Driveline Options for the 1973 GTO

The following list contains the standard and optional driveline options for the 1973 GTO. The bold text for each option is used in the Top Speed Calculator. If your car is modified, use the closest match. You'll have a chance to make changes in the Top Speed Calculator page.

Select Engine for the Max RPM: (net Hp values)

Standard 230hp (400cu in, V8, 1-4bbl, 230Hp, 4400RPM at Max Hp)
Optional 455cu in(455cu in, V8, 1-4bbl, 250Hp, 4000RPM at Max Hp)

Select Transmission for the Gear Ratios:

Standard 3-Spd Man Floor Shift (1st 2.42:1, 2nd 1.58:1, 3rd 1.00:1, rev 2.41:1)
Optional 4-Spd Man Floor Shift M20 (1st 2.52:1, 2nd 1.88:1, 3rd 1.46:1, 4th 1.00:1, rev 2.59:1)
Optional 3-Spd Auto Column/Floor Shift (1st 2.48:1, 2nd 1.48:1, 3rd 1.00:1, rev 2.08:1)

Select Rear Axle Ratio:

  Engine   Trans  
  Std 230hp   3-Man   .   Opt   Std
      3-Man w air   .   Std   .
      4-Man   .   Opt   Std
      4-Man w air   .   Std   .
      3-Auto   Opt   .   Std
      3-Auto w air   Opt   Std   .
  455cu in   3-Auto   .   .   Std
      3-Auto w air   Std   .   .

Select Tire Size:

Standard 15 inch rim G60x15 (P215 / 60R15)