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What GTO are you looking for?

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

It is interesting to work behind the scenes at the world’s largest Pontiac GTO oriented website. I keep an automatic log of what made people land onto the site. The log mostly shows what car terms that people were searching for on search engines. Here, have a look at that (sometimes funny) data and I’ll explain some of the log entries along the way…

HOME_PAGE|Sat Jan 26 17:56:20 2008||Google|PONtiac gto
That is a basic search that led to It is typical. Read on.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 17:57:12 2008||Google|pontiac gto 2006
Aha! Someone was looking for the newest GTO info and was directed here.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 17:57:29 2008||Google|71 gto convertable for sale
Creative spelling of the word convertible.

HOME_PAGE|Sat Jan 26 17:58:24 2008||Google|ultimategto
It is amusing to me when people put a URL they already know into a search engine to “search” and show them what they already know. My brother does that for every URL he knows, every time. So I showed him how to enter a URL into the “URL” box at the top of his Internet Explorer browser program. Just type it in the box and hit enter. Easy.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 18:00:19 2008||Google|gto jackets
We sell stuff, and have historical photos of jackets so this makes sense.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 18:01:25 2008||Google|trade banshee hood torrid red
This led to the 2006 Lot where there is a car with a neat Banshee hood on it.

PICDETAIL|Sat Jan 26 18:05:13 2008||Yahoo|Bill McDavid Cars
Their yahoo search led to a vintage photo of the old Bill McDavid dealership.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 18:16:25 2008||Google|69 judge
Their google search led to the first 1969 Judge Lot so they could see all the beautiful photo thumbnails of the cars. We have 46 Lots of ’69 Judge cars now.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 18:18:51 2008||Google|bethel’s goat farm
I have a vintage photo of the place which was snapped at an open house they were conducting. We also carry a link to their ebay auctions on the rightside of the page, on some pages.

STAT-EXPL|Sat Jan 26 18:19:39 2008||Google|taillights for 1967 pontiac lemans
PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 18:29:53 2008||Google|hotchkis sport 65 gto
People are looking for all sorts of parts online. I have a couple dozen photos of cars with Hotchkis modifications.

HOME_PAGE|Sat Jan 26 18:40:46 2008||Yahoo|
This is one of the dumber searches. They went to Yahoo to search for a URL they already knew. They typed in on the yahoo site and then hit the “search” button to get re-directed to where they had to click on it. They could have typed the directly into their browser’s “URL” or “Location” box and hit “enter”. I wonder if they also call directory assistance to ask them phone numbers they already know the number for? :)

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 18:47:12 2008||Google|linda vaughn hurst
Yeah, we’ve got some good pics of her. She was, and will always be HOT.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 18:51:45 2008||Google|64 389 tripower for sale
Their google search led to a red car in the 1964 Lot.

PICDETAIL|Sat Jan 26 18:55:43 2008||Google|pictures of yellow monarchs
Ha ha. Google led them astray. They got to see a photo of a car painted Monarch Yellow! I hope it was not a disappointment for them.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 18:59:43 2008||Google|65 pontiac gto engine
Seems like they were researching the restoration of a 1965 GTO engine compartment? I have 162 photos of the ’65 engines. The best way to search them out is with the Advanced Picture Searcher at

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:02:40 2008||Google|maxtor pontiac gto
The Maxtor hard drive company made an old hard drive with a GTO drawing inscribed on the printed circuit board. I have a photo of that.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:10:54 2008||Google|ultimate gto picture site
Thanks again to google for directing people to the right place!

HOME_PAGE|Sat Jan 26 19:17:44 2008||Google|gto production numbers
PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:22:06 2008||Google|pontiac gto 69 to 70 for sale that need work
PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:22:59 2008||Google|plastic model 1969 gto
PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:27:34 2008||Google|hear and see 05 gto
PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:47:42 2008||Google|1972 pontiac 455 performance data
PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:49:28 2008||Yahoo|1969 pontiac gto for sale in illinois
PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:49:55 2008||Google|targa blue
Google led them to a photo of a 1970 Tempest painted Targa Blue in the 1970 photo Lot.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 19:56:30 2008||Google|who is the maker of GTO’s
I’ll bet they got their answer here!

HOME_PAGE|Sat Jan 26 20:05:48 2008||Google|pictures of a pretty 68 pontiac gto
Looking for pretty!

PICDETAIL|Sat Jan 26 20:15:43 2008||Google|camaroskroten
Looking at the IP address, this Google search was conducted from somewhere near Stockholm, Sweden. The search results showed them a photo of a car repair shop that’s in Sweden. Camaroskroten in Swedish means “camaro junk yard”. Here is the photo in question:

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 20:49:47 2008||Google|sanding endura primer
Google led them to pics of me sanding my ’68 GTO front bumper.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 21:09:55 2008||Google|wrecked crane pictures
Ha ha! This was a wrecked GTO with a Crane brand cam in it. It was not a “wrecked crane” as they had hoped. Close, but no cigar!

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 21:10:02 2008||Google|was it a 65 pontiac that Vin Diesel drives in fast & the furious
The answer is “no”. But they got to see the GTO that Vin did drive in his xXx action movie.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 21:21:04 2008||Google|gto xm radio
That search led to the page where I ranted against XM radio in general. I work for a local (free) radio station and was encouraging people to listen to free local radio rather than XM (paid) radio.

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 21:51:45 2008||Google|“michael champagne” photo
It was a guy’s name AND a paint color. Who knew?

PAGEwMENU|Sat Jan 26 22:05:00 2008||Google|classic pontiac gto’s for sale in nj
They discovered the “GTO’s For Sale List” which I email to people for the asking.

What GTO are you looking for? Happy searching!