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2007 Drive-In Movie Tour coverage
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Spring, 2008- I'll post the 2008 schedule in the Spring
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2007 Drive-In Movie Tour.    Lot 2 of 3.
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CLICK-> Drive In #1 Looking to the south, we see a nice new screen. The outdoor portion is separated from the main parking lot by these white plastic barriers.
CLICK-> Drive In #1 One of the many cars that were at the Canary Creek Drive-In early to see the double feature consisting of "Meet The Robinsons" and "Wild Hogs". This gravel lot has tall gravel "ramps" to angle the front tires upward. This gives a good view of the screen. This lot had a few lightpoles like the ones seen in a typical shopping center. I found it interesting how they accomplished the task of turning each one off before the show. A lady would ride around in a golf cart and stop at each light pole. There was a large "OFF" switch on each one. She drove around in the golf cart, reaching over to flip each light switch as she drove by.
CLICK-> Drive In #1 Here is a flyer from the Canary Creek Drive-In. They have the radio sound on 90.3 FM. We learned that they show movies under the stars every night of the week.
CLICK-> Drive In #1 Just before showtime, we've got a good view of the Canary Creek Drive-In screen beyond the hood scoops. Families were getting their kids ready to see what turned out to be a good show. Rating this theater on a five star scale, I'd give them 4 stars for overall appearance/appeal. They had a very clean setup, but it was in a shopping center area on the main drag, so I found it a bit lacking in nostalgic appeal. 4 stars for the snack bar. They had a super friendly and fast staff. The only thing that was lacking was a decent sandwich. They don't serve hamburgers or tenderloins. 5 stars for projection quality & sound. I've never ever heard my boombox radio sound as good as it did that night. For once, there was not even a hint of hum or buzz in the sound. The stereo separation was quite good on the "Robinson's" Disney movie. 3 stars for their prices, and 5 stars for the restrooms. They had tons of stalls in their main "indoor movie" building. I give them 5 stars for their showmanship. They showed a Disney cartoon before the first feature. At intermission they showed vintage trailers, but without a hint of scratchyness.

CLICK-> Drive In #2 Skyline Drive-In (Shelbyville, Indiana): On April 28, 2007 the second stop on the tour was the Skyline. These signs can be seen while driving in on Michigan Road. The larger sign states that they are open weekends. They were showing "Blades of Glory" as the first movie and "Wild Hogs" as the second feature.
CLICK-> Drive In #2 Entering the Skyline Drive-In, the back of the screen stands tall against the beautiful sunset.
CLICK-> Drive In #2 This scene is essentially unchanged from this facility's opening in 1952. The snack bar is ready to serve the customers on a Spring evening. The American flag flies in front. The current owner at the ticket window said they have owned the place for 30 years.
CLICK-> Drive In #2 Inside the snack bar, there is a display that pays homage to the past. This is their "Blast From The Past" speaker exhibit. They have different styles of speakers on a wall in addition to some old film reels.
CLICK-> Drive In #2 This photo was taken in near-darkness, but it does show the nice grassy lot. The Skyline no longer uses speakers on these poles. The sound is broadcast via FM stereo.
CLICK-> Drive In #2 So far, the 2007 UltimateGTO.com Movie Tour has been fun. Here is a scan of the nice hand-out that is being given at the ticket window. This scan is readable. I rate each theater on a five star scale. I'm giving them 3 stars for overall appearance/appeal. This old facility is well-worn, but not junky. The freshly-mowed lawn adds to the enjoyment, with several families choosing to sit in the yard on blankets. 3 stars for the snack bar. They had a very good rib sandwich. However, don't be in a hurry at the snack bar. All the cooked foods are microwaved one-by-one. Each cheeseburger comes from the freezer and is then microwaved. I missed a good portion of the movie twice while waiting. They don't even play the movie sound in the snack bar so you can hear some of it. The popcorn is good. 4 stars for projection quality & sound. The picture was okay. However, their stereo broadcasting transmitter is fouled up. There was plenty of signal level. But was very scratchy on my stereo boombox, giving a non-steady stereo light throughout the show. It was fine on my mono windup radio. 3 stars for their prices, and 3 stars for the restrooms. I give them only 2 stars for their showmanship. There were no trailers shown. At intermission they just turned the projector off with no intermission films. They made a couple of audio announcements over the air, but they were so distorted that we couldn't tell what they were trying to say.

CLICK-> Drive In #3 4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating CLICK-> 1967
Lake Shore Drive-In (Monticello, Indiana): On May 12, 2007 the third stop on the tour was at the lakes. Near dusk, this beautiful 1967 GTO pulls up to the front entrance. In it was Mark Hutsell and his wife, Bonnie from Monticello. They own 2 GTO's, a '67 and an '06. Their car got the honor of "Picture of the Week" the very next morning on the front page of UltimateGTO.com.
CLICK-> Drive In #3 Pausing at the ticket window, a reflection can be seen in the flawless paint on this GTO. You're seeing a reverse image of the back of the movie screen on the trunk lid. On this starry night, the movies were Spider-Man 3, Are We Done Yet, Disturbia, and Perfect Stranger. I enjoyed Spider-Man 3 more than the previous Spider-Man movies. The action sequences and fight scenes were well-done. We particularly enjoyed the special effects of the sand man villain. He forms out of drifting sand and then morphs into an angry sand monster. The visuals on this guy are amazing, as they've not been done in other movies.
CLICK-> Drive In #3 3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating3.7 star rating Here is a closer look at the front of the car. Before the movies start, the cars are entering the drive-in and getting into position at their choice of two screens.
CLICK-> Drive In #3 3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating3.8 star rating Here is a side view of the Hutsell's goat at the Lake Shore Drive-In.
CLICK-> Drive In #3 At the entrance to the Lake Shore Drive-In of Monticello, stands this sign. It says, "WE MAY BE A DINOSAUR BUT WE'RE NOT EXTINCT!"

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2007 Drive-In Movie Tour.    Lot 2 of 3.

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