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Try This Collect items from the new action movie called xXx. Its a 1967 GTO movie starring Vin Diesel. Your Ebay custom search starts right here...  All xXx movie stuff!
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In the summer of 2005, I saw the action movie called xXx: State Of The Union at the drive-in movies under the stars. Not bad for a drive fast and blow-em-up movie. I'll give it three stars. Ignore the negative reviews of people that can't appreciate the GTO content. They review it and say "implausible, ridiculous, cardboard sequel, absurd". Hell, yes, it's absurd! It's a 1967 GTO crashing through a barn with no damage. The fantasy car shoots rockets from the headlights. All cars were cool in this movie. Ice Cube was a master at hand-to-hand combat, knocking out about 30 attackers through the flick in two seconds each. Fun preposterousness!... xXx: State of the Union
at Sony Pictures

See the trailer and enjoy
the preposter-osity!

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"Your website is off the charts! I haven't had quite so many laughs in a long time reading what Hollywood has done to GTOs! I must say, they'll never get their mitts on any of my cars. I have two '68 GTO convertibles, a '66 hardtop and a '69 hardtop. They really are the ultimate musclecar."