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1969 GTO Paint Color Chips

Is it time to paint that old GTO? Compare all the choices!

The color shades may vary significantly depending on how your monitor's brightness and contrast controls are set. Of course, metalflake paints look drastically different when you look at them in different lighting conditions.
Thanks to John Hugentober of Lebanon Ohio for loaning me his paint chips!

Mayfair Maize code "40" "Y"

Midnight Green code "57" "M"

Palladium Silver code "69" "P"

Cameo White code "50" "C"

Limelight Green code "59" "H"

Carousel Red (Frequent Judge color) is code "72" or "T", NOT code "65" as some incorrect Pontiac literature states.

Liberty Blue code "51" "E"

Expresso Brown code "61" "B"

Verdoro Green code "73" "Q"

Matador Red code "52" "R"

Champagne code "63" "S"

Goldenrod Yellow code "76" "W"

Warwick Blue code "53" "D"

Antique Gold code "65" "G"

Windward Blue code "87" "F"

Crystal Turquoise code "55" "K"

Burgundy code "67" "N"

Starlight Black code "10" "A"

Target-Me Tangerine code "TANG"

Jim Mattison (gmman@123.net) from Pontiac Historic Services provides some additional information on paint codes:
Sean, Carousel Red ("T" or 72) was available as a "special order" paint color on all 1969 Pontiacs, not just the Judge and some Firebirds. A considerable number of 1969 non-Judge GTOs were painted this color. I have even heard some refer to this as a "Judge Delete" option, but no such "Judge Delete" option ever existed! Today, most folks think that if they find a '69 GTO with a Carousel Red ("T" or 72) trim tag, it has to be a Judge.........NOT so!!!
Jim Mattison, Pontiac Historic Services

Want to see another version of the 1969 paint colors? Robert Ziwani (Robert.Ziwani@canada.sun.com) sent this whole Ditzler color chip page out of a paint selector book. Major automotive paint stores have these books.

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