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2004 GTO Parking Lot
by Sean Mattingly.
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2004 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 1 of 63.
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CLICK-> Barbados Blue 2004 GTO Has viewer comments3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating Susanne Smith from Sacramento California just picked up her Barbados Blue 2004 GTO. She ordered it in July 2003. The 2004 GTO comes in two shades of blue. This is the lighter one. The darker blue is called Impulse Blue. Check out the available 2004 GTO colors. Susanne tells us, "All it takes is to get behind the wheel to know that the feel, the sound, and the way it drives, were worth the 6 month wait."

Do you own a 2004 GTO? If you do, snap some pictures of it and use our Upload Page. We have the largest posting of viewer owned 2004 GTOs on the web. What else would you expect from the largest GTO site? Site visitors can post comments to your pictures and rate them. You can use our Picture Searcher to see just certain pictures - like those of only Cosmos Purple 2004 GTOs, or Torrid Red 2004 GTOs from the left front from California. How about using the Dream Car Page to see what color 2004 GTO pictures we’ve collected. No other GTO site offers all these cool features.
CLICK-> Barbados Blue 2004 GTO Has viewer comments3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating Here's the left side view of Susanne's Barbados Blue 2004 GTO. Susanne added, "I am going to have to plan a cross country road trip soon." This car comes with a 5.7 Litre 350 horsepower modified LS1 engine. You can choose to have it coupled to either an electronically controlled 4L60-E four-speed automatic or a six-speed close ratio manual transmission. Besides the paint color, the transmission type is the only other choice you have. Take a closer look at the 2004 GTO options. The car is expected to go 0-60 MPH in less than six seconds with a top speed of 160 MPH.
CLICK-> Barbados Blue 2004 GTO Has viewer comments2.9 star rating2.9 star rating2.9 star rating2.9 star rating2.9 star rating Those split exhuast pipes are actually true dual exhausts. The exhausts have been specially tuned. Pontiac describes them as having "a seismic exhaust note produced by a dual exhaust with twin converters, resonators, and mufflers with asymmetrical chrome outlets." Susanne elaborates, "Engine sounds, oh, so very good, a head turner at every stop. That low, throaty rumbling sound!" Click here to see the underside view of the 2004 GTO to see how the exhausts are routed.
CLICK-> Barbados Blue 2004 GTO Has viewer comments Susanne shows us a close up of the front wheel and GTO fender emblem. This emblem is about the only thing on the car with a retro theme. The car has power-assisted four-wheel ventilated disc brakes controlled by a four-channel anti-lock braking system. The 2004 GTO comes with BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDWS m+s 245/45ZR-17 95W tires. Yes, that means those are 17 inch rims. Check out the wheel dimensions if you are interesting in changing rims.
CLICK-> 2004 GTO engine Has viewer comments Here's a view of the standard all-aluminum 5.7 Litre engine under the hood of the 2004 GTO. It's rated at 350 horsepower @ 5200 rpm and 365 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm. Compare the horsepower and torque ratings across all GTO model years. Susanne tells us, "Wow, you have to drive it to KNOW it! A 1.5 mile drive to the grocery store took a little detour onto the Interstate. The 'detour' turned into a 40 mile trip this evening, and 115 miles per hour felt as smooth and effortless as 60."
CLICK-> 2004 GTO Interior Has viewer comments Good job Susanne! You selected the 6-speed manual transmission! Susanne adds, The 6 speed transmission is really smooth and I love the rear wheel drive." The car is electronically limited to 155 mph. Otherwise you could go 232 mph in 6th! You can check out the top speed in each gear with our Top Speed Calculator. The gauges are colored the same as the exterior paint, Barbados Blue. Check out all the gauge colors available for the seven paint colors. If you get tired of listening to the engine, there's a 10 speaker 200-Watt Blaupunkt sound system with 6 CD changer and steering wheel controls.
CLICK-> Huge 2004 GTO key Has viewer comments Susanne concluded, "The ignition key is huge with the keyless entry buttons on the upper portion of the actual ignition key." She snapped this picture of her key and a quarter stuck in a bar of soap. Go ahead, pull a quarter out of your pocket and hold it up in front of this picture. This key is HUGE! Is that a 2004 GTO key in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

CLICK-> Blue 2004 GTO Has viewer comments3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating Impulse Blue 2004 GTO owned by Bill Proulx from Warren, Michigan. Bill tells us, "Finally! I picked it up today. It's still snowy/slushy so I wanted to snap some pics at the dealer while it was still clean! In this picture, it's in the garage waiting for me. It gave the impression of an anxious stallion in a stall chomping at the bit - Let's go!"
CLICK-> Blue 2004 GTO 3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating Impulse Blue 2004 GTO. Bill continued, "It was about a 25 mile ride home. Mostly, I was snaking through rush hour traffic, giving my out-of-practice manual shifting a workout. I tried to stick to the 'break in period' guidelines but couldn't help but goose it a bit when I got some 'front door'. A Blazer seemed to be trying to race me for a bit, what's up with that?!"
CLICK-> Blue 2004 GTO Has viewer comments Bill selected the blue interior for his Impulse Blue 2004 GTO. The other option is black, but you still get the blue gauges. The only other 2004 GTO option besides paint and interior color, is the type of transmission. Bill selected the 6-speed manual.
CLICK-> Blue 2004 GTO Has viewer comments3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating Impulse Blue 2004 GTO, left front view. Bill comments, "The snow has melted, and I'll be out prowling the streets more. That's Bill's black '97 GTP in the background.
CLICK-> Blue 2004 GTO 3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating Another shot of Bill's "Blues Mobile."

CLICK-> 2004 GTO Zipper Has viewer comments Take a look at this magazine ad that Pontiac has for the 2004 GTO. This ad gives a chance to see the car from a new view. It's a zippy car.
Don wrote in to say how much he enjoys his 2004 GTO,
"I wanted to take a moment and say good work on your website, and thanks for building such a comprehensive place for GTO junkies to gather and swap info, stories, and photos. I'd wanted a new generation GTO from the first time I saw a GM tease photo in one of the magazines, and then I got to drive one at the GM Ride and Drive event, and was sold. I had to have one.
I bought a Cosmos Purple 2004 GTO with automatic in September of [2005] with only 590 miles on it, and love it to death. I had to trade in a beloved Toyota 4x4 pick up for it, but I think the trade was a good one. As it sits now the Goat has just over 18,000 miles, and each mile seems to get better than the last.
By trade, I am a writer, specializing in automotive magazines. I was honestly shocked that more press people didn't think higher of the new car, but it didn't dissuade me one bit. I knew what I liked, and I liked this car."

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CLICK-> Red 2004 GTO Has viewer comments3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating3 star rating Torrid Red 2004 GTO owned by Gaynard Hansen. Looks like Gaynard selected the red interior. Gaynard comments, "I have never felt a car climb mountain roads like the GTO. Another nice feature is the power maintains a speed in cruise control on long uphill grades. Very nice." So, do you think you know everything about the 2004 GTO? Try our 2004 GTO Trivia Quiz.
CLICK-> Red 2004 GTO Has viewer comments3.1 star rating3.1 star rating3.1 star rating3.1 star rating3.1 star rating Torrid Red 2004 GTO, right side view. The car is parked in the shade.

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2004 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 1 of 63.

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