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This WAS a GM town

Monday, October 29th, 2007

They made the parts for your car here. Anderson, Indiana was one of those cities in the midwest where auto part manufacturing was king. However, GM and most of the parts-related businesses went away many years ago. Once upon a time, the major factories included Delco and Guide Lamp and others. For a while, the city was stunned by the job losses and areas of the city were in obvious decline. Just driving through some parts of town was an embarrassing eyesore. Then came the turnaround under Anderson Mayor Kevin Smith. The city administration has endeavored and succeeded to some degree in replacing lost businesses with new businesses. Smartly, rebuilding the economy was not confined to auto parts businesses. With the USA trend toward sending auto manufacturing-related work to Mexico, the handwriting was on the wall. Anderson chose to tear down the long-vacant auto parts factories, reminders of times once-great, now a crumbling eyesore. Smith put almost all his eggs in the Economic Development basket, paying a lot of attention to attracting new enterprises. Those eggs keep on hatching – with announcements of more and more high tech firms, medical and educational institutions attracted to invest in Anderson. Nice going, Mayor’s office. That’s why I called you guys the other day and “ordered” the installation of the first political sign be placed in my yard ever. Kevin Smith for Re-Election!

sad footnote: The Mayor was not re-elected reports on POCI Overspray Incident.

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

The hotel is taking responsibility for the unfortunate POCI overspray incident from July of 2007. Their insurance guy wants to know if you had one of the hundreds of cars damaged during outdoor painting at the hotel. This happened during the July POCI show in Tulsa. Several Pontiac GTOs and other old Pontiacs had a gritty film deposited on them that was difficult if not impossible to remove without sanding down and repainting the car.

New August KOTV video report and a text version and a KOTV July video report and a July local paper story

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Revenge Edition GTO

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Revenge Designs GTO
A company called Revenge Designs is making a pretty cool GTO package.
They’re in my home state of Indiana.
The Revenge Designs Edition package includes;
* Wide body enhancement – Re rolling front fenders out two inches and rear
fenders out four inches. Also to complete the wide body styling, “OEM Plastic”
fender extensions designed and fitted as per original factory parts.
* New front facia (bumper) including a more prominent air intake and lower
hexagonal grille insert.
* Four projector style driving fog lamps with the flowing fender extensions
that incorporates in the vented rocker sills.
* As much as the front is the soul of the car, the rear incorporates a
visual presence like no other.
* LPE cold air intake system.
* Dual rectangular “big bore” exhaust ends with Corsa polished dual
stainless steel exhaust system.
* Glare reducing sports wide view mirrors with integral turn signals.
* The trunk lid reveals an aerodynamic style real wing and carbon
fiber garnish number plate insert.
* Low profile 245 x 35 x 20 inch tires, mounted on premium bold super
finish 8.5 and 9.5 inch alloy rims.
* Revenge Edition Identification. these photos of the Revenge Edition Pontiac GTO using the Picture Searcher

Inside the Website

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Today I’ll post a goofy photo. This is an “Insider’s Blog”, so you’re seeing inside the office. This photo I found on my hard drive from the summer of 2003. This shows what computer equipment I was using in 2003 at my old house. There is a computer on the floor with 2 monitors hooked up to it. There is a photo scanner on the left for GTO car photos. See the Sphynx cat on top of the monitor! A Sphynx is a friendly and hairless breed of cat that would seek a sleeping spot on any warm surface. Is that a radioactive cat? RIP “Miw” my favorite cat I ever had. She died this year 2007, not from monitor radiation though.
By the way, if you want to keep a cat off your computer monitor, I found the solution. Get some scotch tape. Make some loops of tape and stick them on top of the monitor. Cats HATE to walk on sticky tape. After walking on tape one time, they’ll never lay on the monitor again.

Ghost Of Owners Past

Friday, October 12th, 2007

There is a 1970 Judge that I was checking out the other day. Sometimes I wonder why owners do what they do. Here are two examples…
And they also did this to the hood…Whoa. That will be enough of that!

Get a GTO club logo on your garage floor?

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

This local company can put logos on your garage floor. The work is amazing!Brent E Robertson
Managing Member
Concrete Protection & Design of Indiana LLC

Need a GTO Starter?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The other day, me and my GTO buddies were discussing starters. I always had problems with starter longevity. I was changing the heavy stock starters out every couple years. And I always had a problem with “heat soak” where a hot starter would not turn over fast enough to start the car. If allowed to fully cool off, it would then start normally. So a while back I chucked my stock starter for an aftermarket high torque starter.

First I went with a Powermaster starter. That one had higher torque than stock. And I also used a separate solenoid. That I mounted to the inner fender. A little Ford solenoid did the trick. You’ll see those on many Pontiacs, used to cure the “hot no-start” problem. I liked not getting stranded on a hot day with a car that would not restart.

Then last year I upgraded to Ram Air exhaust manifolds. Those interfered with the starter case. So – here I go again – changed out the starter again. This time I went with a Pro-Tork. This starter can be clocked (rotated) around to six positions. That will cover any installation problem. Get a Pro-Tork brand made by
Alterstart in Texas. Looks like the same starter that the R.A.R.E. exhaust manifold company sells at a markup.

The Pro-Tork starter looks small because it is. It is a fraction of the weight of the stock Pontiac starter.

If you’d like to talk starters (or any other parts), you might want to join the “UltimateGTO Email List” at

Do You Drive It Much?

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Maybe I DO and maybe I DO! I was asked today how much I drive my GTO. At the time, I was parked at a local store, went in for a few things. So I drive it on errands around town, is that enough? I also drive it to work on occasion. Not every day, but just enough so it’s not boring – it’s a special occasion. Gotta keep the transmission parts happy. It helps if the car moves every week or two. Makes me wonder – if I didn’t drive it much, I should sell it. Muscle cars deserve to be driven, after all. So I will drive it, as much as I can afford, as much as I dare. Do you drive your classic GTO enough?

My Outlook Express was crashing

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

I just found out why my Outlook Express program was crashing. This dude was sending me email messages that were digitally signed. Everytime I would attempt to open one of them, my OE would freeze. See the circled message with the funny “ribbon” icon on it?
Enabling the “Revocation Checking” will cause the problems. When clicking to read a “digitally signed” email, it can freeze or crash your system when opening. How annoying! Evidently, the program’s attempt at checking the sender’s certificate will cause Outlook Express to go slackjaw. It can also lockup Outlook Express when sending a digitally signed message.

To fix that, turn off the revocation checking at Tools, Options, Security, Advanced.