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1968 Dealer booklet with 10 models

10 ways to learn the difference between Wide-Tracking and just plain ordinary driving

In my opinion, old Pontiac brochures can not only be appreciated for the shiny new autos they describe. They are also a fascinating study in target marketing. Sure, Pontiac used some carefully laid-out photographs to convey the power and luxury features of their new cars. But if you study the pictures, you will notice that the photo targets the type of male buyer they'd expect to drive each kind of car. No women are seen driving, as Pontiac assumed the man would be thinking of himself as the driver. The women pictured are either looking at the man and admiring him for owning such a neat car, or the women are admiring the car itself. This was a common theme in their print ads of the era. Somehow they subliminally suggested: "Buy the car - and get the girl!"
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This image of a green car was used extensively by Pontiac to promote the GTO. It could be seen on dealer brochures, posters and in print ads in several car enthusiast magazines.

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          Firebird $2,758......Tempest $2,438

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          LeMans $2,893......GTO $3,078

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              Catalina $3,066......Executive $3,286

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      Executive Safari $3,720......Grand Prix $3,674

CLICK -> 1968 1968
                                Bonneville $3,800......Bonneville Brougham $3,909.78

Thanks to Kurt Zimmerman (Kczimmy@aol.com) for loaning me the booklet to scan.

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