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Four ad types are available. Check out these working samples:
     { Large Banner sample }

Performance Years <-sample
  NEW DISCUSSION AREAS from Performance Years

300 x 45 Pixels   Price = $100 per month and worth it!
The large banners rotate throughout the site, appearing at the tops of most pages. Currently there are 763 pages with large banners displayed at the top. These large banners include a text link under them. 
Everytime a new visitor loads the page, a different sponsor's banner is displayed.

 NEW December, 2006!

   { Medium Banner sample }
<- sample <- sample <- sample

100 x 100 Pixels   Price = $75 per month and worth it!
The medium banners appear on the main page.  They also rotate throughout the site.   They appear on the "Lots" pages, down the length of the rightside of the screen, and other locations.
Everytime a visitor loads the page, a different sponsor's banner is displayed.  Try hitting "refresh" or "reload" on this page to see some ads rotating (changing).

 { Menu Text sample }

Enter the NEW DISCUSSION AREAS sponsored by Performance Years  <- sample
Text only, but incorporated within all site menus!.  Site visitors will have the impression that the Menu Text ad link is "part of" the site.  The click-throughs on this method
are expected to be high.
Limited to about 10 words occupying one line. Price = $50 per month

 NEW January, 2007! - Are you selling a high-dollar car?  For $50,000 or so?
{ Auction Promoter sample }

This car on ebay NOWAuction Promoter adAuction #12345678 1970 one-owner GTO original paint

Want to make sure your auction gets noticed?  I will help promote your auction on the main page of  Get it in front of the people most likely to appreciate the car you're selling.  The "Auction Promoter" ads will run with one 100 x 140 pixel photo (as seen here) of your car along with a link to the auction. 
Price = $200 for a 10-day run.  It is payable via PayPal only, and non-refundable.  Buy an "Auction Promoter" main page ad instantly via PayPal. 

This is the good part!   A lot of people will see your ad.
December 2006 10.2 million 52,980 161,173
January 2004 10.7 million 33,301 N.A.
January 2003 15.1 million 52,480 N.A.
August 2002 5.0 million 16,529 N.A.
Traffic continues to build as the website grows.


Ads are sold on a pre-paid basis with a $100 minimum purchase.   If you are interested in placing ads at, please e-mail us at .   Let's discuss what type of ad you want and how long you want them to run.

Our mailing (payment) address: Sean Mattingly
335 E 360 N
Anderson  IN  46012

We accept checks, money orders, and even credit cards via the PayPal system.  You can send a Paypal payment directly to

Plenty.   The search engines rank very high.   When people look for the search term Pontiac GTO, we're at the top!   In January 2003, I did a quick check to see how high this web site was ranked...

Google  ranked us #1 for Pontiac GTO   (they're the most important and useful search engine)
Mamma  ranked us #1 for Pontiac GTO
Lycos  ranked us #1 and #5 and #6 for Pontiac GTO
Netscape  ranked us #2 and #8 for Pontiac GTO

...and we don't pay them a dime for these top rankings!

The popular search engine firm called Marketleap listed us as one of their benchmark automotive sites.   They checked the popularity of this site based on how many OTHER sites are linking to it.   We ranked right up there with the major sites such as,, and beating for more popularity.

Q:  How many banner ads can we run at a time?
A:  When you buy a rotation, it's best to run at least 3 slightly different graphic designs. People notice them more when the images vary and the copy is fresh.  The banners in your rotation will alternately show up in your "spot".  In this example, you'd get all 3 graphic designs included for the one monthly price quoted in the examples above.

Q:  Do you allow animated GIFs?
A:  Well, ok.  Just don't make them too obnoxious.  If they flash so much that they'd give me a migraine, I would frown on that.

Q:  Can we get ad statistics emailed to us showing number of displays and number of clicks?
A:  Yes.  You can choose weekly or monthly.  What a great way to judge the effectiveness of the ad artwork!

Q:  I didn't see my ad.  What gives?
A:  Hit "refresh" on your browser.  Or change from one "Lot" to the next "Lot".  The ads re-display when you change pages.

Q:  Can I get a discount for paying for a year's worth of ads at once?
A:  Yes, just ask.

Q:  What kind of banner art layout gets the most clicks?
A:  Put a person's face on them.  For some reason, website viewers look them in the eye and click more.  Banners with women on them have gotten 25% more clicks in some cases.  It's a website for car guys... who knew that would happen?

If for any reason, there is downtime of the ad-serving system, the advertising schedule will be extended. reserves the right to reject advertisers or ads that it finds inappropriate for its audience.  has no liability for merchandise or services sold by our advertisers.

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