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Pontiac GTO Tech – Antennas!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

I get a lot of tech questions. A dude wrote in today to ask about 1968 antennas. He says,
“I have a ’68 parked on the site. I was browsing through the lot and I was wondering about the Quarter mounted Antenna. Is it only on the Convertibles or offered for both?”

For the antennas, I have seen a few on the rear quarter for ’68 and ’69. As far as I know, that’s where they mounted the antenna when it was a power antenna. If a check of the car’s PHS documentation showed a power antenna, I believe then it would be mounted in back. Here is a LeMans HT with one…

This comes from the ’68 new car brochure which is here,,,

Need a GTO Starter?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The other day, me and my GTO buddies were discussing starters. I always had problems with starter longevity. I was changing the heavy stock starters out every couple years. And I always had a problem with “heat soak” where a hot starter would not turn over fast enough to start the car. If allowed to fully cool off, it would then start normally. So a while back I chucked my stock starter for an aftermarket high torque starter.

First I went with a Powermaster starter. That one had higher torque than stock. And I also used a separate solenoid. That I mounted to the inner fender. A little Ford solenoid did the trick. You’ll see those on many Pontiacs, used to cure the “hot no-start” problem. I liked not getting stranded on a hot day with a car that would not restart.

Then last year I upgraded to Ram Air exhaust manifolds. Those interfered with the starter case. So – here I go again – changed out the starter again. This time I went with a Pro-Tork. This starter can be clocked (rotated) around to six positions. That will cover any installation problem. Get a Pro-Tork brand made by
Alterstart in Texas. Looks like the same starter that the R.A.R.E. exhaust manifold company sells at a markup.

The Pro-Tork starter looks small because it is. It is a fraction of the weight of the stock Pontiac starter.

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