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2004 GTO Parking Lot
by Sean Mattingly.
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2004 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 30 of 63.
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CLICK-> 2004 Monaro GTS Has viewer comments Bob Jones from Adelaide, Australia sent in these pictures of a 2002 Monaro GTS. Many of the viewer concepts start with this car. Here's what Bob had to say, "I appreciate that the styling on the Monaro is probably not to the taste of your typical GTO enthusiast in the USA but I am sure that many people will still find the styling to their liking. The performance arm of Holden, HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) produces a range of high performance versions of both the Commodore sedan and Monaro coupe. I thought I would include a picture of the top of the line HSV the GTS. It's got 300kW (410hp) of Callaway-enhanced 5.7 litre V8, 510Nm of torque, a close-ratio 6-speed manual only gearbox with shift light and buzzer - in a word awesome. Exclusive HSV 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers, Grooved and Cross-Drilled 362mm(14.5 inches) front and 343mm(13.75 inches) rear discs, developed in conjunction with AP Racing (of HRT fame) - unmatched stopping power." A review of the HSV website gives it high marks for hi-tech design and flair. It beats many other car manufacturer's websites when compared side-by-side.

CLICK-> GTO vs GTO article Has viewer comments2.7 star rating2.7 star rating2.7 star rating2.7 star rating2.7 star rating Here's the cover of a Unique Cars magazine which features an article on the '02 HSV GTO vs the '64 Pontiac GTO. We encourage qualative comparisons between the old and new cars. The handling characteristics of the new cars are much better that the old ones. And the Unique Cars magazine does a fine job of covering the subject.

CLICK-> 2002 HSV GTO Has viewer comments3.4 star rating3.4 star rating3.4 star rating3.4 star rating3.4 star rating Here's a picture of a 2002 HSV GTO. It was found by Johnboy on their site. It looks like Pontiac drew it's concept based on this and not the Monaro. It's pretty much the same picture, with the front changed.

CLICK-> Concept GTO Has viewer comments In October of 2002, a site visitor sent me this strong 2004 concept car. It is based on GM's Holden Monaro. It would be great if Pontiac would build it! I guess the artist understood that Pontiac's concept sketch released in June, 2002 wasn't muscular enough. This one looks like it could bite off your head. Wow. Ever seen a shark toothy-looking air dam before? The grilles resemble those of Pontiac's 1999 concept car, only simpler. Today, the auto manufacturers are starting to shy away from totally retro-looking cars. This one is modern-looking, with only a small hint of retro styling cues. The "GTO" name itself IS retro. So a new GTO design absolutely should pay homage to some of the old GTO features we liked. What a concept!

CLICK-> Ryan's Concept Has viewer comments Here is how Ryan Hickman thinks the 2004 GTO should look. He also believes that the design needs more agressive styling to live up to it's heritage. He lived in Australia for a couple years, and likes the Holden's styling.

CLICK-> Steve's Concept Has viewer comments This 2004 GTO concept rendering comes from Steve Pereira in Montreal, Canada. He was prompted to draw it after spending a good while looking through the reader-submitted concept car area of this web site. He says he got the urge to draw up his own car, based on a picture of a silver Holden that Pontiac themselves used as a base for their June, 2002 concept drawing.
     Unfortunately, living in Montreal Canada, there is practically zero hope of seeing a 2004 GTO there. GM has no plans to sell any there. But Steve says perhaps one day he could import one... provided it's worth importing!
     In Steve's vision of the new GTO, the car has angled hood scoops more like the '65-'67 style. He tried to graft on a 2nd-gen T/A-like spoiler in the back.

CLICK-> Hot Wheels concept Has viewer comments This GT-03 diecast toy from Hot Wheels sure looks like their concept of the 2004 GTO. It's from their newly released 2003 line. Take a look at the front end. It even has a 65-67 style hood scoop, grille, and stacked headlights. It's also got wheel vents in the fender, like the 72 GTO. People who sell these on eBay are calling it a Pontiac GTO prototype. It's got a similar retro style to the '57 Chevy CheZoom concept.
CLICK-> Hot Wheels concept Here's a shot of the rear end of Hot Wheels 2004 GTO concept. It's rear windows has small gull wings which are similar to the '66 and '67 GTOs. The top edge of these gull wings extend down the top edge of the rear fenders and form the top of the spoiler. This one has slit tail lights, dual exhausts and rear wheel vents. It's hard to see inside (when seen in person), but it is only a two seater which a huge set of speakers behind the seats.
CLICK-> Hot Wheels concept Here's a view of the whole blister-pack. Looks like it's #033. There's no waiting list or deposit, it's available in stores now.

CLICK-> Brett's Concept Has viewer comments Brett Bernhard made some modifications to Frank Bowman's concept car.

CLICK-> Holden GTO Police Car Has viewer comments How about a Holden GTO Police Car? This one patrols the streets of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. You can just see the GTO logo in front of the rear wheels on the rocker panel.
CLICK-> Holden GTO Police Car Rear end view of this Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) GTO. It is patrolling an alley.
CLICK-> Holden GTO Police Car HSV GTO Police Car sitting on the street.
CLICK-> Holden GTO Police Car Has viewer comments Another street shot of this Holden GTO Police Car. Maybe we'll see some 2004 Pontiac GTO Police cars here in the States?

CLICK-> VER's concept 04 GTO Has viewer comments Here's a 2004 Pontiac GTO concept drawing from VER. VER commented, "This is what I feel like the New GTO should look like. Maybe it is because I am from the old school but the new GTO is not what I expected!!! A Goat should still be a Goat." This design has a double split sunken grille, hood scoop, and triple slit tail-lights.

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2004 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 30 of 63.

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