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1969 GTO Hardtop Parking Lot
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1969 Pontiac GTO Hardtops.    Lot 34 of 75.
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CLICK-> Nice and Straight Here's a shot looking up the side of Bob's 1969 GTO. Nice and straight.

CLICK-> The Punisher GTO Has viewer comments3.1 star rating3.1 star rating3.1 star rating3.1 star rating3.1 star rating The highly-anticipated launch of the movie THE PUNISHER, inspired by the cult favorite Marvel superhero. It exploded into theaters April 16, 2004 with an all-star cast led by Thomas Jane in the title role, accompanied by John Travolta and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. And now for the best part! This 1969 GTO hardtop is also in the movie! It is an action adventure flick. There was also a Punisher movie from 1991. It starred Dolph Lundgren. That version is available on DVD.
CLICK-> The Punisher GTO THE PUNISHER GTO has a no nonsense interior. Not much in here but a few gauges, a driver's seat and a floor shifter. It's also got a simplified interior ventilation system - a fan!

Synopsis of the movie: The Punisher is based on the popular Marvel comic series of the same name. The Punisher tells the story of FBI undercover agent, Frank Castle, who until now has beat considerable odds. A former Special Forces operative, he is finally moving out of the field and into a desk job – and a normal life with his wife and son. Then Castle’s world is shaken to its core by a nightmare he has longed feared: his family is executed as a repercussion from his final undercover assignment. With unparalleled intensity, ferocious intelligence and fearless actions, Castle seeks to punish the murderers – and finds the one thing he least expected: redemption. The film was produced by Marvel’s Avi Arad (Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, The Hulk) and producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Hulk, Aliens, The Terminator).
CLICK-> The Punisher GTO Let's take a peek from the other side. Driving this thing might be a PUNISHMENT for your body. See the big brake pedal - it's an automatic. In the Punisher movie, John Travolta plays the villain, starring opposite Thomas Jane, who plays the title-character. Travolta plays Howard Saint, a man involved in the criminal underworld who has managed to conceal his violent beginnings and become a paragon of society until a darker, vengeful side emerges after his son is brutally slain.
CLICK-> The Punisher GTO A movie is being made. The PUNISHER GTO sits behind this building. Former marine and Vietnam war veteran Frank Castle turns his life into a never-ending war on crime, seeking vengeance after seeing his family brutally murderered by gangsters. Judge, jury and executioner, The Punisher is Marvel Comics' most famous vigilante.
CLICK-> The Punisher GTO Has viewer comments The PUNISHER GTO on a trailer. It's a movie trailer. This side of the 1969 GTO has some bullet holes in it.
CLICK-> The Punisher GTO Has viewer comments3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating3.2 star rating Here is an additional shot of the car from "The Punisher" movie. In April, 2004 it was seen in a TV commercial for the movie in a street scene. It jumped over another car.
CLICK-> Really a 69 GTO! Has viewer comments The 1969 GTO in the movie The Punisher is really a 1968 LeMans converted to 1969 GTO specs. Stan Kaminski found this out from Tom Viani, the guy that built it. Stan tells us, "The movie company spotted it and bought it instead of a GTO because of time constraints. It was in Tom's shop being restored for its owner and I guess the movie guys made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Bling, Bling. $$$$ Cool story. He said it was to be destroyed in the movie but it survived? He runs a Pontiac restoration shop in Florida."

Here is his story on the car as told by Tom. (edited)

I do enjoy restoring the old Pontiac's. I was an artist for Universal Studios and Disney for 13 years. Finally decided to do what I really enjoyed doing. Although it certainly is not as rewarding, $$$, it sure is much more fun. Everyday I learn something new about these old things. That's what makes it interesting.

The movie car was a '68 LeMans coupe with a 400 CI, #16 heads, Poncho. We turned the car into a '69 GTO. Why didn't we use a '69 GTO you ask. Simple, because at the time, we couldn't find a single 69 GTO within 200 miles of Orlando, for sale. Under $10,000. So the production company bought the '68 Lemans and asked me to turn it into a '69 goat! Tailpanel and all! It's going to be used as a jump car. Jumps a bridge and gets destroyed! doesn't that stink? I delivered the car in primer and don't know what color they decided on. (not finished)


CLICK-> What da? Has viewer comments Or.... Is this THE PUNISHER? This is not the GTO from The Punisher movie or comic book. But a fan of the Punisher comic book has made a car with the Punisher skull logo on the side door.
CLICK-> Punishing Driving! Here are some shots from The Punisher movie. The movie hit the theaters on April 16th, 2004. You can see the trailers and teasers at http://www.empiremovies.com/movies/2004/the_punisher.shtml I don't know what is getting punished the most - the bad guys or this 1969 GTO hardtop. The picture in the upper left was interesting to watch on the computer when you slow it down frame by frame. You can see how the special effects are done. In one frame you can see little orange flashes of pyros going off in the lower corners of the rear window as the rear window breaks. This happens just one frame before the gun fires. In the picture under it (the rear view of the GTO jumping) - you can see a bunch of extra shocks attached to the rear axle. And finally, you see what's probably the end of this 1969 GTO in the lower right picture.

CLICK-> Burgundy 69 GTO Has viewer comments3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating3.9 star rating Burgundy 1969 GTO hardtop owned by Charlie from Texas. Charlie tells us, "I just completed frame off resto after 2 1/2 years. I did all the work myself. Boy, do I need a break!" I bet he does. Take a close look at this one!
CLICK-> Burgundy 69 GTO Has viewer comments4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating Burgundy 1969 GTO hardtop, left front view. Charlie's Goat has hideaway headlights, Rally II wheels, and a black vinyl top.
CLICK-> 69 GTO interior The interior in Charlie's Burgundy 1969 GTO hardtop is equally impressive. There's even an 8-track tape player! It probably doesn't play MP3s.
CLICK-> 69 GTO engine Burgundy 1969 GTO hardtop, engine view. Nice!

CLICK-> 69 Tempest Chris Taylor from Edgewood, Texas owns this 1969 Tempest hardtop parts car. He paid $100 for it. He plans to use the engine and transmission in his brother's 1966 GTO. It's got a GTO hood. It looks like the hood is folded. This occurs if you don't oil the hinges often.

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1969 Pontiac GTO Hardtops.    Lot 34 of 75.

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