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1972 GTO Paint Color Chips

Undecided on what color to paint your 1972 GTO? This may help you make up your mind.

The color shades may vary significantly depending on how your monitor's brightness and contrast controls are set. Of course, metalflake paints look drastically different when you look at them in different lighting conditions.

Cameo Ivory code "11" "C"

Adriatic Blue code "24" "D"

Quezal Gold code "53" "E"

Lucerne Blue code "26" "F"

Brittany Beige code "50" "G"

Shadow Gold code "55" "H"

Brasilia Gold code "57" "J"

Springfield Green code "43" "L"

Wilderness Green code "48" "M"

Revere Silver code "14" "N"

Cardinal Red code "75" "R"

Anaconda Gold code "63" "S"

Monarch Yellow code "56" "Y"

Sundance Orange code "65" "Z"

Grateful Dead Denim code "DUHH"


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