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1964 sprue

CLICK-> 64 GTO model kit Has viewer comments Many of us have spent time building model cars. Years before I got that first crucial driving lesson, I built models. The Pontiacs always held my interest. Much time was spent locked up in the bedroom with the strong smell of Testors paints and model glue. 1964 was the first year for the GTO. This is a model kit by Monogram.
CLICK-> 64 GTO model kit Has viewer comments Monogram came out with another package of this version later.

CLICK-> 64 GTO model kit Has viewer comments 1964 GTO kit could be built 2 ways. The 1:24th scale kit is by Revell/Monogram.
CLICK-> 64 Model by Egan Has viewer comments 64 Model by Egan Has viewer comments 64 Model by Egan Has viewer comments 64 Model by Egan Has viewer comments 64 Model by Egan Has viewer comments 64 Model by Egan Take a look at the 1964 GTO model that Christopher Egan built. Christopher tells us more, "It is the 1/24 scale Revell kit. It is my fifth model car. It took me five weeks to build and I detailed it in every way I could. There are lots of homemade and store bought parts on this thing. I was inspired to do this color/wheel scheme by a 1964 Bobcat owned by Larry in Pennsylvania. Hope all of you like it. By the way, the wheels are Cragar S/S but the shining of the chrome makes it hard to see." Take a look at the engine compartment! Christopher added the Tri-power linkage, hoses, battery cables, even wiring on the firewall. I see a VIN plate too!
CLICK-> 64 Model by Jeff Jeff Williams built up his Monogram 2n1 1964 GTO model kit. He painted it with Model Car World Lagoon Aqua Metallic paint.

CLICK-> 64 Tempest model kit 1st issue This is a Tempest GTO kit. The box says it is customized by George Barris. It is an old AMT model kit issued in 1964. The scan of the box was sent to me by Ken Edgar Jr.
CLICK-> 64 Tempest Model What a neat 3-in-1 kit. This is a big 358K picture. You can see the parts in the photo that would make the car stock, custom, or racing. There's a brush guard for the front of the car, two different fans to pick from, a chrome rollcage, two different intakes, etc.

CLICK-> Johnny Lightning 64 Kit Johnny Lightning 64 Kit AMT and Ertl come together to produce this Johnny Lightning 1:24th scale plastic model kit (#38462). As a bonus you get a small matching Johnny Lightning diecast toy. The side of the box shows the white interior with a 4-speed and the Tri-Power engine.

CLICK-> Polar Lights 64 GTO Hardtop Model Polar Lights 64 GTO Hardtop Model Inside the Kit Polar Lights 1964 GTO hardtops from Tim Sickle: These are pre-finished kits that come in 4 colors - Pearl White, Red, Gold, and Aqua. They include both stock wire wheels and Rader mags, and tri-power. Notice the back of the box. The white and aqua versions of the kit will tend to be a bit rarer than the other two. This series of kits will be followed by a 1964 GTO convertible in Metallic Red, Black, Yellow, and Pearl White (both limited). Check out the last picture. The body is painted. The interior is white. The engine is blue. Only touch ups would be to paint, the front fender wells and front grilles black. With this kit, the frame, gas tank, and exhaust systems are molded separately from the chassis in black. You glue them on yourself.

CLICK-> Polar Lights 64 GTO Convertible Model Polar Lights 64 GTO Convertible Model Polar Lights 64 GTO Convertible Model Polar Lights 64 GTO Convertible Model Polar Lights also has the 1964 GTO plastic model kit in a convertible. These are pre-finished kits that comes in 4 colors - Metallic Red, Yellow, Black, and Pearl White. The white and yellow versions of the convertible will tend to be a bit harder to find than the other two.

CLICK-> 64 metal (large 102k) Not a model kit. But it is a 1964 GTO cast in a pewter- like metal. Larry Rawlings sent in this one. He bought it in the 1980's. Another person emailed and said the car comes in a plain box when new.
CLICK-> 64 pewter-like This one is complete with the plain box. The photo is from Mark Nagel. They were made by Banthrico in Chicago, circa 1974, and have bank slots in the bottom. They are about 1:24th scale.

CLICK-> 64 GTO diecast #1 Has viewer comments 64 GTO diecast #2 Has viewer comments This is a 1/12th scale Ertl diecast car. 1964 GTO. From Larry Rawlings. This thing is BIG, it weights 6 1/2 pounds!

CLICK-> 64 GTO promo John Witzke from Iowa photographed his 1964 Tempest/LeMans promotional model which was available at Pontiac dealers in 1964. This one is Aquamarine Metallic. John says the hardtop version of this model is somewhat rare. This particular model is in near mint condition and has its original box and tissue. According to John, the current value is $450.

CLICK-> 64 GTO promo This car is a fully-finished resin-cast replica of a 1964 GTO convertible. It is owned by Mark Nagel. The car is finished in Nocturne Blue with a black interior. Since there were no GTO promos for 1964 (only Tempests), this car is designed to fill a gap in many Pontiac promo collections. It is available from Wheat's Nostalgia, out of Pittsburgh, PA. It is also available in hardtop form, and in your choice of factory colors.

CLICK-> 64 GTO model stickers Someone emailed me a photo of some model decals. With this custom decal set by Fred Cady, you could build a 1964 GTO resembling some of the cars that Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick drove. Build the GAY PONTIAC MYSTERY TORNADO. They also say "GTO by Pontiac - For those who think young". Includes "Spencer's Automotive" and other sponsor decals.

CLICK-> 64 Junker Diecast Has viewer comments 64 Junker Diecast Rusty diecast fender Todd created this 1964 junkyard GTO hardtop from a 1/18th scale diecast. He has many other junkyard GTOs as well. You can purchase them at his website at www.junkyardjewels.com The interior of the car looks dirty, rusty, and comes with a couple of spare parts. He did a good job reproducing the typical rusty rear fender of a 1964 GTO that's been neglected for some time.

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