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1972 GTO Parking Lot
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1972 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 22 of 49.
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CLICK-> 1972 GTO project Cardinal Red 1972 project GTO, left rear view.
CLICK-> 1972 GTO project Keith's got his work cut out for him. This engine needs a lot of work. There's a lot of rust on the hood.
CLICK-> 1972 GTO project Keith has a good start on the engine in his Cardinal Red 1972 GTO project.

CLICK-> Orange 72 LeMans Convertible Has viewer comments3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating Carousel Red 1972 LeMans convertible owned by Pierre Denis from Quebec Canada. Pierre had this to say, "I purchased the car in February of 2002. This is the result of a two year extensive frame off restoration. This is a PHS documented LeMans Sport convertible with both the WU2 GT option package and the T41 GTO nose Endura option. The documentation also lists the D98 accent stripe which I plan on adding. It was equipped with the original 400 cubic inch engine, M40 TH400 transmission, double exhaust with splitters, console, Formula steering wheel, electric windows, tinted windshield, body accent stripe etc. Also on the car were the dealer installed hood tach and rear spoiler. The car is painted Carousel Red which is PPG paint code number 2084. It's not an original '72 color but that's the color I wanted."
CLICK-> Orange 72 LeMans Convertible 3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating3.6 star rating This is not Sundance Orange, but a Carousel Red (which is orange) 1972 LeMans convertible, left rear view. Pierre has the original Rally II wheels stored away. His wheelwells are orange too.
CLICK-> 72 LeMans engine Carousel Red 1972 LeMans convertible, engine view. Pierre swapped out the 400ci engine with a 455 HO. He is keeping the original numbers matching engine in storage. Pierre painted the firewall orange too.
CLICK-> 72 LeMans trunk Carousel Red 1972 LeMans convertible, trunk view. Look at all those posts and speed nuts from the P O N T I A C trunk lid letters.
CLICK-> Orange 72 LeMans Convertible 3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating Carousel Red 1972 LeMans convertible, garage view.
CLICK-> 1972 LeMans Convertible Has viewer comments4.1 star rating4.1 star rating4.1 star rating4.1 star rating4.1 star rating Carousel Red 1972 LeMans GT convertible owned by Pierre Denis from St. Etienne, Quebec, Canada. These pictures were taken at the Quebec spring car show. He won first place in his category. Pierre tells us about his wheels, "They are from Budnik. The model name is Fontana in the FL (fat lip) series. Sizes are 18" x 10" rear and 18" x 8" front. Tires are BF Goodrich G force TA KDW : 275-40-18 rear & 245-40-18 front."
CLICK-> 1972 LeMans Convertible 3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating Carousel Red 1972 LeMans GT convertible, left rear view. Pontiac didn't make any convertible GTOs from the factory in 1972. But if they did, this is what one would look like.
CLICK-> 1972 LeMans Convertible 4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating Carousel Red 1972 LeMans GT convertible, closeup left front view. This one has a Ram Air engine.
CLICK-> Orange 72 LeMans Convertible 3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating Pierre sends in some additional pictures of his Carousel Red 1972 LeMans convertible. He says that it is for sale (as of August 17, 2005) Here is his sales ad, "LeMans GT / GTO SALES AD professional rotisserie restoration of a rare heavily optioned 1972 Pontiac LeMans Sport GT convertible. Car is fully documented (2 build sheets) with the rare combination of both the (WU2) GT option package including the D-98 accent stripe and the (T41) GTO Endura front package, plus power windows, power disc brakes, power steering, bucket seats, console, formula steering wheel, dual exhaust with chrome splitters, hood tach, rear spoiler, hidden wipers etc. Car is detailed throughout, interior, exterior, undercarriage and engine compartment are immaculate. New canvas roof. Performance provided by a professionally built Ram Air 455HO (Yes a real HO 4-bolt main block with round port heads) motor and a TH400 transmission combination dynoed at 465 hp & 525 ft-lbs of torque. Rear axle is a 12 bolt positraction with 3.08 gear ratio. Wheels are 18" Budnik billet alloys with BF Goodrich G-Force tires. Also included are the five original Rally ll wheels and the original numbers matching 400 cu. in. motor and TH400 transmission, stored and in perfect running condition. This car is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, is a blast to drive, performance is awesome yet civilized and it turns heads like no other car. Took first place at first show entered. Build cost $80K. Asking $70K turnkey with both engines, transmissions and Rally wheels. Will consider selling less HO engine and mags for $65K. For more info e-mail (pdenisgto@videotron.ca) Full set of pictures during and after restoration and detailed account of build on demand."
