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Will Sean link to my GTO web page?    well, sort of...
I get many requests to link to other people's GTO web pages. I found it frustrating to keep up with all the changing URL's which turn into deadend links. Unfortunately, most personal web pages have a lifetime of less than 1 year. That's due to people moving and changing ISP's, etc.
A guy named Craig has a big links page at:
http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1932/ if you can stand the slow loading time caused by his opening graphic image! But, if you visit these two links pages, remember to come BACK to The Ultimate GTO Picture Site!

Interesting T.U.G.T.O.P.S. statistics:
* In ten years, 85% of the GTO web pages I have 
  visited no longer exist or have changed URL's.  It's a good 
  thing I saved most of the GTO pictures I found.  
* My '68 GTO only recently was added to the 1968 "Lots" on the web site.
* Most (probably 80%) of the GTO web pages I have visited are 
  personal pages.  They contain an average of 4 GTO pictures 
* 80% of people who send pictures to me through the U.S. mail 
  fail to indicate their email address. 
* 70% of people who send pictures to me through the U.S. mail 
  fail to specify whether they want the pictures mailed back
  to them. This figure is improving.
* 1% of people move after sending pictures to me via U.S. mail.
* 95% of the GTO pictures that are submitted are used on the site.
* I edit, crop, retouch, and color-correct 98% of the GTO images
  I receive with a program called Paint Shop Pro.
* By a strange coincidence, 70% of the beautiful "Pictures Of 
  The Week" were emailed to me on a Sunday.  That's the same 
  day I post the "Picture Of The Week" to the site!
* At least 120 GTOs have been sold as a direct result of being 
  featured on my web site.
* I have never seen a photograph of a factory building where
  GTOs were built.
* More people view the site Monday night during the 9pm hour
  than any other time during the week.
* The top 5 countries that visit the site are...
    (1)  United States  {the most hits by far}
    (2)  Canada  {They like their Hockey and GTO cars}
    (3)  Sweden  {they're in love with ALL muscle cars}
    (4)  Australia  {they like to send emailto me alot}
    (5)  Finland  {Finnishing out the top 5}
* Strangely, I've never had a ride in a GTO other than a '64, 
  '68 or '69.
You probably need to search:
for the keywords:
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Here's a comment from a recent visitor...
Says Mike Barker (mbarker.@mentortech.com) from Maryland -"Thanks for the incredible restoration pics/information."