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1970 GTO Paint Color Chips

Every GTO needs paint. Pick any color in the Pontiac rainbow!

The color shades may vary significantly depending on how your monitor's brightness and contrast controls are set. Of course, metalflake paints look drastically different when you look at them in different lighting conditions.

Atoll Blue 4980 E 28 *
Granada Gold 4664 Z 58 ***
Cardinal Red 3777 R 75 ****
Pepper Green 3661 M 48 ***
Verdoro Green 3299 Q 47 ***
Sierra Yellow 2889 Y 50 ***
Palisade Green 2487 H 45 ***
Polar White 2460 C 10 **
Palladium Silver 2394 P 14 **
Baja Gold 2067 G 55 ***
Bermuda Blue 1861 D 25 *
Black 1515 A 19 **
Palamino Copper 1457 B 63 ***
Burgundy 1246 N 78 ****
Mint Turquoise 774 K 34 *
Orbit Orange 618 T 60 *
Total GTO Production (Including Judge Models)  40,149 
Total Judge Production  3,797
        *     The Judge Side Stripe Colors: Blue-Orange-Pink 

        **    The Judge Side Stripe Colors: Yellow-Blue-Red 

        ***   The Judge Side Stripe Colors: Green-Yellow-White 

        ****  The Judge Side Stripe Colors: Yellow-Black-Red 

Atoll Blue code "28" "E"

Granada Gold code "58" "Z"

Cardinal Red code "75" "R"

Pepper Green code "48" "M"

Verdoro Green code "47" "Q"

Sierra Yellow code "50" "Y"

Palisade Green code "45" "H"

Polar White code "10" "C"

Palladium Silver code "14" "P"

Baja Gold code "55" "G"

Bermuda Blue code "25" "D"

Starlight Black code "19" "A"

Palamino Copper code "63" "B"

Burgundy code "78" "N"

Mint Turquoise code "34" "K"

Orbit Orange code "60" "T"

Pinewood Derby Woodgrain code "SCOUTS"


Here is a big line art drawing of a 1970 GTO in black and white.

Thanks to Steve Petro (xz5v6k@naeng.gm.com) for providing the chart at the top of the page. A big thanks to Eric Tennett (ETennett@CBSINC.com) for converting it to HTML. Thanks to Steve Petro's Mom for scanning the paint chips.

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