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CLICK-> GTO bodies Has viewer comments Some GTOs rust in pieces #1 from Jeff Niessink. The black one looks like a 68 (from the seats).
CLICK-> Row of Pature GTOs Has viewer comments GTOs rust in pieces #2 from Jeff Niessink.
CLICK-> 66 or 67 GTO Has viewer comments 66 or 67 GTO rusting in the snow #3 from Jeff Niessink.
CLICK-> 69 GTO rusting #1 Has viewer comments 69 GTO rusting #2 Has viewer comments 1969 GTO rusts pictures #4 and #5 from Jeff Niessink.
CLICK-> 72 GTO rusting Has viewer comments 1972 GTO hardtop rusting.
CLICK-> Rusty 67 GTO Has viewer comments Rusty old 1967 goat MULTI-IMAGE from Andre.
CLICK-> 67 GTO pasture Has viewer comments 1967 GTO hardtop with front gone.
CLICK-> parted 72 LeMans Has viewer comments Pasture #1, (1972 LeMans) At Hough Auto Salvage, Bryant Indiana
CLICK-> Junk 66 or 67 GTO Has viewer comments Pasture #2, (66 or 67 GTO) At Hough Auto Salvage, Bryant Indiana
CLICK-> Junk 67 GTO Has viewer comments Pasture #3, (1967 GTO) At Hough Auto Salvage, Bryant Indiana

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CLICK-> 1999 Concept GTO Has viewer comments3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating 1999 GTO CONCEPT CAR. We've got a whole Lot dedicated to this car.
CLICK-> 1975 GTO Concept Has viewer comments 1975 GTO Concept Kev Staalesen sends in these scans of original "factory press kit photos" of the new 1975 GTO that never was. It strongly resembles a '75 Buick Apollo, but with GTO badging..
CLICK-> 1976 GTO? 1976 GTO? Has viewer comments 1976 GTO? Has viewer comments 1976 GTO? Has viewer comments 1976 GTO? 1976 GTO? You say there is no such thing as a 1976 GTO? You are right. But the owner of this car decided to create one out of a 1976 Ventura.
CLICK-> Grand Prix GTO? Has viewer comments GTO by Napoli 1980/81 dealership created Grand Prix GTO? This picture was taken in the New York area by Eliezer Perez. I believe this car was created by Napoli Motors in Milford, Connecticut. They are a Pontiac new car dealer that also carries a selection of classic cars. They have a web page at http://www.napolimotors.com
A website viewer Drew Bickford has a little more information about these unusual dealer-created "GTO"s. He says; "I was looking at the wrecks section and saw you had a couple pictures of a 1980 something Grand Prix that had a GTO makeover by a Connecticut dealer. I grew up in Connecticut and became a die hard GTO fan in the '80's and remember seeing one of those cars at all the local shows. I looked back and found a picture I took of one at a big local car show we had. I then found an old copy of Cruisin' News from the Connecticut Cruisers Car Club that had a story on one such car. It has a good picture but it's black and white. The text says 'Back in 1985 and 1986 a Southern Connecticut Pontiac dealer was adding some GTO decals, a Firebird rear spoiler, dual exit muffler and blacking out the grills on Grand Prixs. All the cars were equipped with two tone paint, 305 4 barrel engine and rally suspension, they called it a GT Option.' I'll try to send you the pics I have when I can get them scanned."
CLICK-> Grand Prix GTO? Has viewer comments Grand Prix GTO? Has viewer comments This might be a 1980/81 Dealership created Grand Prix GTO. Take a look at the words next to the GTO emblem - "by Napoli". Eliezer Perez says that Napoli Motors in Connecticut may have been the one to "custom" make this car.
CLICK-> 1975 Judge? Has viewer comments 1975 Judge? Has viewer comments Stephen built this 1975 Judge just for fun.
