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GTO Styling Comparisons

year by year

        \SIDE/   \FRONT/  \REAR/  \DASH/
CLICK -> 1964 side 1964 front 1964 rear 1964 dash 1964
This was the first year for the GTO. This boxy body style appealed to buyers.
CLICK -> 1965 side 1965 front 1965 rear 1965 dash 1965
The body style changed a lot for the 2nd year of the GTO with vertically stacked headlights. This was the Motor Trend Car of the Year.
CLICK -> 1966 side 1966 front 1966 rear 1966 dash 1966
This year the body was lengthened. The side view shows the graceful Coke bottle styling.
CLICK -> 1967 side 1967 front 1967 rear 1967 dash 1967
The car was basically unchanged from the year before. Pontiac did move the side GTO badge emblem down to the chrome rocker moulding. They also altered the grille and the tail lamp design.
CLICK -> 1968 side 1968 front 1968 rear 1968 dash 1968
All-new styling for 1968 won the Motor Trend Magazine car of the year award.
CLICK -> 1969 side 1969 front 1969 rear 1969 dash 1969
This year was a carryover design from 1968 with new grilles and new tail light panel design. The triangle vent windows on the doors were eliminated this year. It was also the first year the Judge option was offered.
CLICK -> 1970 side 1970 front 1970 rear 1970 dash 1970
Note how the rectangle "picture window" parking lights are a carryover from the 1969 model year.
CLICK -> 1971 side 1971 front 1971 rear 1971 dash 1971
The bodystyle was basically unchanged from the previous year with few differences. The grille was changed to a crosshatch pattern that was moved forward in the bumper.
CLICK -> 1972 side 1972 front 1972 rear 1972 dash 1972
Pontiac went with round parking lights this year. For this year only, they went with fender vents behind the front wheels.
CLICK -> 1973 side 1973 front 1973 rear 1973 dash 1973
To some, this design screams out "pontoon boat!" To others, it says "Wow, there's nothing else like this car!".
CLICK -> 1974 side 1974 front 1974 rear 1974 dash 1974
This body style was a one-year offering before the GTO was cancelled altogether.
        /SIDE\   /FRONT\  /REAR\  /DASH\

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Have some wallpaper for your Windows screen background. This GTO collage was put together by Paul Dorton (pauldort@email.msn.com). It shows every year of GTO so you can compare the differences year-by-year. It was our "Picture Of The Week" for 2/13/00.

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