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GTO Text Topics

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Table of contents for Text Topics...
1 Top Ten ways to lose your muscle car   UPDATED 9/05
Got married?  Had kids?  All the most common ways that guys have gotten separated from their fast cars.

2 What's the difference between a 1968 and 1969 GTO?   with Exhaust Tip reference photos!
Take these to your muffler shop when you hang on some new pipes.

3 How not to buy a FAKE GTO!
We examine the differences between a LeMans and GTO for the year 1968.

4 How much is a GTO worth?   UPDATED 4/06

5 What do I expect at a car show?

6 Where will my 1968 / 69 GTO RUST?  Has some photographic examples.

7 How to take great GTO pictures

8 How do I send in GTO pictures?   UPDATED 8/04

9 Car guys flunk spelling and other GTO humor UPDATED 12/04

10 Look through the 1968 Accessory book

11 How to find GTO's on the Internet   UPDATED 3/05

12 What was GOATFINDER CLASSIFIEDS?   UPDATED 3/05 because it's out of publication

13 Where were all the GTO factories?

14 Gearheads talk tech on the GTO Email list

15 What to do BEFORE your GTO gets smashed up!   UPDATED 8/05
Some insurance tips.  Also learn what you should do to protect your classic car at the scene.

16 How to store a GTO for the winter

17 Will Sean link to my GTO web page?

18 Pontiac Zone & Dealer Codes + Map   UPDATED OFTEN
Contribute your car's original zone codes and dealer name.

19 Kellogg's GTO contest cars

20 GTOs in the movies   UPDATED 03/10
Quite a collection of goats that have graced the silver screen, TV commercials and TV shows.

21 25 easy steps to restore a GTO

22 How to make a car web page. Secrets revealed!

23 One-stop Rally II wheel info   Under Construction 12/99

24 Fix your hideaway headlights   UPDATED 2/05
The most complete article you'll find on the subject.  It has a vacuum hose diagram and photos.

25 GTO Styling Differences year by year comparison

26 Royal Bobcat GTO's explored

27 Look through the 1968 dealer booklet All 10 models with pics and descriptions

28 Is is a real Judge?

29 Top Speed Calculator
It is a trip to play with the gear ratios and tire sizes. Thanks to Web Helper Jeff Klein, you can see your projected top speed in each gear.

30 BROCHURE SCAN: The '68 Greats - From Pontiac

31 Quickie Restoration Projects

32 Frequently Asked Questions

33 Bring back the GTO!   NEW 2/02
This was written before the 2004 GTO came out.  Were our thoughts on the mark?

34 Distributor Overhaul with help from Milt Schornack   NEW 6/02

New5 35 Auto scams from A to Z   NEW 12/05

New5 36 Dash Restoration step-by-step   NEW 4/06

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