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Frequently Asked Questions  And a few smartass answers, just for fun

Q:What does GTO stand for?
A:G.T.O. = Gran Turismo Omologato.  In 1964, Pontiac borrowed the term from the Italian car maker Ferrari.  Ferrari had been making a GTO racing car for quite a while.  The english translation is Grand Touring Homologated, which basically means that the car was built entirely from Pontiac parts, and was ready to race right off the assembly line.  We also affectionately refer to a GTO as a "Goat", although it makes little sense.  Some people think "GOaT" came from switching the letters around in "GTO" to make "GOaT".  Anyhow, it's a compliment when someone yells "Nice Goat!" at you.

Q:  Will you send me an email when this site is updated?
A:  I update the site several times a week, sometimes several times a day.  No, you wouldn't want that much email, man!

Q:  A buddy is gonna sell me a GTO.   Is this one worth it?   Will you appraise it?
A:  Heck no.   I can't see or smell the car from here.   But if you think you'll get some enjoyment out of the car, BUY it.   It could be fun.   It's also going to be an expensive hobby.   Don't think you can buy a GTO, fix it up, and then sell it for more money than you have in it.   It seldom works that way because parts and quality bodywork cost a lot these days.

Q:  Where are the production figures for GTO's?
A:  Ho hum.   Most other GTO web sites have that already.   They copied the production figures straight out of this book anyway.   Buy the book.   It's worth it.   Besides, I get a small commission on each book you buy.   That's a good thing!

Q:Is this GTO (or Judge) real?
A:You can't tell if its real from looking at the car!   There's only ONE way to verify its authenticity.   Start at the web site for Pontiac Historic Services at http://www.phs-online.com   We all go there to get documentation.  It's essential to have a PHS-verified car before buying.  If you can supply the car's VIN number, they have a copy of your car's original build sheet.  It shows the model, options, and colors that your car originally had.

Q:Where can I buy a 19xx GTO on the web?
A:My favorite place to look is a "for sale" web page at http://hemmings.com   To find the MOST cars, enter a minimum amount of information in their search boxes.  I usually just tell it "Pontiac", tell it the year. Then hit GO.   Also, I can email you a gigantic list of GTO's for sale.   See the choice on the main menu.

Q:Who has a particular part for my car?
A:If I don't have the specific part you need, I will forward your request.  I'll ask the members of the GTO Email list.   The members may be contacting you directly.  So don't be surprised if you get emails offering you a good deal on the exact part you need!   Ebay.com has also emerged as a fun place to get parts at their online auction.  This link gives you a list of all the items matching "GTO"...  http://search.ebay.com/cgi-bin/texis/ebay/results.html?query=gto   Last time I checked, there were 1909 items on there with the word "GTO" in it.  That's a lot.

Q:Where can I buy or sell my parts/cars?
A:You missed the free Classifieds section of my web site.   Post an ad at http://epage.com/ep/sub.html?c=1417&cat=1000

Q:Can I send you a picture?   How can I send you a picture?
A:There are three ways to send pictures to me...
    (1)   Send it U.S. Mail.  I will return the photo free if you ask me to.  My address is:
           Sean Mattingly, 335  E  360  N, Anderson IN 46012
    (2)   Send it email.  Attach a few pictures at a time per email.  My email address is Sean@UltimateGTO.com   If you don't know
           where/how to get your pictures scanned, see some tips on my web site at http://UltimateGTO.com/differen.htm
    (3)   Walk up to me and hand me a pack of pictures.   I like that too.
Send pics of unfinished project cars, junkyard GTO's, old vintage b/w photos, GTO magazine ads, car show snapshots, GTO model car boxes, etc.   All pics you submit are considered to be for publication here according to this Silly Legal Disclaimer & Copyright Info Page.

Q:How long will it take to get my car pic posted on the site?
A:The site is updated several times a week, but it generally takes from 60 days to a year at the most.   (I get over 200 new pictures a month)

Q:Do you think the Reds will win the pennant this year?
A:Sorry, I'm not a sports fan at all.   My appetite for sports was ruined when they cancelled the popular TV show called "Battle Of The Network Stars".   Farrah Fawcett doing a tug of war with Cheryl Tiegs!   Now that was worth watching!

Q:Are there any GTO shows near my town?
A:Try looking in Hemmings Motor News.  It's a big thick monthly book they sell at all big bookstores.  Also, they have an online listing of car shows on their web page at http://hmn.com

Q:How much time do you spend working on this web site?
A:Too much.   Usually several hours per day.   Much of that time is spent answering personal emails from you, the site visitors.   I have an ambitious written plan for growing this site to huge proportions.   There are several people that help me with the site via email.   Thanks to daily viewer submissions and corrections, this web site grows quickly.

Q:How can I help you?
A:Just sit back and enjoy the site.   Or you can send me a small donation.   Here is the place to do that if you want...
http://ultimategto.com/donate.htm   Most people send $10 to $25.   Thanks a bunch!

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