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1969 GTO Judge wrecks bigtime

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Oh no! Dude wrecks his beautifully restored 1969 GTO Judge into a pole.

Judge wrecks with 10 photos here

Studying these pics from the crash in St Paul, Minnesota, I made this Google Earth .KMZ file where I’ve marked my theoretical trajectory into the fat pole (will open if you have Google Earth application installed)

The wreck happened in August of 2009 and was featured on the main page of for about 6 months, where thousands of GTO fans checked it out, many mourning the loss of a once great car, not to mention the unfortunate driver.

Indiana reflects on the end of Pontiac brand

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

At an Indiana car show, the Indy GTO Association President, Bill Sanders, had a chance to comment on the Pontiac brand disappearing.

TV report

Video:  GTOs at an Indiana car show

Sanders is seen in his 1966 GTO convertible.  Good video from the interior of the car while driving.

The story was aired on WRTV6 news in Indianapolis 5/3/09.

The same day, the Indy Star’s Dan McFeely did a story called…

Alas, the Pontiac — R.I.P.

Aficionados lament General Motors’ decision to end production of the brand now likely to be a hot classic

In the story, Bill Sanders is quoted as saying:

“Yes, I’m mad that Pontiac is going away,” He’s upset, he said, “not because Pontiac is going away so much as the way the nameplate has been mishandled over the last 20-plus years. This was a freight train that’s been coming for a long time.”

You can see some photos of Bill’s 1966 car before, during, and after restoration here on

GM Heritage car collection for SALE

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

by Sean Mattingly, webmaster of

Starting in January, the classic car collection at GM will start to go bye-bye. The manager of the GM Heritage Center, Tom Freiman, has revealed that the company plans to significantly “thin the herd”.

The collection, based in Sterling Heights, Michigan currently numbers about 1,000 vehicles. The first of two auctions will happen at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona January 13th to 18th, 2009. Some of their vehicles will be up for bids April 9th to 11th, 2009 at Barrett-Jackson in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The GM Heritage Collection numbers in the many hundreds of cars and trucks – from “first builts” and “last builts” to one-off show cars to SEMA show cars. The first-built 2004 Pontiac GTO is in the collection. This is the first one actually built in production.

Built by Hollywood car builder Eddie Paul, using a custom Blueberry Blass paint. The dashboard features all sorts of lights, switches and gadgets.

The January sale will include several GTOs.  This customized hardtop 1967 Pontiac GTO will be sold.  It was used in the action movie “xXx” starring Vin Diesel. Built by Hollywood car builder Eddie Paul, using a custom Dupont Chromalusion BlasBerry paint. The dashboard features all sorts of lights, switches and gadgets.

Some vehicles in the auctions may include these Pontiacs which are in the collection:
1926 Pontiac (Gray/Black)
1968 Pontiac Catalina (White)
1969 Pontiac GTO (Green)
1969 Pontiac GTO Judge (Orange/Yellow)
1980 Pontiac Grand Am Pickup
1994 Firebird Lingenfelter 383
1999 Grand Am SCT
2003 Sunfire X-plores (Yellow)
2006 Solstice DTP (Orange)
1967 GTO hardtop from the movie “xXx”
1984 Fiero GT 2+2
1986 Firebird Trans Am Kamback
1987 Fiero GT Convertible
1991 Firebird Trans Am Twin Turbo
1993 Firebird IMSA Race car
1994 Firebird Firmula V8
1994 Firebird Trans Am 25th Ann.
1998 Firebird Trans Am Gold Rush
1998 Firebird Trans Am X-plorers
1998 Grand Prix M&M Pace
2000 Bonneville Salt Flats
2000 Firebird Rytek Project
2000 Firebird Trans Am Darth Vader
2001 Aztek First Built (Black)
2001 Aztek Pace #1 (Red)
2001 Aztek SRV
2002 Firebird Trans Am Daytona Pace #2
2003 Grand AM Autocross
2003 Vibe Autocross Sema
2003 Vibe FX
2004 Grand Prix GXP SEMA
2005 Firedbird Trans Am Collectors Ed.
2006 Solstice Red Bull Drifter
2006 Solstice Weekend Racer
Fiero Goodwrench Race
G6 Rolex Pace Car
Grand Am #85 race car
Grand Prix (show car)
GTO Drag Performance Parts car
Firebird Mobil Race Car
1999 Grand Prix GT (red)
GTP Ultrlite

Bush Signs Automobile Fatality Act

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

This is an Ayn Rand Institute Press Release dated December 21, 2007

Irvine, CA–The energy bill that President Bush just signed into law
is a significant victory for environmentalists, who have long pushed
for such measures as expanded ethanol production. But the centerpiece
of the bill–for which environmentalists have been agitating for
years–is a major increase in automobile fuel economy standards, the
first such increase since 1975.

The law forces auto manufacturers to increase the average mileage of
cars, SUVs, and light trucks to 35 mpg by 2020. Currently, the
standard is 27.5 mpg for cars and 22.2 mpg for SUVs and light trucks.

It might seem obviously beneficial to decree that cars must use less
fuel. But according to Dr. Keith Lockitch, resident fellow at the Ayn
Rand Institute, “The new mileage standards will make cars more
expensive and more dangerous and will cause many more traffic

“Compelling automakers to achieve higher mileage forces them to
compromise automobile safety. To achieve fuel economy, they are forced
to make vehicles lighter and smaller. But lighter, smaller vehicles
are much more dangerous in an accident. Because the car absorbs less
of the crash impact, the passengers absorb it instead.

“The original Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, imposed
in 1975, have already led to a substantial increase in traffic
fatalities–an additional two thousand traffic deaths per year,
according to a 2002 study by the National Academy of Sciences. With
the new standard, manufacturers will be forced to downsize even
further all cars, as well as SUVs and light trucks. But these vehicles
will still be sharing the road with buses, delivery trucks, and
massive commercial trailer trucks. One shudders at the thought of how
much greater a risk Americans will face. Nevertheless,
environmentalists have continued to fight for higher fuel economy
requirements, consistently and cavalierly dismissing the risks and the
tragic consequences.

“Despite the drumbeat of constant assertions to the contrary, it is
far from a settled scientific fact that we face catastrophic dangers
from climate change. Yet, under the guise of protecting us from the
alleged dangers of global warming, environmentalists force upon us the
very real, provable dangers of increased auto injuries and deaths.
Clearly, what they value is something other than human well-being.”

Copyright (c) 2007 Ayn Rand(R) Institute. All rights reserved.