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The latest news as of 4/18/02

Sometime in 2003, the Holden Monaro chassis will start making the long trek toward North America.   There, the cars will be fitted with V8 engines.   New car showrooms will have the new GTO model, called a 2004.   Will Pontiac make muscle fans hungry for power and performance just like in the 1960's?   Or will they fall short of the task?   The plan has potential to be a great success.   GTO fans hope that Pontiac takes steps to build a REAL modern muscle car that stops people in their tracks.

Is this what the 2004 GTO will look like?
An unknown reader emailed these spy photos to me.   I don't know where they came from, but they are reportedly a potential Pontiac GTO design.   Not too exciting so far.   Looks like a Mustang from the side.   Maybe a Chevy Celebrity?   Needs a dual exhaust to be a respectable muscle car.   Needs a Judge-style spoiler at least.   The car needs to be visually stunning, and this ain't it.
This is spy photo number two.   Oh, no!   Where are the hood scoops?   The hood tach, the spoiler, some style?   This car does have the split grille typical of Pontiac.   Gee, thanks for the Grand Am.   We wanted a GTO instead.
I got an interesting statement from site visitor Stephan Wright in Wichita:
have the looks to get us laid like my 69 did and the horsepower and performance to go with it!   Been reading your articles on GM possibly bringing back the GTO .Well if it isn't of the caliber of the originals of the 60's or like the (1999) concept GTO they showed us all, then don't waste our time.   That Monaro isn't befitting to wear the name "GTO " EITHER!!!! But as always I fear ...(deleted)... GM WON'T HAVE A CLUE.    THEY'RE NEVER IN TOUCH WITH REALITY !
An Australian has quite a different perspective.   From Dan Guralnek (
Just want you to know that the Monaro is a big hero down under.   It is also very rich in racing heritage. It was the most popular muscle car in Australia back in the 70'S. The biggest racing series in Australia is the V8 SUPER CARS. This series has been around for ever. It is basically a series that puts Holden against Ford. The Monaro, in its day was unbeatable. The most famous race in the series is called the BATHURST 1000.   It takes place on Mt Panorama near a small town called Bathurst. It is an endurance race over 1000km. The photos you have of the Monaro are
pretty crappy. I see them on the street everyday here in Sydney and they are a beauty (just go to any real Monaro website to see good pics) and believe me, when there is one parked outside a pub , it empties the pub and everyone goes outside to look at it. It is loaded with street cred. Its fast , very fast. Also, Mr Lutz has said that Holden is going to become the new benchmark for GM. Our cars have far superior build quality than yours and we can build'em for less. An Australian car is going to be your new flagship.   So the Monaro is headed your way. I don't think the worry is whether the Monaro is good enough for the   Pontiac GTO tag  but rather, is the Pontiac GTO tag good enough for the Monaro?

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