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1998 Kruse International Collector Car Show & Auction

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The Kruse Auction is held in Auburn, Indiana each year during Labor Day Weekend. It is a fun place to buy cars or just look at them. At the 480 acre auction grounds, some cars are sold to bidders inside the buildings. Other cars are sold outside in the shady Car Corral area. You can stroll around and see the finest museum-quality restored cars anywhere. In particular, they always have a huge collection of Cadillacs and Corvettes for sale.

All photography below is by Bill Zimmer ( from Huntington Indiana. Thanks, Bill!

CLICK-> aqua 64 GTO '64 GTO sold for $8,000 at auction. Has air, auto. May be Gulfstream Aqua?
CLICK-> aqua 64 GTO '64 GTO rear view of the same nice car sitting next to a model "T"
CLICK-> white 65 GTO '65 GTO in car corral has a 4-bbl carb with an extra tri-power on the ground!
CLICK-> white 65 GTO '65 GTO sold for $12,400 at auction. Has power antenna, rally wheels, wood steering wheel, posi.
CLICK-> 65 GTO Tripower Different '65 GTO engine compartment spotless tri-power!
CLICK-> black 66 GTO convertible '66 GTO convertible is VERY sharp. Has redlines.
CLICK-> Royal Bobcat 66 GTO '66 GTO hardtop has a Royal Bobcat emblem on the front fender. Redlines too.
CLICK-> maroon 66 GTO '66 GTO sport coupe in the car corral says "SOLD" on the windshield.
CLICK-> red 67 GTO convertible '67 GTO convertible red sold for $13,600. Has factory air, automatic.
CLICK-> blue 67 GTO '67 GTO hardtop sold for $17,250 and worth every penny. Has 4-speed, numbers matching, one owner car with 81,537 miles. Has redlines.
CLICK-> red 68 GTO '68 GTO hardtop red with a black vinyl top has its hood up.
CLICK-> red 68 GTO Same '68 GTO was a "no sale" at a bid of $7,250.
CLICK-> red 70 GTO convertible '70 GTO convertible can't go wrong with red.
CLICK-> red 70 GTO convertible Same '70 red GTO convertible with a crowd all around. Move, people!
CLICK-> white 70 GTO '70 GTO hardtop was in the auction.


The John Dillenger Bank Robbery Car Show at the Daleville Factory Outlet Shops. September 19, 1998.

All photography below is by Sean Mattingly ( from nearby Muncie Indiana.

CLICK-> yellow 65 GTO '65 GTO hardtop yellow with hood up.
CLICK-> black 66 GTO '66 GTO hardtop black with red stripes and redlines. Lookit wheels.
CLICK-> burgundy 66 GTO '66 GTO hardtop burgundy with GR-RRR! plate.
CLICK-> red 67 GTO convertible '67 GTO convertible red with a tiger on the engine.
CLICK-> silver 67 GTO '67 GTO hardtop vinyl with hood up.
CLICK-> red 67 GTO '67 GTO hardtop red with Cragars has hood up.
CLICK-> silver 69 GTO '69 GTO hardtop silver has hideaways and nice wheels. Looks like dual four barrels too!
CLICK-> Ford '20-something convertible is really a Ford. Restored to perfection!

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