CLICK-> Concept Model Concept Model Has viewer comments Take a look at this concept model car! It was done by Steve Derezinski back in 1957. Stephen tells us more, "As a teenager I was entered the General Motors Fisher Body Craftsmans Guild competition for car design in 1957. The car I entered had the distinctive split grille of the Pontiac line that was introduced about 1959. I did receive an honorable mention for my design, and I would like to think that it was, at least in part, inspiration for the split grille that has been the Pontiac symbol ever since 1959. The Fisher Body Contest for car designs was a source of many of the "looks" that GM produced (Corvette Stingray, for example, was a Guild winner.) After all, it was a survey of the "car buying population" that was due to mature in 5 to 10 years. Who better to query about what look of car they wanted? It was a clever marketing technique, I think. Top prizes were college scholarships."
CLICK-> Pontiac Concept Pontiac Concept Has viewer comments Pontiac Concept Pontiac Concept Has viewer comments Pontiac Concept Pontiac Concept Has viewer comments John McMahan shares with us some old concept drawings that were displayed in a Pontiac dealership. He thinks they were drawn in the 1960's, but I think they were more likely drawn in the 1970's. John tells us this, "They were displayed in a Pontiac Dealership in South Florida. There are nine drawings total. They are all originals. The measurement of all the drawings are the same 27-1/2 X 19 inches. They are all framed, but two have no glass anymore. They are drawn on a very fine paper, almost like tracing paper." Click on each to get more information.
CLICK-> V8 Lawnmower Has viewer comments The first-ever Pontiac lawnmower. Yeah, it's a killer grass cutter. Powered by a 1968 350 cubic inch engine. Silly photo from Carole Niemietz.
CLICK-> Red GTO jacket Has viewer comments Black GTO jacket GTO jackets. One is red with a white stripe. The other is black with red stripe.
CLICK-> GTO button Has viewer comments GTO button seen at an online auction.
CLICK-> GTO Water Skis Has viewer comments GTO Water Skis How about a set of GTO water skis? Ahh - these are made by Gladding Hedlund. They made water skis and kneeboards, among many other watersports/recreation items. The B.F. Gladding Company is a New York company in the village of South Otselic. They are the oldest and largest fishing line manufacturer in the United States. At one time they expanded into the International Gladding Corporation. They made many other sporting goods items such as rods, reels, lures, outdoor clothing, toboggans, water skis, travel trailers, mini motor homes, truck campers, inflatable boats and canoes.
CLICK-> GTO button I bet you didn't think you could get your own GTO skateboard. It's even got white lettered tires.
CLICK-> GTO Bike Has viewer comments GTO Bike GTO Bike Has viewer comments GTO Bike Has viewer comments GTO Bike I bet you didn't know Firestone built a GTO bike! Here is a gold one. It has the banana seat and long handlebars. See how the rear fender is cut and flared up high? The fender is designed for wheelies! Close-up of the Firestone emblem on this bike. Firestone also made a "Miss GTO" bike for the girls. I spotted one at the 2004 GTOAA meet. Click here to see it. These bikes came with Firestone tires!
CLICK-> 75 Grand Am Has viewer comments 75 Grand Am 75 Grand Am 75 Grand Am 1975 Grand Am with Can-Am type stripes. It's got rear side window louvers and white painted Rally II wheels.
CLICK-> 77 Cam Am Ad 1977 Can Am advertisement says "Created in the Trans Am tradition".
CLICK-> 77 Cam Am Has viewer comments This is a white 1977 Can Am hardtop. It has square headlights and is one of 1,362 produced. This 1997 photo was emailed in by Anthony Paccione. Anthony tells us, "I GAVE the car away to a local mechanic in Brick, NJ after trying to sell it at Raceway Park, in Englishtown, NJ. It was not running and no one bought it. I even had the price down to $700, still no bites."
CLICK-> 77 Cam Am Has viewer comments Jim Black created this "The Judge" Yugo concept..
CLICK-> red Ferrari GTO Has viewer comments Ferrari GTO is red snapped by Blaine Kelley in Cincinnati.
CLICK-> GTO airplane GTO airplane. My GTO really flys!
CLICK-> green Farrari GTO Has viewer comments 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO green.
CLICK-> Mitsubishi GTO Has viewer comments 1970 Mitsubishi Galant Colt GTO is ugleeee.
CLICK-> Ferrari GTO Ferrari GTO 80's version rear 3/4 view is red.
CLICK-> Ferrari GTO Has viewer comments GTO by Ferrari has large rear wheels.
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