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Pontiac GTOs rule! What you said…

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

I always enjoy reading comments from the visitors of Seeing that feedback continually gets me fired up about “The Great One”. Read a few and see if you don’t feel like kicking down the accelerator pedal on this great muscle car hobby!

Susan said “It’s really nice to have a place to go for comparison and appreciation of The “LITTLE GTO’s” “WHOOO…, WHOOO, WHOOOO!!!” As I will never forget my Dad taking me out for my first Drive at 16 years of age…, and him telling me…, this is 1st! Then his stomping on those THREE DEUCES!!! And the “WHOOO! WHOOO! WHOOO!!”

Pete is looking to find a 1965 GTO and said: “For my dad on his 60th birthday. When he was in college, he had his first ’65 taken from him – only three years after he bought it brand new. 40 years have passed and now I’m going to get it back for him. 1965 GTO hardtop, 389, tri-power, 4-speed, black interior, preferred exterior color blue/teal but not absolutely necessary, completely original or rebuilt with original parts, can deal with minor mods but no mods preferred, CLEAN/MINT/SHOWROOM or whatever you want to call it, big price tag doesn’t scare me. If you help me find this car, I will tell everybody it’s the best site I’ve ever visited.”

Ron said: “Had a 69 GTO in High School. My football jersey # was 69, although not relating to the car. At 51 years of age I am getting the urge for another GOAT. I know I could never find my original love or even if it still exist? I do search from time to time and it gets me all stirred up to get one. The one I had in the early 70s was a fully loaded coop with every option and the Hurst 4spd. This GOAT was plum purple with a black vinyl top. I bought the GOAT in Tulsa Oklahoma and it was sold from Arrowhead Motors in Glendale Arizona when I joined the Navy. I miss this old friend and if I can’t have her I will find another. Thanks for letting me bend your ear.”

Timothy said: “Well I think this site is just what all GTO people need…a place to come and dream, look at the others that are out there compare get ideas. Just to get my fix for the day, as the winter sets in and I have to park it I can open a window and drive some one else’s for awhile.”

Donnie likes to see: “Projects, parts cars, and of course the “oh crap, look what I found in grandma’s barn with a 100 miles on it”

Mr Sibraa said: “Greetings from Sydney Australia. I stumbled across your site one night by accident, and was immediately impressed. I have learnt some very useful things on GTO’s thanks to your informative site. All that I can say is that it must take an awful lot of work to maintain, the info contained on your site is most valuable, especially down under.”

Paul said: “When I first found the site I couldn’t believe my eyes. I found a 1965 GTO just like the one I had before I had to sell it when I first got married. It’s a great site just to look at and dream again when I was 21 again.”

John quickly typed: “My first visit…I am at work, so I can not be here very long…but come this weekend…I’ll be enjoying it much more without having to look over my shoulder.”

The Ultimate Pontiac GTO Picture Site at has 15,225 car photos and adding more every week. Every photo is categorized and tagged for easy searching of color, body style, options, and even photo angle! Enjoy.

Revenge Edition GTO

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Revenge Designs GTO
A company called Revenge Designs is making a pretty cool GTO package.
They’re in my home state of Indiana.
The Revenge Designs Edition package includes;
* Wide body enhancement – Re rolling front fenders out two inches and rear
fenders out four inches. Also to complete the wide body styling, “OEM Plastic”
fender extensions designed and fitted as per original factory parts.
* New front facia (bumper) including a more prominent air intake and lower
hexagonal grille insert.
* Four projector style driving fog lamps with the flowing fender extensions
that incorporates in the vented rocker sills.
* As much as the front is the soul of the car, the rear incorporates a
visual presence like no other.
* LPE cold air intake system.
* Dual rectangular “big bore” exhaust ends with Corsa polished dual
stainless steel exhaust system.
* Glare reducing sports wide view mirrors with integral turn signals.
* The trunk lid reveals an aerodynamic style real wing and carbon
fiber garnish number plate insert.
* Low profile 245 x 35 x 20 inch tires, mounted on premium bold super
finish 8.5 and 9.5 inch alloy rims.
* Revenge Edition Identification. these photos of the Revenge Edition Pontiac GTO using the Picture Searcher