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Why support this web site with donations? by Sean Mattingly, the webmaster

This web site exists because you and I are nuts about GTOs. I spend hours and hours collecting GTO pictures and information. It all ends up as part of the web site. This free hobby site grows everyday like a big snowball rolling down a hill.  It gets bigger and bigger all the time.   If you donate, I'll put your name on the permanent Honor Roll and also send you some free gifts via email.   Keep reading.

How to Donate...

Donate money with your credit card via PayPal. All you need there is my email address which is
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Progress made, thanks to donors...
computer sucks All monetary donations go to upgrade the GTO computer system.   This site was started with an out-of-date slow Windows 3.1 machine with a broken CD drive. With the help of website donors, I eventually upgraded to a Win 98 operating system which I currently use.   Need more funds to purchase an XP computer, software, and digital camera accessories.

The 2 free gifts I'm giving away...
Free gift #1
Some Secret GTO picture links. With these, you will be able to view 9 secret web pages which display all the "Pictures Of The Week" posted here since 1998. You'll have hours of GTO viewing pleasure!
11 Years of GTOs screen saver
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Free gift #2
You'll also get this cool screensaver. It features all 11 years of GTOs with an educational description of each model year. This screensaver was created exclusively by Jeff Klein and is not available anywhere else! I will email you a special link containing download instructions for the screensaver.

Mailing in a donation...

Sean Mattingly, 335 E 360 N, Anderson IN 46012

Include your email address on the check. I will send you an acknowledgement and two Free gifts described above.

Again, here's how to Donate...

Donate money with your credit card via PayPal. All you need there is my email address which is
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Mail a check (see mailing address above)
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The terms...
The donations are not tax-deductible. They only will go toward paying for computer-related hardware and software which will be used to keep the web site on the air. Your donation will be appreciated till the end of time. Your donation does not impart or imply ownership, shares, or control of anything.
Bright side Honor Roll of those whom have helped financially support this web site:
   NAME                        YEAR OF DONATION
   ------------------------  ----------------------------------------
   Stu Jackson        PICS   2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
   Daniel Hobrecht           2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
   Michael Shapiro           2001, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009
   Dennis Homsey      PICS   2006, 2007, 2008
   Dennis Kinnen             2008
   Michael Pianelli   PICS   2008
   Rick Zinya                2008
   Kim McEachern      PICS   2008
   Gunnar Olafsson    PICS   2005, 2007
   Dennis Duello             2007
   Keith Rossell      PICS   2007
   Jim Walsh          PICS   2007
   Jason Spurrier     PICS   2007
   Robert DeGeorge           2007
   David Bacon               2007
   John Malosky       PICS   2007
   Greg Corkum        PICS   2006
   Vance Morgan       PICS   2006
   Connecticut GTO Club SITE 2005, 2006
   Manny Plasencia           2006
   Dan Cormier         PICS  2006
   George Bushnell     PICS  2006
   Bill Bolin          PICS  2006
   Christopher Hastings      2006
   Keith MacDonald     PICS  2001, 2006
   Victor Pettett            2006
   Robert Fraioli            2006
   Brian Carr                2006
   Brian Watson        PICS  2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
   John Peters               2005
   Don Zappone        PICS   2005
   Stephen Watts             2005
   Mel Hedrick        PICS   2005
   Andrew Kuncas      PICS   2005
   James Barrett             2005
   Pete Stack         PICS   2005
   Buzz McCarthy             2005
   Ron Cozzo          PICS   2005
   Sam Mahle                 2005
   Cary Levine        PICS   2005
   Joseph Wrobleski          1999, 2000, 2001, 2004
   Rod Holbrooks             2003, 2004
   Kev Staalesen      PICS   2003, 2004
   Jim Carbone        PICS   2004
   Larry Metzger      PICS   2004
   Albert Rodriguez    PICS  2004
   Ronald Hambrecht    PICS  2004
   Chris Koester             2004
   K. Lambert                2004
   Gordon Gondek      PICS   2004
   K. B.                     2004
   Richard Dodds             2003
   Howard Brown       PICS   2003
   Edward Roney              2003
   Butch Nordstrom           2002
   Debi and John Wall        2002
   Paul Burke         PICS   2002
   Richard Jones             2002
   Richard Hummel            1999, 2001
   Kevin Bartee              2001
   Jonathan Klein            2001
   Mark & Cathy Dacosta PICS 2001
   Al Lindsay                2001
   Larry Rawlings      PICS  2001
   Troy Gratt          PICS  2001
   Warren Hanbury      PICS  2000
   William "Axle" Weiss      2000
   Jim & Yvonne Pratt        2000
   Jeff & Julie Klein  PICS  2000
   Daryl Stone         PICS  2000
   David Siok                1999
   Kenny Gregrich      PICS  1999

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