CLICK-> Orange 72 LeMans Convertible Has viewer comments3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating Carousel Red 1972 LeMans convertible, right rear view.
CLICK-> 1972 LeMans Engine Carousel Red 1972 LeMans convertible, engine view. It's a 455 HO Ram Air engine. Pierre explains, "I wanted a little more Poncho power but didn't want to hurt the original #'s matching 400ci motor which is in perfect running condition. So I started looking for a used 455 to rebuild. I found a complete YE code 1971 455HO motor with the correct round port heads, 4 bolt mains block, nodular crank etc. This was too good to pass up! The engine was sent to Brossard Performance into the skillfull hands of Claude Robitaille where it was treated to a full blueprint job, bored .040, align bored and decked. We used new speed pro forged 9.5 to 1 pistons, total seal rings and eagle H-beam rods for insurance. The bottom end is closed with a Milodon pump, windage tray and low profile 8 litre pan. The heads were prepped by Alain Tremblay of Airflo-Tech, he performed what he refers to as a mild stage 2 street porting & 3 angle valve job with Manley stainless valves in bronze guides. They now flow a modest 248 cfm on the intake and 211 cfm on the exhaust. A complete Comp Cams Extreme Energy 274h cam kit, Cloyes double roller timing set and a set of 1.63 ratio Harland Sharp roller rockers completes the valvetrain. Everything fits nicely under stock Pontiac style chrome valve covers. The engine is fed by a Barry Grant Street Demon 750 cfm carb mounted on an Edelbrock Torker II aluminum intake which is the same height as the stock intake permiting the use of an Ames reproduction Ram Air filter housing and hood pan kit. Ignition duties are handled by a re-curved GM HEI unit, Accel coil and Moroso wires. New alternator, power steering pump, water pump, 4 core radiator and starter were installed. A set of Hedman ceramic coated headers and 3" exhaust system with crossover X pipe and Flowmaster Delta Flow mufflers exiting through 2-1/2" mandrel bent tail pipes and original 1972 style chrome exhaust splitters let the torque beast breathe freely. The sound of the engine is awesome. The engine was painted Pontiac silver blue of course. It was dynoed at a modest 465 hp at 5000 rpm & 525 ft-lbs of torque at 4000 rpm on pump gas. The perfect street set-up. The stock no's matching 400 engine is stored. Transmission duties are handled by a TH400 which has been treated to a complete overhaul including a B&M shift kit and an 11" TCI breakaway torque converter and GM deep pan. The stock no's matching transmission is also stored. The rear end is a reliable 12 bolt with 3.08 gears upgraded with a Powertrax no slip posi unit. Brakes, bearing and seals are all new. The car rides and handles great, the performance is breathtaking yet very civilized, it will idle at 950 rpm and hold 180 degrees in hot weather traffic."
CLICK-> 1972 LeMans Interior Carousel Red 1972 LeMans convertible, interior view. Pierre continues, "The interior was redone with a complete new P.U.I. interior from Ames Performance. Seats were disassembled, frames sandblasted and painted, new springs installed along with new seat foams before installing the original style Morrokide seat covers. New seat backs, bases and all new chrome hardware, new door panels, door panel seals, carpet, floor sound deadener, firewall and under dash pads etc. The dash was sent to (Just Dashes) to be recovered in new vinyl and re-install the correct 1972 only Pontiac dash emblem. All dash instruments were disassembled, cleaned and painted before re-installing them. The original console and shifter were cleaned, lubricated and reinstalled. The heater box was blasted, painted and resealed with all new seals and gaskets. A new heater core and fan motor were used. The power top was treated to a new pump, two new cylinders, steel braided hydraulic lines and a new dash switch. The whole top mechanism was disassembled, sandblasted and re painted gloss black, reassembled with new bronze bushings. A new reproduction front top bow was also used. Once reassembled and functional the car was sent to the upholsterer to install a new canvas top with a glass back window. New weatherstripping was installed everywhere. The original Formula steering wheel had some cracks on its rim and just didn't look right in the new interior so it was stored and replaced with a Grant Collectors Edition leather wheel."

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1972 Pontiac GTOs.    Lot 22 of 49.

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