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1974 GTO Paint Color Chips

Undecided on what color to paint your 1974 GTO? This may help you make up your mind.

Do you have the paint chips for the 1974 GTO? If so mail them to me so that I can scan and post them. I'll mail them back to you.

If we had them - The color shades may vary significantly depending on how your monitor's brightness and contrast controls are set. Of course, metalflake paints look drastically different when you look at them in different lighting conditions.

Cameo White code "11" "C"

Admiralty Blue code "29" "E"

Regatta Blue code "26" "F"

Carmel Beige code "50" "G"

Denver Gold code "53" "H"

Limefire Green code "46" "J"

Gulfmist Aqua code "36" "K"

Fernmist Green code "40" "M"

Pinemist Green code "49" "N"

Buccaneer Red code "75" "R"

Honduras Maroon code "74" "S"

Sunstorm Yellow code "51" "T"

Ascot Silver code "64" "V"

Fire Coral Bronze code "66" "W"

Colonial Gold code "55" "Y"

Crestwood Brown code "59" "Z"

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