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GOATFINDER GTO CLASSIFIEDS   - America's Monthly GTO & Pontiac Classifieds

In late 2004, publication of "The Goatfinder" was discontinued when the publisher, John Allen, passed away.
Thanks to John for helping so many people find the car of their dreams.

He sold over 150,000 issues since it began in 1990. There were features in "The Goatfinder" about GTOs, Judges, Judge convertibles & RA V-VII "Tunnel-Ports".

There were approximately 500 ads per month. You could view well over 200 GTOs & Judges listed For Sale every month. Other hi-performance Pontiacs For Sale, Tons of Parts For Sale/Wanted, Cars Wanted, Services & Literature For Sale/Wanted, Club Listings, Show/event information, Cool websites, Speed Reading & Reader's Forum sections, NEW parts & products listings from major vendors.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES: No longer in publication

GR-RRR!      GTO = "Gran Turismo OhMyGodItGoes!"

Since "The Goatfinder" is no longer printed, we'll leave a sample issue on display here....

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Here's a comment from a recent visitor...
Says Jeffrey N. Meyer (Jefflerna.@ucd.net) - "I'm out here in the middle of the Pacific on the Island of Guam. I'm a GTO/Pontiac fan! Ever since my Dad owned a Green '68 GTO when I was young. There are 2 GTO's on this Island of 150 thousand people, I've seen or heard of a black '69 convertible, and heard of a (story) of a '64 stashed away somewhere. So maybe if I get rich someday (hee,hee) or if I go back to the states. I'll certainly buy a '68 or a '69 GTO!"