AMT 65 Model Kit Has viewer comments AMT 65 Model Kit Larry Rawlings sent in the cover of this 1965 GTO model kit by AMT. He said he purchased it in 1966 or 1967. The scale is 1/25. The side of the box says "All-American Show 'N Go". The second picture is back of the box which has artwork showing a different version. This artwork resembles that which Pontiac advertising department used all the way up through the 1970's. You have a car in a lush sophisticated setting of some sort. There is a couple in the scene. The woman is always looking at the man in admiration like he's her hero! What a swell guy you are for buying this GTO! The side of the box shows how the stock convertible is build as well as custom components such as weber carbs, drag slicks, and custom front and rear ends.

CLICK-> 65 GTO AMT model kit Has viewer comments 65 GTO AMT model kit 65 GTO AMT model kit 65 GTO AMT model kit AMT 3-in-1 1965 Pontiac Tempest GTO model kit. It can be built as a hardtop, convertible, or fast-back. One side shows it built as a black "Competition Hardtop." The other side of the box shows the "Xtra Extras". Included is how they make this a Fast-back. It has a top similar to the 66 and 67 GTOs. A red hardtop is on each side of the AMT 3-in-1 1965 GTO model kit. It's shown with the custom grille and headlights.

CLICK-> 65 GTO model kit Ahh. This looks like a good one to build. If you can't afford the real car, this kit would be the next best thing. Here's a 1965 GTO model kit by Monogram.

CLICK-> 65 GTO model kit 65 kit with pieces Has viewer comments This 1965 GTO AMT "Modified Stocker" kit is pictured with all the pieces. You can see the tires, the decal sheet, and all.

CLICK-> 65 GTO Aurora #2 65 GTO Aurora #1 This is an Aurora Tempest GTO. The one seen here was painted many different colors. The kit was issued in 1965. It came with figures of a driver, a flagman, and a three-man pit crew. The scale is 1/32. This one was sent in by Jeff Hamlin from Virginia.
CLICK-> 65 GTO Aurora #3 65 GTO Aurora #4 Another issue of the Aurora model #664. This is the box top. The box was also square, and was large enough to hold a 1/25 scale kit quite easily. Lots of extra room within for this simple 1/32 scale model. This one was purchased in Canada. What's strange was that the drawing on the sides of the box looked like a 66/67 GTO, with a more curvy Coke bottle shape to the body. The tires are two-piece plastic, and the kit is molded in orange. Wheels are Rally 1 style. The kit dates back to the 70's or before, with no date codes on the instruction sheet or box. This kit included the 4 man pit crew, just like the yellow version above.

CLICK-> 65 GTO kit side 65 GTO kit other side 65 GTO kit pieces 65 GTO kit Has viewer comments A 1965 GTO "Trophy Series" model kit manufactured by AMT. This particular one sold for $66 on ebay in 2002. The kit has a neat tiger striped box. The front bumper was smoothed into the fenders for a more streamlined look. The kit can be built 3 ways, stock, custom, or drag. You can see the 389 powerplant, sideways fuel injectors, drag slicks, baby moon hubcaps, different wheels and tires, custom interior items, custom bumpers, lights and more. It also can be built as a convertible, hardtop or fastback. The box lid shows the "custom" version of the car. The kit car has an old screw bottom chassis. The side view photo was supplied by Kenny Gregrich.
CLICK-> Second version kit This 1965 GTO "Trophy Series" model kit's box was made in two versions. This box lid shows the "drag" version of the car with sponsor stickers affixed. The lower headlamps were removed to make an air induction system. There was also a white striped box.
CLICK-> 1965 GTO model ad 1965 GTO "Trophy Series" sales ad sheet. Ads like this were used by AMT salesmen to help promote their products to store buyers, then usually thrown away. Advertising sheets like this are far more rare than the model kit it is advertising. This one measures 8.5 x 11 inches. It was spotted at an online auction.

