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3/27/02 The day that time stood still
General Motors to Bring Back GTO
March 27, 2002 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Filed at 5:18 p.m. ET NEW YORK (AP) -- General Motors Corp. is bringing back the GTO, the muscle car of the 1960s. The GTO will be built by GM's Australian unit Holden and will be based on the Holden Monaro coupe, Vice Chairman Robert Lutz said Wednesday. The Monaro ``shares that V8 heritage and a brawny, muscular stance with the classic GTO and it will make a fine flagship for Pontiac,'' Lutz said during the New York Auto International Show. Lutz said the number of vehicles to be produced is undetermined and depended on how many Holden can build. The new GTO will be available in the 2004 model year. He said the vehicle will be shown early in next year's auto show season, perhaps in Los Angeles or Detroit. The GTO was immortalized in a 1960s song performed by Ronnie and the Daytonas. On news that the car would be coming back, GTO club Web sites boasted several messages. Joseph Genera, president of the Connecticut chapter of the GTO Association of America, said a new GTO is great -- if it stays true to its original form. ``It has to exude `muscle car','' said Genera, 41, of Guilford, Conn. ``It has to look strong standing still, should be able to perform the way it looks, with power."
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3/6/02 Holden coupe gets thumbs up for 2003 launch from
An anonymous Australian sent in pictures of his new Monaro.
  Monaro 1   Monaro 2   Monaro 3   Monaro 4
Pics & Specs  from an Autoweb article.   Holden in Australia is selling a GTO and GTS coupe. See the Holden Special Vehicles web site here.  The car has a 5.7 litre Ram Air V8 engine, 6-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission

I found some good pics of Monaro model cars here in red, silver, and yellow.   From in New Zealand!

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