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See the 1969 Judge movie called "Sex Drive"

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Review by Sean Mattingly, webmaster of

I just came back from watching “Sex Drive” [TRAILER HERE], the new movie that showcases a Carousel Red 1969 GTO Judge. Unlike most modern flicks that have a muscle car in them, this movie actually SHOWS the muscle car throughout.

This is not your typical review, poring over such boring things as the director’s name or his credentials. The movie basically stars a teenage punk what’s-his-name and his big bully brother who-cares-what-his-name-was. For me, the movie experience was all about the CAR! As soon as little brother gets his hands on the keys, the hilarity ensues.

The little brother and his friend and some black-haired chick with annoyingly crooked teeth head for a road trip. The car is an object of desire on a trip to get laid. Sounds like a few dates I’ve had. All the while, you know the movie teens will have the typical adventure elements thrown their way. There’s the engine-revving, the speeding, some wreckless driving, avoiding roadside obstacles, hitting a possum. There’s even a scene with the Judge driving crazy through a cornfield.

Hardcore Judge fanatics won’t be disappointed by this movie. You get to see the full exterior of the car often. There are many interior scenes as well, showing off the black Morrokide and the lovely black headliner. The hood tach is shown briefly as the engine revs. Even the engine compartment is seen, with all the main characters “working” on the car to try and solve an overheating problem by pissing in the radiator. Really? Really. As far as the soundtrack of the vintage Judge, I found all the engine sounds unsatisfying. It didn’t sound like a Pontiac engine to me. The car had the sound of what might have been the soundman’s 1980′s truck with a bad muffler. Big whoop.

Like any muscle car romp at the hands of an inexperienced teenager, there is bound to be some damage that made me cringe. They drove the car across some medians at high speed. They did a little jump out of a field that got air and landed the Judge on a country road with surprisingly no visual damages. The heartbreaker was near the end when the Judge gets “tapped” in the door by a dumbass Larry The Cable Guy-type dude driving a pickup truck into the side of it. Never fear, the car gets fixed in the end.

If you’re looking to judge the Judge’s factory correctness, you have plenty of opportunities to look at this shiny orange car. All that bugged me was the grille. Rather than being painted black, it seemed to be a silvery gray. In one shot under the hood, it appeared that the radiator hose was held on by an oversize adaptor hose of some sort. The underside of the hood was not painted black as I think it should have been. It was Carousel Red. If you can spot other non-factory irregularities, please comment below.

Here’s how I rate “Sex Drive”. It gets 5 stars out of 5 for muscle car content. It ranks even higher because in some scenes, they leave a foreign tuner car playing the fool. I give it 5 stars for raunchy sex jokes (like Porky’s) and dirty sight gags and a required flash of boobs. Brief, but nice boobs! I would have deducted a few stars if they had treated the car badly. Throughout the movie, I suspected it would be driven off a cliff and/or blown up at the end. Not so. Whew! This is a must-see movie for muscle car fans. Round up you car club buddies and go see it.