CLICK-> 1965 model kit 1965 GTO model kit by AMT Ertl. This kit received many box designs over the years.
CLICK-> 1965 GTO model kit 1965 GTO AMT model 1965 GTO model kit by AMT Ertl was a later release. It was still a 3-in-1 kit. And here's the parts inside this kit.
CLICK-> AMT 1965 GTO model AMT 1965 GTO model This version of the AMT Ertl 1965 GTO 3-in-1 kit shows a picture of a real blue 1965 GTO convertible. They started marking them with the skill level. On the side of this AMT Ertl model kit box is a view of the hardtop version of the 1965 GTO you can build.
CLICK-> 1965 GTO model Has viewer comments Kenny Gregrich picked up this 1965 GTO model at a Wal-Mart. It is an AMT/Ertl brand 1/25 scale convertible. The 1998 version is a 3-in-1 kit for stock, custom, or drag. Just like the two other versions of the AMT kit above, the box states that it can be built as a convertible, hardtop, or custom hardtop.
CLICK-> gold GTO model Here is a 2001 version of the convertible. Jeff and Julie Klein found this new 1965 AMT model. It's yet another version of this gold convertible. The stock number is 31514 with a number modifier of 1HD (1:25 scale plastic). You can see a big list of all the stock numbers of GTO models on the last "Shelf" of models, called "Shelf #8".
CLICK-> 65 GTO model Has viewer comments Here's the 2002 version. This time it's Iris Mist. The stock number is 31742.
CLICK-> 65 GTO model Here's another Iris Mist version that came out in 2005. The stock number is 31742x.
CLICK-> 65 GTO model built up Yet another verion of this AMT/Ertl 1965 GTO.
CLICK-> 65 GTO model built up Jeff Williams built up his AMT 3n1 1965 GTO model kit as a convertible. He painted it with Model Car World Evening Orchid Metallic paint. Looks close to Iris Mist.
CLICK-> 65 GTO model built up Has viewer comments Polvie Nils from Belgium shows us his built up 1965 AMT model. He's got the underside lit with LED lights. You can see a green one under the front bumper and a red one just in front of the rear wheel. Polvie had this to say, "I'm a huge fan of the Pontiac GTO. I'm only 16 years old and can't have a car now but, I bought a model Pontiac GTO."
CLICK-> 3-way model kit 3-way model kit view #2 This AMT kit featured three Muscle Cars! Of course, the star of the lineup is the 1965 GTO. The second picture shows the box side panel. Pics were supplied by Kenny Gregrich.

CLICK-> 65 GTO slot car 65 GTO slot car 1965 GTO slot car kit is 1/32 scale by KB.
CLICK-> 65 GTO slot car 65 GTO slot car Another view of the box and the parts, and a shot of the underside when assembled.

CLICK-> Scale Model Garage! Scale Model Garage! Has viewer comments Take a close look at this cool garage diorama that Matt Dillon built for his Black 1965 GTO hardtop. I believe the 65 is a 1:18 scale die-cast. Look at all this stuff in here. The 65 is sitting on a four post hoist. There's a batter charger, sledge hammer, air compressor, tool box, engine stand and a bunch of stuff on top of the workbench. The garage has working windows in the walls, pictures on the walls, a cool floor - there's even siding on the outside.There's a gold 66 GTO on the other side. We've got a close up of that too, in the 1966 Model Lot.
CLICK-> 65 GTO promo model 1965 GTO dealer promo model. This promo is missing both windshield posts and has some roof cracks. When I saw this at an online auction, the bidding price was already $51.

CLICK-> 1965 GTO promo 1965 GTO dealer promotional car. The color is Blue Charcoal Metallic. This was the first year for the GTO promo model. This one was sent in by a collector of GTO and Firebird promo models, John Witzke from Iowa. He purchased this model for $450. It came with the original box. It is in near mint condition.

CLICK-> 65 GTO promo model 65 GTO promo model Reef Turquoise hardtop 1965 GTO promo model car.
CLICK-> 65 GTO promo model Mark Nagle has a 1965 GTO hardtop promo in Reef Turquoise, with original box.

CLICK-> 1965 GTO conv promo 1965 GTO convertible dealer promotional car. The color is Mission Beige. This is another one sent in by a John Witzke. He purchased this model for $405. It too is in near mint condition.
CLICK-> 1965 GTO conv promo Mark Nagel shows us a picture of his 1965 GTO CV promo in Mission Beige, with it's original box. Mark points out that the boxes for all 1965 GTO promos (hardtop and convertibles) are stamped with the word TEMPEST, and not GTO.

CLICK-> 1965 GTO conv Has viewer comments Not a model kit, but a 1965 GTO convertible toy. It was made by SIKU of Germany in the 60's. The detailing is a bit weird, but they are really hard to find in the States. Love that windshield! The car is about 1:58th scale. The photo is from Mark Nagel.

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