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This one has hideaway headlights and a front end attitude I call "GR-RRR!".   This graphic is based on a plain Spy Photo that appears in the last article.
Submitted by web site visitors
Updated 4/27/02

Holden in Australia has a good platform to build upon.   Right now, engineers and stylists are making decisions on how the new GTO will look.   Since we're GTO enthusiasts, we feel that we probably know what's best in a GTO.   After all, we're the ones that have been crazy about the car since 1964.

I have added several things to the car on the left.   The angled front of the hood says this car is meaner than most.   The hood scoops could use more work, though.  In fact, the whole thing needs work.  The more I look at it, the less I like my changes to it.  Its just not a classic design.   But I do think the Aussie kangaroo is funny!  Its also funny how ferociously the Australians object to a hood tach.  They tell me hood tachs are "tacky".

A web site visitor pointed out that all modern re-creations of muscle cars are missing something.   It's CHROME!   So I gave my concept car,  above, some shiny stuff.   The front end especially should be trimmed in chrome.   This concept also makes a bold statement of "GTO" with an oversize name badge on the side.   Modern name badges are too small and cheap looking.   Why do they make them out of cheap plastic?   What's wrong with a hefty chrome emblem?
Erik Hutters drew the above masterpiece.   His idea was to base a new car on the 1969 styling.   He used the 1969 Judge paint color of Carousel Red.   Most impressive here are the hideaway headlights.   He also carried through the parking lights of the 1969 car with their rectangular design.   The eyebrow side stripes resemble those of the 1970 Judges.   He's got low profile tires mounted on wheels that should surely be called Rally III.   Erik is based in Sweden and has a personal web site at

Frank Bowman ( has the back end absolutely nailed.   See Frank's work above and at left.   He chose to emulate the rear of the 1966 car.   He's got the slit tail light design and the upswept edges of the trunkline.   This is the one styling aspect that 1966 / 67 GTO owners fell in love with.   This is a GTO tail light treatment with a Firebird-like bumper.   It works together well.
Frank Bowman has a radical idea about the front end.   He'd keep the hood scoop like those of the 1966 / 67 cars.    This is a very angular design, incorporating the stacked headlight format of the earlier cars.   He's got triangle marker lights on this concept, something I've never seen before.   Usually marker lights are square, rectangular, or oval.   But it was Pontiac that broke the mold back in '68 when they came out with red arrowhead marker lights on the rear quarters of the GTO.

My brother Pat Mattingly came up with this idea.   He has the two angled grilles like the 1966 / 67 cars.   But he added modern projector-style headlights to it.   This version has a hood tach placed far back on the hood, right next to the windshield.
Let's review Hot Rod Magazine from December 1999.   In the context of a review, I show you this page right out of the magazine.   They basically took Pontiac's 1999 GTO concept car and restyled it.   I happen to like this one the best.   Steve Stanford also knows how to style the rearend.   Make it resemble the 1966 cars.   And check the beltline on this one.  Yeah, baby! 

Hot Rod Magazine is geared toward all kinds of automotive enthusiasts.   For subscriptions, start at  They usually offer a free trial issue.   Compared to other magazines, that's a great deal.   The magazine scan above was sent in by Howie ( in Phoenix, Arizona.
See above. sent in this Judge based on the Monaro concept car that appears on the Holden web site in Australia.   He added some Pontiac attributes to the car.

Keep checking back.  I will post more concept drawings here soon.

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