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1966 GTO Paint Color Chips

These are all the colors offered on the 1966 GTO. Your Pontiac dealer could get any of these for you.

The color shades may vary significantly depending on how your monitor's brightness and contrast controls are set. Of course, metalflake paints look drastically different when you look at them in different lighting conditions.
Thanks to dparsons (d24p@concentric.net) for supplying all the PHOTO links. None of the PHOTOs are absolutely guaranteed to depict the correct shade of color here, but we think they looked darn close.

Starlight Black code "A" 

Blue Charcoal code "B"

Cameo Ivory code "C" 

Fontaine Blue code "D" 

Nightwatch Blue code "E" 

Palmetto Green code "H"

Reef Turquoise code "K" 

Marina Turquoise code "L" 

Burgundy code "N" 

Barrier Blue code "P" 

Montero Red code "R" 

Martinique Bronze code "T" 

Mission Beige code "V"

Platinum code "W"

Candelite Cream code "Y" 

None of the following colors are on the paint chip side of the 1966 paint chart. These colors are listed on the reverse side of the paint chart under the paint striping colors as "Special Colors". Some have codes and others don't. There are no paint chips for any of them.

Sandy Block (cigarsandy@comcast.net) fills us in on these special colors. He writes:
The code "F" "Cadet Blue" was used on 1966 Chevrolet Malibus and Buick Skylarks where it was called Marina Blue and Blue Mist, respectively.

The code "J" "Pinehurst Green" was used on 1966 Olds Cutlass and Buick Skylarks where it was called Forest Mist on Olds, and Verde Mist on Buick.

The code "O" Tiger Gold" was used on the 1967 (following year) all new Firebird, where it was called Coronado Gold.

The code "P" "Plum Mist" was a pull-ahead color, that was retained on the 1967 Tempest/LeMans & GTO.

The code "M" "Sierra Red" was used on the 1966 Chevrolet & Olds Malibu & Cutlass as Autumn Bronze on both of them! It was also an exclusive Buick Riviera color for 1966, known as Riviera Red.

The Fathom Turquoise, Ramada Bronze and Copper Blaze were exclusive to the 1966 Tempest, LeMans & GTO cars, and these colors were never used prior to 1966 NOR after 1966 on ANY car!!

I have never seen any of these last 3 special paints. I have seen just 1 of each of the others, except the Tiger Gold of which I have seen 2 over the past 35 years! All of them were used up cars, (sadly) except the Pinhurst Green which was MINT!!

I enjoyed your site, as I've had an interest in these "select 8" special colors, since they came out in 1966. Yours is the only site I've ever seen that even mentioned them, and certainly no book on GTOs that I have ever seen has mentioned them, as most omit them. I saw the color chips at my Pontiac dealer in 1966, and the Ramada Bronze & Coppper Blaze were killers!! Really Nice!! The paint is still available.
- Sandy Block (cigarsandy@home.com)

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