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GTO Classic Weekend 1997

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The show was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was at Domino Farms August 2nd and 3rd, 1997.

Events included a Mystery Cruise and a seminar with Jim Wangers.

I had a great time at the GTO Classic Weekend! The highlight was meeting so many GTO listmembers. They were yelling "Hey Sean!" all over the place. Having a web page is a weird thing. People that I had never met before were recognizing me all weekend. Saturday - Got to the host hotel 15 minutes too late to see where the "mystery cruise" went. We would have looked silly following the Goats in our burgundy minivan anyway. Ate at a nearby restaurant called The Flim Flam.
CLICK-> red 65 GTO convertible Here's a picture of a GTO convertible that happened to drive by the front of the restaurant as we were entering. 1965 GTO in front of Flim Flam Restaurant & Deli.
CLICK-> tiger in the trunk Returned to hotel. Dropped off some "Ultimate GTO Picture Site" cards at the front desk. Checking out some cars. Snapping pictures. Look at all the tiger tails.
CLICK-> gold 64 GTO Met Bryan Wilemski and his friend. Met the Cooks from the list. Met some others too. Shoulda took notes on their names. Whipped out the video camera. Shot more cars.
CLICK-> blue 69 Judge Was that indoor/outdoor pool freezing or WHAT? Headed for the warm whirlpool thing. Met a guy and his son who drove in from Pennsylvania. They had a GTO but didn't bring it. Here is a car we admired in the parking lot of the hotel. '69 GTO Judge picture is small.
CLICK-> blue 69 Judge wing Here the same '69 GTO with a view of the wing logo.
CLICK-> we were way up there At the hotel restaurant - their catfish sandwich was the best EVER. The sauce on the side made it even better. Mmmmm. See the view of the GTO's from the hotel window?

Sunday - Slept in a little. Awoke to find most all the GTOs gone from the parking lot. Aack! Took time with hotel breakfast bar. Headed for the "Farm". Cool tall sunflowers! Buffalo! And what the heck was that blue squiggly thing up in the air supported with guy wires? My brother says it is a "disguised" broadcast antenna. Did you guys see the tall yellowish "Leaning Tower Of Pizza" outside? Frank Lloyd Wright did that too.
CLICK-> Welcome GTO Tigers Walked past the welcoming banner.
CLICK-> red 69 GTO convertible The cars were outstanding. What a well organized show! This was one of the cars I admired first. It is a 1969 convertible in Candyapple red.It has low profile tires.
CLICK-> red 69 GTO convertible Here is the front left viewof it.

Noticed there were many varying degrees of correctness when it comes to restoring an engine compartment. Does somebody need to write a (thick) book on the subject of engine compartment detailing and finishes? For example - I was checking out '68 / 69 GTO's. On the NICE cars I saw about seven different finishes on the master brake power booster. I believe the correct finish is a goldish colored natural cadmium plating. But I saw they were...
* Gold spray paint
* Silver spray paint
* Very Gloss black
* Rust colored primer
* Flat black
* Grey spray-on "cast iron" color
* Body color

CLICK-> 68 GTO engine Here's an engine compartment of a '68 GTO.

Snapped lots of pictures before the rain got annoying. Jim Wangers signed a shirt for me. Met more listmembers while walking around. Noon came. It was me who asked the DJ to have all the listmembers go to the DJ table (per Bryan's pre-show email) As far as I could tell - I was the only listmember who was standing there. Maybe the others were as "shy" as I was.
CLICK-> Kellogg 68 GTO Sat in on Jim Wangers talk. Great info about Royal Pontiac. It was me who asked him the question about the so-called "customized" GTOs that were part of the Kellogg's promotion. That led him into the Monkees story when he said the Monkees were a pain in the ass! See these vintage cereal boxes? They were part of the Kellogg's promotion. Both the Rice Krispies and Raisin Bran boxes were framed and displayed at the show in the back seat of a GTO. Here is Jim Wangers posing in front of the '69 Royal Bobcat GTO.
CLICK-> Wagners and the 69 Bobcat Here is Jim Wangers posing in front of the '69 Royal Bobcat GTO. I was lucky to get that photo!
CLICK-> 69 Bobcat Here is a side view of the car.
CLICK-> 69 Bobcat And here is a look at the right front of the Royal Bobcat car.
CLICK-> 68 GTO I met Rick M. from the list in the hallway. Nice guy. I liked the tall grassy areas between the parking rows. The wife and I climbed those hills several times to snap high views of the show field. Here's another one.
CLICK-> show field Got a GTO Enthusiast tshirt. Passed out lots of "GTO Picture Site" cards with the web page address printed on them. Thanks to the Woodward GTO Tigers for the fine Domino's car show.

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